Thursday, July 22, 2021


While away for a long weekend, Carlos and I ventured into a little shop in Saluda that had some very cool art and some kitschy things, too. I noticed a pillow, and said to Carlos:

“I love this pillow… it says, ‘I love you more today than yesterday. Yesterday you really got on my nerves.’”

From across the little shop, a howler monkey screeched:

“What did I do yesterday?”

The shopkeeper and I had a good laugh at that one, and then I bought the pillow.

Even he knows you can’t stop a pandemic by not getting a vaccine, not wearing a mask, and then taking three steps back to last March when this all started.

Jeff Bezos says he heard from people that have been to space saying the experience changes you.

So, um, is he not coming back as a greedy self-entitled, making money off the loser class pig?

Asking for a country.

I am not a gin fan—sorry Maddie—but while staying with Neal and David for a long weekend, David suggested a gin martini made with Monkey 47 Dry Gin, and it was delicious.

I may be a convert ….

According to legend, over 300 years ago a young Cherokee Indian chief fell in love with a fair Indian maiden. They often met on top of the rock ledge overlooking the valley below. When the young chief was called to war, the maiden promised him that she would wait for his return from their favorite rock ledge. But after she learned her love had died in battle, she climbed to the edge of the rock and jumped off. Native American legend has it that on moonlit nights, you can see the ghost of the maiden on Jump Off Rock.

I don’t know about that. But the views of the valley are spectacular. Plus, the day we were there, rain was coming, as you can see in the first photo below.

Our friends David and Neal collect a great many things and have them on display in their homes. Normally, it all gives me anxiety because it’s so much … I tend to like a less is more approach.

But their Piano Room at the new house, even filled with artwork and tchotchkes, was my favorite room in their house. Of course, that might have been because Carlos never met a piano he didn’t want to play and would serenade us each afternoon.

Neal and David also have two of the most adorable dogs, Abby and Marley, who are lovelies … well-behaved lovelies. Marley has a blue eye and a brown eye and the most expressive face. I tried to get them to come home with us, but, alas, they love their Daddies too muchand weren't too sure about cats.

Saluda has been taken over by The Gays …and not just Neal and David. A gay couple opened a little coffee/lunch spot called the Wakey Monkey, which Carlos, in his juvenile, adorable brain, instantly dubbed the Whack-y Monkey.

In addition, to the Wakey Monkey a gay couple purchased an abandoned inn up the hill from town and are refurbishing it and plan to open the inn again soon.

The Gays; we make everything better.

And, while y’all know I am not a real big fan of what goes on inside most churches, I love looking at the buildings, and the Episcopal Church in Saluda is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen in a long while.

So peaceful …

And while we’re on the subject of religion, I’d just like to add that I could worship at the altar of Christian Mazzilli.

That’s all.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

The Tweet of the Day says it all!

Helen Lashbrook said...

Bazooka is proof that the more money you have the more you want and the less you can bear to give away. The money Bazooka has not paid in taxes could probably run a national health service for your country.

Our government has just removed the mandatory requirement to wear masks in public indoor spaces, leaving it up to shops to do the dirty work and ask customers to please mask up, to protect the other customers. Bozo Johnson is obviously NOT getting a cut of the cost of each mask issued.

Deedles said...

Just two things, since Balder is kicking making me go to the retirement manse permanently a day early (apparently the dogs and I are just in the way). It's okay, I didn't want to clean that stove anyway.
1. I love that pillow! I'd get that printed on a t-shirt.
2. Why can't these model types smile? It would improve their face value immensely! Pouty ain't pretty if it just looks grumpy.

Treaders said...

I hear Bezos "thanked Amazon for making his trip into space possible"! Tone deaf or what?

Jennifer said...

That last tweet is a gem!

Lovely views in Saluda. And those two pups are so adorable!

VRCooper said...

What a great trip...Love the views from the rock...Yes, gays do make things better and then the heteros try to take it back and kick us out...I had to look up Saluda...Love the pillow...

Moving with Mitchell said...

I think I just found religion.

I would have bought that pillow, too! I love it.

Tuxedo took the words right out of my mouth.

the dogs' mother said...

(Carlos) (Tuxedo)
Glad you had a good visit and
a good time. And, of course,
loves the dogs!
xoxo :-)

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

I don't care. I love that pillow and the story! Yes.
Love the idea of a piano room, too. Love more that Carlos can play it.
Bezos is an overgrown frat boy just like every kajillionaire who does not know what to do with all their money.
I can't the the mask mandates. They should have left them in place when the MAGAts boycotted the vaccine. You just KNOW it's gonna get ugly.


P.S. Christian with long hair is a big yes.

Mistress Maddie said...

That pillow got a good home!!!! Your trip looks excellent! And your friends have a stunningly elegant home and those dogs are beyond pretty!

Monkey 47 gin is one of my favorites! I'm down to two bottles of it. It's very pricy for the small bottle but worth it.

Jeff Bezos. sigh. I was so hoping something would go wrong and they wouldn't come a black hole perhaps....

Loved the trip pictures too. Nice to get away and travel where and when we can.

Dave R said...

They have a piano room... let's leave it at that.

Janie Junebug said...

The gays I know certainly make everything better. The dogs are beautiful. The one in the background bears a bit of a resemblance to my beloved Franklin. I love the pillow. I wish my piano had its very own room.


Bob said...

Yeah, too bad Bezos doesn’t’ get it.

Bezos is all about Bezos and can, as dear AM would say, FOAD.

That pillow was a definite “get”.
They don’t smile because the idea is for YOU to make them smile, however you might do that!

Tone-deaf is being polite to Bezos.
I loathe him.

The Tweet nailed it.
And Saluda and the dogs were a great getaway!

It’s beautiful country up in Saluda and the surrounding areas.
And yes to The Gays!

The Church of Christian??
As soon as I heard Carlos squee, I was whipping out the credit card to buy that pillow!
Tuxedo is right, again!

The dogs are such sweethearts. They, and Neal and David, were the perfect hosts.

Yup. Now I have a real memento of a Tale Of Carlos!
Carlos loves the piano, and now he’s back on the “We need a piano” kick.
I cannot stand Bezos. If he had gone to space alone, I would have hoped he’d get stuck.
I love Christian with the wild mane!

The pillow is a good find.
I like Neal and David’s home, though I like mine simpler because my mind runs to ‘Who’s gonna dust all these things?’
I normally can’t do gin, but that Monkey 47—which is costly—was super smooth, and made a great martini!
You and I were on the same page about Bezos getting lost in space.
It was such a beautiful time in the mountains; cooler than here at home, and so pretty. Plus, seeing friends we hadn’t seen in almost a year because of the move and the pandemic was especially nice.

Where else would you keep the Baby Grand???

Gays make things nice!
Those two dogs were as loving and friendly as they are nice/

Bohemian said...

Love the Pillow! Agree with Tuxedo's Observation, for an Honor System to work first one must have Honor. And Bezos... well, if at least one 'change' from his 10 minute Space Adventure were to start giving his Employees livable wages that might be a good start...

uptonking said...

I like Kristen Johnston's thinking.

Christian is kind of tasty. I like his eyes. He has a very slappable face.

I don't like religion, but I adore churches. That one is cute as a button.

Saluda looks like a lovely time. It's going on 'the list.'

Cute pups. And I love the piano room (though, as you say... too much stuff). Carlos plays and sings? How wonderful for you. That must have been quite a treat. Your whole trip sounds dreamy. That look out rock... nice view.

And Monkey 47, huh. It goes on 'the list.'

Bezos is a total tool. Although he did announce he's going to part with 200 million and give it to charities. F HIM. How many Billion does the dude have? What an azzhat.

Tuxedo? I think it's more like 52%. This country? Whack.

Love the pillow. Adore Carlos.


Travel said...

Laughed at the pillow, looks like a neat little town

Bob said...

Every pillow tells a story ...
Space didn't change Bezos, he's still a pig.
And, yeah, Tuxedo nailed it.

You like a little slap, I see ...
That is a beautiful church from the outside.
It's a quaint town ...beautiful in the fall from what our friends told us.
Carlos plays piano but singing is not quite his thing. I'll forgive it for the serenades.
Monkey 47 is a good smooth gin.
Bezos can FOAD.

It was a nice cool--in terms of temperature, too--getaway!

Michael said...

I loved your travel photos of Saluda. I looked it up on the map and it seems as if Asheville is very close. Sounds like you had a really good time.

Bob said...

Asheville is about a half hour drive, and that's one of our go-to spots!

Ur-spo said...

Monkey 47 gin? My soul swoons.

Bob said...

I am not a gin man, but if I will be drinking it ever again it must be Monkey 47.