Thursday, July 29, 2021


This isn’t so much about Carlos, though he’s in it, but about my Dad, and Ozzo.

When Carlos and I were in North Carolina last week, our friends Neal and David’s dog, Marley, decided he wanted to be Carlos’ lap dog. And so he crawled into Carlos’ lap.

I shared the photo to Facebook, and a few days later I was talking to my Dad and he didn’t realize our dog was that big. I explained to him that it was Marley, not Ozzo, and told him I’d recreate the photo with our dog. And here the two photos are:

Can you spot the difference?

PS In the right photo, those are Carlos’ hideous “yard” shorts that I keep trying to throw out.

I’m thinking of running for Mayor of Smallville, but only as a front for Tuxedo, who would be the real mayor.

Remember Anita Bryant? The bigoted Christian homophobe from the 1970s? Well, the bitch hasn’t changed.

Bryant’s granddaughter, Sarah Green, talked about her relationship with Bryant on a recent episode of Slate’s podcast One Year, hosted by Josh Levin and focusing on 1977, when Anita came “out” as a bigot. And while the episode dealt with the fight over LGBT rights in Miami-Dade in the 70s, near the end Green talked about her grandmother, saying she once thought Bryant didn't really hate LGBTQ+ people. But she started to look at her grandmother differently when Green realized she herself was gay and although she had no intention of doing so, she came out to Bryant on her 21st birthday when Bryant sang “Happy Birthday” over the phone and told her that if she had faith, the right man would come along:

“And I just snapped and was like, ‘I hope that he doesn’t come along, because I’m gay, and I don’t want a man to come along.’”

Bryant responded by saying that homosexuality is a delusion invented by the devil and that her granddaughter should focus on loving God, because that would make her realize she’s straight.

Anita Bryant; still a hate-filled bigot after all these.

And Anita won’t like this but … while the leaders of Hungary are virulently anti-LGBTQ+, the recent Budapest Pride saw record numbers of LGBTQ+ citizens and allies filling the streets.

Thousands of LGBTQ Hungarians and allies donned their finest Rainbow drag and marched through downtown Budapest in one of the largest demonstrations against Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his administration’s moves to criminalize the nation’s LGBTQ community.

Pride; on full display.

Matt Gaetz’s future sister-in-law, Roxanne Luckey, has had enough of Gaetz, and took to TikTok to post three videos slamming him as “weird and creepy” and “a literal pedophile.”

Thanksgiving is gonna be mighty uncomfortable this year, what with Gatez in prison and all.

Fingers crossed.

Racist, repugnant, illiterate, entirely dumb-fucked Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green called a private business’s decision to not admit unvaccinated patrons “segregation” in a Tweet that included a screenshot of a door sign that read:


The restaurant owners decided that after a few positive COVID cases last week, the rule was necessary. Greene commented:

“This is called segregation. Will you be testing everyone at the door for the flu, strep throat, stomach bugs, colds, meningitis, aids, venereal diseases, Hep A, Hep C, staff infections, athletes foot, pink eye, croup, bronchitis, ringworm, scabies, or any other contagions?”

First off, it’s staph infection, you dumb bitch; and I wish Congress would test for ignorance and racism and then drum all of you out of DC.

On the flip side, the owner of Basilico’s Pasta e Vino in Huntington Beach, California posted a sign on his restaurant door that reads:

“Notice: Proof of being unvaccinated required. We have zero tolerance for treasonous, anti-American stupidity. Thank you for pondering.”

I wonder if COVID-19 is on the menu or is just the Daily Special.


Fox News has condemned an incident during which Dan Bailey confronted Tucker Carlson at a Montana fly-fishing store over the weekend and told the fucker he was the “worst human being known to man.”

“Ambushing Tucker Carlson while he is in a store with his family is totally inexcusable. No public figure should be accosted regardless of their political persuasion or beliefs simply due to the intolerance of another point of view.”

Sorry, Fox, it’s called Free Speech. Now, fuck off.*

*Also Free Speech.

And now, a little morsel from France to cleanse the palate … an amuse-bouche, if you will … Frédéric Tisseau is a thirty-five-year-old model, personal trainer, and physical education teacher from Paris. And he’s all kinds of dreamy.

He was “discovered” on the streets of Paris, and ended up modeling for Calvin Klein, Renault, Adidas and Chanel. 

And now Frédéric  is launching, a casual clothing brand. Funny, though, that my favorite photo of Frédéric is the one where he wears no clothing … just sayin’.


Helen Lashbrook said...

Clearly F****er Carlson doesn't like the tables being turned? And Fox allows to be rude to all and sundry but you can't call the snowflake out in return? He might cry and I dread to think what that looks like to his face is bad enough as he smirks and tries to look intelligent but only manages to look thick.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Tuxedo is one smart cat. He'd make a fine mayor!

Mistress Maddie said...

Carlos is looking good to me! But good luck on getting those shorts out of his hands.

Anita Bryant? OMG I actual thought she was dead.

Daddy Warbuck didn't attend the Pride in Budapest but did send me some pictures from where his view was...looked like a nice pride to me. He said being gay there is a hard thing. So kudos to the thousands showing up.

My condolences to Roxanne for getting this weirdo into her family. Who in there right mind would want this creepo?

Excuse me now...Im seeing spots......

brewella deville said...

I'm sorry, but I have to side with Carlos on the shorts. I had a pair of shorts that I wore every time I brewed a batch of beer and I wore them far, far after they should have been cut into rags. A pair of lucky shorts that make you feel like getting to work are a thing of beauty, no matter how hideous.

Deedles said...

Oooh, a rare spotting of the ever elusive Carlos! Nice! I wouldn't worry about the shorts Bobulah, honey. They seem to be disintegrating in their own sweet time.
Someone needs to tell Mr. Tisseau that the camo paint isn't working. I can still see him. Oh, wait, never mind! I keep pronouncing his name as tissue. Freudian?

Treaders said...

To be fair to your dad, maybe he figured it was the same dog in the picture on the right, but that Carlos had had a growth spurt!

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Ok, so let's get the important stuff out of the way first: the shorts rule. Don't you dare get rid of them.
Tuxedo, always right.
Anita Bryant is the hell people talk about. Fitting her granddaughter is gay.
I can't wait until Gaetz and Marge the clown go away. It needs to happen.
That tweet? Absolutely accurate. Absolutely.


the dogs' mother said...

(Carlos) (Tuxedo)
and both doggies, of course!
xoxo :-)

Janie Junebug said...

First, the shorts must go. Mail them to me and I'll make sure they're never seen again. Second, Anita Bryant: I found a clip of Nancy Grace and some other idiot talking about how horrible it was when someone put a pie in Bryant's face just because she was talking about a subject dear to her heart. Also found a clip I enjoyed of Carol Burnett spoofing Bryant. Third, I have no sympathy for Tucker Carlson.


Bob said...

Plus, this man wasn’t rude, but you see Fucker get in his face with that annoying smug Swanson Dinner face.

I’d be thrilled being Tucky’s puppet mayor!

I think he hides the shorts from me on laundry day and washes them in secret!
Anita Bryant is brain dead; she’s been a bigot and homophobe for over fifty years.
It is nice to see people in Budapest stand up to their government for Pride.
Seriously, if my sister was engaged to Gaetz, I’d see about a psych eval for her.
Lovely spots, no?

I think our disagreement on the shorts came the day he suggested he could wear them in public and that’s when my foot hit the floor.
But he can keep them … in our house and yard!

Leave it to you, again, to make common sense rule. The shorts will disappear and I won’t have to lift a finger!!
Frédéric is a hot spot!!

The Incredible Shrinking Carlos!!!

I have given up on taking the shorts from him.
And the title of Mayor Tuxedo sounds nice.
How sad Anita is filled with such bile for her entire life.
Hopefully the people of the two clown’s states will have had enough and vote them out.

Cats and Dogs, and Carlos. Yes.

I am gonna follow Duchess Deedles’ advice and what them disintegrate. That way my fingerprints won’t be on them.
Anita said, after the gay man hit her with the pie: “At least it was a fruit pie.” Hate-filled bitch.
As is Tucker.

Steve Reed said...

That is a whole lotta dog to have on your lap! (Or Carlos' lap.)

Weirdly, I feel bad for Anita Bryant. She's just so deluded and her delusions have basically ruined her life. Where is your god NOW, Anita?! Good for her granddaughter coming out to her -- this is how the world gradually changes, with old generations dying off and new ones creating new norms and values.

Those Pride marchers in Budapest are brave. I imagine it's not easy to be out in a country with that kind of homophobic leadership.

I can't wait to hear what family holidays are like at the Gaetz/Luckey ranch!

Steve Reed said...

Oh, and Tucker Carlson? Fuck that guy.

Bob said...

That was a lovable lotta dog, and ours is a lovable little dog!
I don't feel sorry for Anita because she's clearly read a version of the Bible that doesn't exist, or just read Leviticus.
I think of those Budapest Pride goers as being much like those in America who went to Pride parades in the early 70s.
Gaetz. God what a loathesome tool.
And, yes, about Tucker.

Deedles said...

Oh one more thing, how does one go about proving that they're unvaccinated? The stoopid marches on.

uptonking said...

Love the toon, especially since it uses uber xtian schulz's peanuts gang. Sweet.

Hmm. I would love to discover frederic on any street... or alley... or mens room. Sigh. I approve. He's french. Grrrr.

Tucker is a public figure and deserves everything he has coming to him. Good for Dan Bailey. Anyone who is as ego driven and irresponsible as Tucker should be called out on a daily basis.

Well, the one nice thing about this second wave? It will only take out the stupid ones. Fingers crossed. And let's hope we don't end up with yet another variant because of this that threatens to take us all out.

MTG is a menace to society. She needs to be kicked out of office. She is unfit to hold office.

Hee, hee. Matt "The Pedo" Gaetz! To be a fly on the wall. What a repugnant human being.

Budapest is rising...! (name that musical)

Anita Bryant... Florida and Xtian Bigotry... a legacy of hate. And polyester.

Tux... you're using logic and common sense. THIS is AMERICA. All we have are cheeseburgers.

Carlos is a doll. And I would kill to own those shorts! Seriously, a vintage porn star was wearing a pair and I was like... damn... I want those.

Thanks for the feed. Hope all is well.

Dave R said...

Those shorts? Marvelous!

Bryant has ns no life without god, which means she has no life at all.

Budapest rocks!

Gaetz is a vomit bag.

Carlson is a public figure who gets paid quite well to be a racist loser.

Bob said...

THAT'S the question for idiots everywhere.

Chess is the answer.
Carlos does rock the yard shorts!

I will now give up on taking the shorts away, though I will pray for a natural demise.

Moving with Mitchell said...

Don’t worry about the shorts. Pretty soon there’ll be nothing hold them together. Tuxedo for president. Anita Bryant is Kathy Lee Giffords idol, which is one of the reasons I loathe the hypocrite Kathy Lee. Greene is referring to the Covid strain her staff are passing around. I bought the Basilico’s sign was a joke. Morons! I wouldn’t buy Frederic’s clothing line if these photos are an example, but I’d wait outside his door to see him in the final “outfit.” You know how much I like camouflage.

Bob said...

KLG and Anita are those women who read PARTS of the Bible and use that bile as a weapon.
Frederic looks good dotty.