Thursday, July 01, 2021


The other day Carlos came out of the sunroom and shouted:

“Well, fuck you, too!”

… and went into the kitchen.

“What’s going on?”

“Tuxedo wants to go outside.”

Sidenote: the cats do not go outside, but we take Tuxedo out and let him sit with us from time to time, and Carlos will carry him around the yard every so often. But it’s gotten to the point where Tuxedo’s ‘Meow’ has lost its first syllable and now it sounds like he’s saying ‘Out!’ And he asks all the time, hence Carlos’s mood shift.

“Take him outside if you want.”

“I told him ‘No’ and he told me to ‘Fuck off.’”

I know this is impossible because Tuxedo does not swear.

Speaking of Tuxedo, he really likes humans, but he definitely doesn’t understand y’all …

A statue honoring George Floyd in Brooklyn was vandalized with black spray paint and the name of a white supremacist group—Patriot Front—last week. The statue had been unveiled just a week earlier, on  Juneteenth.

Patriot Front also claimed responsibility for vandalizing a mural commemorating Floyd in Philadelphia.

Note to Patriot Front: you aren’t Patriots, you’re racist, ignorant, uneducated fools, and will stay that way until the day y’all die. Which, and I hate to act like this, cannot come soon enough for me.

Just a thought … if you don’t want to teach kids about slavery and want to preserve Confederate monuments, that’s call it Hypocritical Race Theory.

If you ever wondered just how dumb MAGAts are, these two are on their way to the Thing 45 rally in Ohio last weekend. Does anyone wanna tell them? Or perhaps this means they are Mr. and Mrs. Black? 

The temperature recorded in a part of Canada this weekend was 116-degrees, the highest ever recorded in the country. On Sunday, the temperature in Portland Oregon was 122-degrees, breaking a long-standing record.

But, yeah, let’s not talk about climate change.

In the Fucked-Up File … former Oregon state Representative Mike Nearman has emerged as the GOP’s top choice to retake the House seat he just lost after being expelled from the Oregon House once video footage emerged showing him planning a December incursion into the Capitol by right-wing demonstrators and then opening the doors to let the rioters inside.

He was kicked out of office, and now the Oregon state GOP think he’s the guy to take the job … again.

This week the House approved legislation to remove Confederate statues from the US Capitol, as well as a bust of Chief Justice Roger Taney, who wrote the Supreme Court’s Dred Scott decision that ruled Black people were not entitled to citizenship. The legislation passed with a vote of 285 to 120.

Nice; nicer that 67 Republicans joined all the Democrats voting in favor of the bill., but shocking[?] that 120 Republicans voted against it.

After vowing not to support GOP lawmakers who perpetuated the Big Lie, nearly three-dozen corporate PACs are again donating to those same RepubliQAnons. Toyota leads the way, giving $55,000 to 37 GQP candidates. And now Toyota is spinning this hypocrisy with this statement:

"We do not believe it is appropriate to judge members of Congress solely based on their votes on the electoral certification."

A 180-degree turn from where they stood just a couple of months ago. Fuck Toyota.

Elliot Meeten is 25-year-old model from the UK. He was discovered by a hairstylist when he was seventeen. He submitted his own photos to modeling agencies and signed with Models 1. I He gives great face … I was gonna say head but, well …

He looks lovely, briefly, and would like you to know that if he wasn’t a model he’d be working in either clean energy development or wildlife conservation; so, he’s smart and aware and hot?

But he does love shiny haute couture, and, obviously, ping pong, as well as the occasional grope.

And that ass … on the nude beach. Elliot relaxes when he’s home in Brighton & Hove, where a good day consists of a nice lay in, a round of golf with my friends at a beautiful golf course, and then to a nice Thai restaurant in the evening with my girlfriend.

He had me at lay in, lost me at golf, picked me up again at Thai food and lost me at girlfriend. Sigh.


Helen Lashbrook said...

Remember this about businesses; there is only ONE thing that matters - the BOTTOM LINE!

The best bits of Brighton are the Lanes and the Pavilion, an amazing building, just right for a Pride party. The beach - meh!

Mistress Maddie said...

The drama with Carlos and Tux continues! Tune in next week when Tux takes Carlos's nightly spot in bed...pushing Carlos to the spare out when Tux say"Out"

I was very upset when I read about the vandalizing of that mural commemorating Floyd in Philadelphia. It was beautifully done. Yet another group who can rot in hell.

Toyota can go fucking fuck themselves! Just like the companies who support the gays, they always revert back. And those said companies who support the LGBT for Pride, today are probably like... See ya gay boys.

MAGAts are fucking losers! Look at the Hon and Dump! Ever notice how they always look crazy, outlandish and wear weird outfits, or white trash?

Elliot Meeten. Send him to me first Bob. When you get them first they never show up. And girlfriend???? He just hasn't met me yet.......

My cousin outside Seattle said it was 113 near her. The highest ever since they lived there.

Moving with Mitchell said...

Tuxedo just doesn’t swear in front of YOU. I love Carlos. I regularly have to tell Moose to fuck off, although it serves no purpose. And he swears like a son of a bitch.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

The little Canadian town with the record-breaking heat wave temperature (Lytton, British Columbia) just burned to the ground yesterday from a related lightning-strike wildfire.

VRCooper said...

Hello Bob,

*Elliot gives a good face. Who doesn't if you're a 20-30 something. I like the picture of his unshaven-body hair. I have never liked the smooth as a baby's butt from head to toe. Glad to see things returning to a more natural state. Now a little trimming here and there is a must. For God sake WE ARE civilized

*Are you exhausted with the GOP and ALL their lemmings. I thought after The Big Fat Orange One was gone that things would eventually swing towards "normal" and settle down. I am just tired. I want the Democrats to fight a little harder and a little louder to break through all the bullshit. With the recent Supreme Court ruling on voting rights, I wonder how far/low can we as Americans sink. You read the polls and it is not about The Big Fat Orange One. This is how these folks really are. The current climate has given them permission to come out from under their rocks. I knew the make-up of our country was changing years ago. I knew then that some folks would be wringing their hands in despair. As I said in a discussion with a colleague, I embrace immigrants. Our country was founded on immigrants. Their presence makes us better and stronger. Now don't get me started on assimilation and being in this country for years upon years and can't function within your community without an interpreter. A good thesis to explore. Also, it is good to learn from our country's past and do better in the present. That is how we grow. These guys what to take us back to the landing of the Mayflower, the period of the formulation of the constitution.

Be well! Give Carlos and hug! Happy 4th.



VRCooper said...


Toyota is one. How about USAA sponsoring Tucker's show. I am hot about that.

the dogs' mother said...

(Carlos) (Tuxedo)
118 was our hottest here.
It only tied a record set
in 1961.
You have a safe 4th!
xoxo :-)

Michael said...

The temperatures out in the northwest are really scary. And they don't have air conditioning either.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Ok, so If I'm 25, do I get Elliot's butt? just asking.
Tuxedo is so right. And he can be demanding. It comes with age.
The fuckery of the GOP is surpassing the limits of fuckery. Officially!

And Eff Toyota! Ugh. No, they cannot have their cake and eat it too.


Jennifer said...

I have to be careful about yelling "Fuck Off!" to my pets. Marco's been known to drop a few F bombs in his time.

The GQP just exhaust me. I try not to keep up any more than I have to these days--after four long years of Trump the break has been much needed.

Treaders said...

Do you think Carlos and Tuxedo might need counselling?

Janie Junebug said...

I'm sorry to say you are the clueless parent who thinks his child doesn't swear when said child in reality has a filthy mouth and lets loose in front of the other parent knowing that you will defend him. Poor Carlos, putting up with such a child. Blacks for Trump? Those people need to go ahead and wear t-shirts proclaiming WHITE NATIONALISTS FOR TRUMP. I like the young man and his butt, but wouldn't it hurt to sit on those rocks? Shame on Toyota and shame on everyone involved in vandalizing tributes to George Floyd. How I do enjoy my visits here and the opportunity to let off some steam.


Dave R said...

It's funny, Republicans are trying so desperately to hide their racist views and beliefs, they don't seem to understand that evolution is happening. There's no stopping it. And in the not too distant future the shoe will be on the other foot.

Bob said...

But I want businesses to stop using Pride as a selling tool if they don’t support it year round.

You not wrong about Tuxedo!
I am so sick of racist fucks who call themselves Patriots.
I’ll see what I can do about Elliot. I have Thai food warming up in the kitchen ….

You may be right about Tuxedo, though he should KNOW he can swear in front of me because I have such a foul mouth!!

That’s such horrible news.

He is a hot little whippersnapper, hairy or smooth!!
I, too, need to Dems to grow some balls.
And I need all people who have been disenfranchised by this country to register and show up and vote.
Happy 4th!

My dad’s little town hit the upper 90s a couple of days last week.

My father’s house doesn’t have AC so he’s been sweltering.

Perhaps you get Elliot second???
Tuxedo has zero fucks left to give.
The GOP is just racist traitors and QAnon nutbags.
Toyota can shove a Prius up their asses.

I was surprised Carlos said that about Tuxedo. I’ve never heard him curse before!!
The GOP needs to be brought down, which means we all need to … CAST A GODDAMNED VOTE!!!

Couples counseling??? Yes.

I guess it’s because I don’t swear at Tuxedo and he doesn’t swear at me.
Those fools in the Blacks for [It] shirts prove how stupid MAGAts are.
I think Elliot’s butt has a little cushioning.
Come by any time and vent. I do!

I think the GOP has stopped trying to hide who they really are; trouble is a lot of their supporters are like them , or don’t care.

uptonking said...

I hope the outrage never ends until every single Repulsivecan is drummed outta office. They are the worst. 120 people want to go down in history as wanting to preserve and revere racist confederate bull-crap. That Texas is refusing to allow teacher to discuss race in the class room and are robbing history of its darkest elements is a tragedy. Since when was it okay to be a racist? I'm glad they've all outted themselves.... now let's further out them... as in out of office. Destroy the Repulsivecan Party!

I'm with Tux. I don't get people.

Elliot? Meh. Pretty rarely does anything for me, though. (Literally.)

Boycott Toyota, huh? We need to get people more vocal about corporations and their political donations.

Nearman... you watch, he'll get voted back in. He should be in jail. With the rest of the MAGAts. He's just as guilty as they are... he was their inside man!

I like the heat... but that is some crazy stuff in Oregon. People are just going to start to comust.

Wow... tone deaf ignorant MAGAts. SMH. They must be so proud of themselves.

LOL. HRT... good one, Bob!

Patriot Front... another hate group emboldened.

Poor Carlos. Can we blame it on the heat?

Thanks for the feed. Kizzes.

Bob said...

I'm with Tuxedo, too. I always tell Carlos that I don't like people!
I would blame Carlos' Cat Meltdown on the heat, but we have been THAT hot lately so ....


Travel said...

At time I wish I understood cat, I am sure they would be more fun than GQPs,

Bob said...

They're certainly smarter!