Thursday, July 08, 2021


I’m gonna give you two Carlos stories this week; this one and the one that really kills me, down the page a bit.

Y’all know some of the Casa Bob y Carlos rules, one of which is I do the laundry. Well, as happen with cats, there is some hair-balling that goes on, and one night Carlos, who sleeps with a pillow on his feet, kicked said pillow to the floor, where it was in the perfect spot for MaxGoldberg to puke on it; and he did.

Carlos set about cleaning off the pillow and washing the pillowcase. The following morning, I was doing laundry and found the pillowcase in the washer, put it in the dryer and turned it on, and then began washing some clothes. Later I removed the pillowcase from the dryer as Carlos was walking by the launder room, and I noticed all the dried hairball, um, “stuff” still on the pillow.

He hadn’t washed it, he just threw it in the washer and when I found it I thought he had washed it, so I tossed it in the dryer and then dried to Max Vomit™ onto the pillowcase.

After a huge discussion about the importance of washing materials that have been puked upon almost instantly so the puke doesn’t set, I then washed the pillowcase myself, and, luckily, all signs of hair-ballage were gone.

Can you imagine Tiffany testifying? 

I mean, she’d probably admit that Daddy kidnapped the Lindbergh baby if it saved her ass.

This is rich … Philip Godlewski, a spreader of QAnon conspiracies—most of which suggests that every Democrat and Hollywood lib’rul is a pedophile or sex trafficker—has pleaded guilty to lower charges of corrupting a minor in 2010.

Godlewski is currently incarcerated over a bad check arrest but while on trial for that charge came evidence of his arrest for a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl while he was serving as a high school baseball coach came to light.

Oh, the hypocrisy; it’s like all those homophobic Republicans that get caught looking for a blow job in an airport men’s room.

Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal by Barronelle Stutzman, owner of Arlene’s Flowers in of Richland, Washington, who was fined by the state for refusing to make a flower arrangement for a same-sex wedding due to her ALLEGED Christian beliefs.

Good. Not take a seat, Barronelle, er, Karen.

The FBI is building its case against Robert Morss, an ALLEGED leader of the Capitol Insurrection, and have pieced together how he planned the attack.

Legos. Yes, FBI investigators seized a “fully constructed US Capitol Lego set” from Morss, along with a notebook containing instructions on how to create a “hometown militia,” court records published by The Smoking Gun revealed.

Legos. He used Legos, which once again proves that MAGAts are stupid.

I have an update on Tuxedo’s health. He had a recheck at the vet’s office last week for blood work and urine samples, and his kidneys are doing fine, and his numbers are good. All thanks to his new diet of Science Diet K/D that helps with kidney issues. His back legs are still wobbly, but that’s due to the muscle loss, but he’s a happy little camper and has made the best of his “new normal.”

And that story brings me to More Tales of Carlos. But first, a back story.

When we lived in Miami and had any rescue cats, Scruffy was the unofficial leader. When Scruffy went to breakfast all the other cars came to breakfast to, but never before Scruffy. When Scruffy was ready for dinner, the other cats followed suit. And when we rescued Tuxedo, he learned right away that Scruffy—whom I often called ‘old man,’ in that sort of English sense, like ‘old chap’—was the boss and Tuxedo did whatever Scruffy did; he loved Scruffy. So, when Scruffy passed away, tuxedo took his spot as the leader of the cats, and I took to calling him ‘Old Man.’

One day this week, I walked into the living room and Tuxedo was sleeping in one of the chairs. I leaned over the chair, gave him a smooch, and asked:

“What are you doing, Old Man?”

From the dining room, Carlos said:

“Just working with my iPad.”

Tuxedo and I died laughing.

Sears and Kmart are selling Ashli Babbitt "American Patriot" shirts

Perhaps they forgot that Ashli Babbitt was shot once in the shoulder by a Capitol police lieutenant while attempting to crawl through a broken window leading to the Speaker's Lobby outside the US House of Representatives' chamber. She wasn't crawling through glass to attend a picnic or take a tour; she was part of an insurrection.

Shame on her, and shame on Sears & Kmart. If only I shopped there I could boycott them both.

UPDATE: Both stores have stopped selling this shiz after receiving backlash for their idiocy.

Alex Beattie gained fame, er, notoriety on Love Island, a reality show where he began a "showmance" with a woman called Montana Brown. 

As happens with these things, the couple broke up after the show, but Alex, with his cute face and his hot little body, suddenly found himself a career in modeling and signed a six-figure modelling deal. He models a lot of underwear, but I ain’t mad at that because he looks good.

And judging by this photo taken at an airport, he knows how to pack. That’s all.


Mistress Maddie said...

I soon have expect this weekly post to be all about Carlos!!!! I was dying over the weekly antics around. I wonder if Carlos knows how dead pan funny he is?

I don't know how much Tiffany trump will be helpful. She didn't spend anywhere near the time in the white house as the other dim twats. I till don't think any of them get jail or otherwise. I just have a feeling. they get out of everything.

And yes...Alex Beattie does know how to pack. Im surprised he hasn't done a porn yet.

And excellent new Tuxdeo is doing well and holding his own.

BloggerJoe said...

Ok, best thing I've heard this week: "hair ballage". I will be stealing that for a story soon!

the dogs' mother said...

(Carlos) (Tuxedo)- glad about his checkup.
Arlene's Flowers - I can say
I've been in there once - before
the kerfuffle. Haven't been back
xoxo :-)

Deedles said...

Carlos and El Gato Guapo (my superhero) have put a smile on my face which I'll be wearing for the rest of the day. Thanks for sharing, dear Bobulah.
I know nothing about packing, but Alex Beattie certainly gives good face.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Let's not forget that the Zuck and Jared are equally creepy; perhaps the Zuck has the edge, as he seems intent of trying to persuade everyone that he's a teenage nerd.

The Science Diets are good - Wolfgang recommends the JD diet

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Glad Tuxedo is doing well! And great cat/Carlos stories this week!

Moving with Mitchell said...

Oh, Carlos and the vomitocious laundry! And of course that’s something SG has done. They have to be related. I must admit, though, when SG talks to the cats and I KNOW he’s talking to the cats, “You are such a beautiful boy! Are you a beautiful boy?” I respond. Jared and Mark have dead eyes (Jared’s are the worst). So happy to read the good news about Tuxedo.

VRCooper said...

A few thoughts:

*Carlos is a dear-full stop!

*Sears and K-Mart-are they still around-what staff meeting did I miss where we voted on selling these damn t-shirts. What were they thinking.

*I am just tired of Jared, Mark, Elon, Jack D., and all the money-grabbing goons/enablers. I am just tired. When can the everyday man breathe a little? The last four years are continuing and we are ready to kiss our asses goodbye. I do have hope BUT it gets harder the longer it goes on.

*Tuxedo is the boss. He waited for his succession and grabbed the crown. Smart cat.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Zuckerberg gives me the creeps. He'll forever be 'that kid' that nobody wants to sit with because he's just plain creepy. Jared has the emotional range of oatmeal.
Kmart and Sears took that down in a huff. People came for them like there was no tomorrow. Love to see it.
And you know any 'conservative' will project like crazy because of course they do.
Glad Tuxedo is doing fine. Yay!
I LOLd at the Carlos adventures. Twice.
And men packing in sweatpants? Love to see it.


Janie Junebug said...

I love your Carlos stories. Ashli has become a martyr of the revolution. I didn't know Sears and K-Mart still existed. It's been years since I saw either one and much longer since I shopped in them.


Dave R said...

SPF 5000? simply priceless!! And true!

uptonking said...

Jared and Mark both look like villain vampires from The Twilight Series. Marks odd and clueless with no intent of harming others, yet he does. As for Jared? He's straight up evil - Imelda Marcos evil. Leona Helmsley mean.

Alex. I like what he's packing. But that said... he has the kind of face I want to slap, repeatedly.

Wow. Selling T-Shirts in support of a criminal. Interesting marketing strategy. I guess we know they want some of that money currently going to Walmart. Dinosaurs.

Glad Tux got good news. Wonk, The Boyfriend's 21 year old is now receiving glucosamine injections to help with his arthritis. Fingers crossed.

Oh dear... I hope the FBI has more to go on than just a lego set and a notebook. These creeps need to be put away for good.

Huh. There's another case... the bakery that refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding. It was actually decided by the Supreme Court in favor of the baker, if I remember correctly. I need to look that up... But hopefully Arlene learned her lesson. Or went out of business. Don't mess with the gays!

LMAO - I remember seeing this story about Philip Godlewski... The hypocrisy. Kettle? Beige.

I don't know if the Orange Ogre's spawn will ever see the inside of courtroom. Although, Cokehead Jr. should be arrested for possession any day now!

Aww. Carlos. Hugs and Kizzes to you both. Enjoy. And thanks for the feed.

Bob said...

Every so often, whether he tries or not, Carlos is the funniest human alive.
I think Tiffany knows enough about Daddy’s work, especially through her mother.
Alex is a hefty packer.
And we’re pretty happy about Tuxedo; he’s doing very well. Thanks!

Steal away. It’s a real thang!!!

Thanks! Xoxo
Poor Barronelle. =)

Carlos and Tuxedo keep me smiling and happy every single day!!
Good face and good crotch, that Alex.

We’ve always fed out animals Science Diet, and the K/D is for kidney disease.
And the Twin Vampire Boys ARE equally creepy.

Thanks! Carlos and Tuxedo are so much fun.

Luckily for me, Carlos oversees any and all animal discharges.
So, in this case, YOU are Carlos!!
Jared is dead, I think, and Ivanka’s just keeping him alive for the coins.
We’re all pretty happy about Tuxedo, and so is he.

Carlos is the best, but he does crazy things—as do I—and better still, keeps me laughing.
Sears and K-Mart are so close to bankruptcy I think they thought this was a good way to make fast coins.
Jared and Mark and Jeff—especially Jeff—can, as dear AM would say—FOAD!
Tuxedo is the boss, and he IS one smart feline!

Your description of Fuckerberg and Jared is perfection!
That Sears Kmart shiz is why boycotts, and the threat of boycott, work.
We got double LOLs from Carlos this week, and Tuxedo, sleeping next to me now, is a happy camper.
Alex in sweatpants. I will be thinking on that for a while.

Carlos is good fun, and always in on the joke.
I love anyone thinking someone who broke into a federal building is a hero. She was a rightwingnut QAnon gasbag who did the wrong thing and suffered the consequences.

If Jared and Mark ever need coins, a horror movie might be a good choice.

Well, Jared and Mark are both literally dead, so ….
Sears and Kmart are very thirsty for coins and I’m happy it backfired.
Tuxedo and I will think good thoughts for Wonk!
It makes me crazy that American terrorist use toys to plan their insurrections. We are so far behind other terrorists.
Yeah, the baker case. I don’t get why one is tossed and one is decided in favor of. But, I hope people remember these businesses that don’t cater to The Gays and stay away from them.

Philip Godlewski. Tool.
I still hope to see Junior and The Dumb One squirm. Ivanka will get off scot-free because Daddy will always hope there’s a chance to f**k her.
Carlos. Goddess, I love that man.

Travel said...

Cats and Carlos, you are surrounded by love

Bob said...

That I am, sir, that I am.

Steve Reed said...

Cute Carlos stories! Maybe he needs to throw dirty laundry in the hamper rather than straight into the machine?! (Dave just leaves it on the floor or on a chair in our bedroom.)