Friday, July 30, 2021

I Didn't Say It

Adam Kinzinger, Illinois GOP Congressman, calling out other members of his party for promoting conspiracies about the January 6 domestic terror attack:

"This cannot continue to be a partisan fight. I'm a Republican. I'm a conservative. But in order to heal from the damage caused that day, we need to call out the facts. It is time to stop the outrage and the conspiracies that fuel the violence and division in this country and most importantly, we need to reject those that promote it. I've talked to a number of you [the four officers who were testifying] and gotten to know you. I think it is important to tell you right now, though, you guys may like individually feel a little broken. You all talked about the effects you have to deal with and you talk about the impact of that day. But you guys won. You guys held. It is toxic and it is a disservice to the officers and their families, to the staff and the employees on Capitol complex, to the American people who deserve the truth and to those generations before us who went to war to defend self-governance. Because self-governance is at stake. Democracies are not defined by our bad days. We're defined by how we come back from bad days, how we take accountability for that."
Kinzinger is one of the very few in the GOP who want to know what happened that day, and how it happened. The rest want to move on like this was just another school shooting and not an attack on this country by an unhinged loser and his mob.


Chris Christie, former New Jersey governor, advising officials working to convince unvaccinated Americans to receive a coronavirus inoculation to focus on explaining the facts about vaccines rather than mandates:

“The vaccines do work. Every focus group I’ve been in, Republicans who are not vaccinated, you have to walk them through the logic of this. They’re willing to be vaccinated.”
Walk them through? Howsabout, ‘Take the vaccine so you and your loved ones don’t die’? Why should anyone hold the hands of people who think all sorts of lunacy about the vaccines.

Take it so you don’t die.


Sgt Aquilino Gonell, at the 1/6/2021 commission hearings, calling out traitorous GQPers and the twice-impeached, one-term loser:

"I was giving you guys borrowed time to get to safety. I was protecting you. I was ready to sacrifice myself and now we're being attacked by the same people we were protecting. It’s upsetting. It’s a pathetic excuse for [Thing 45’s] behavior, for something that he himself helped to create — this monstrosity. I'm still recovering from those hugs and kisses that day. To me it's insulting, it's demoralizing because everything that we did was to prevent everyone in the Capitol from getting hurt and what he was doing — instead of sending the military, instead of sending support or telling his people, his supporters, to stop this nonsense — he egged them to continue fighting.”
This man risked his life to save our elected officials, many of whom, with their rhetoric and their lies, bear some responsibility for the attack.

When you spew the Big Lie from November to January, and then your unhinged drug addled loser leader, holds a rally to spur on the attack, and you then attack the very officers who protected you, you are the lowest of the low.

Vote every single one from office.


Charlie Crist, Democrat, Florida Congressman, and gubernatorial candidate, blasting Governor DeathSantis for his duties amid a spike in COVID-19 infections and playing presidential politics at the Texas border:

“You know what’s happening. We have gone to the top [of the new infections list]. And it is a dubious distinction. And why is that? Because we don’t have leadership. What’s [DeSantis] doing about it? Where [is he] as this health crisis resurged? Visiting hospitals? Consulting with physicians and public health experts? Huddling with his staff to brainstorm ways of persuading more Floridians to take the vaccine that would nip this pandemic in the bud? Nope. Florida’s governor was in Texas, 1,000 miles from Tallahassee, burnishing his 2024 presidential ambitions with a visit to the southern border … You’re the governor of Florida, you know. He doesn’t understand. And you know he’s spending our tax dollars out there, giving our law enforcement to Texas while people are dying in Florida. Unbelievable.”
Unbelievable? It’s Flori-duh after all.

And it’s Ron DeathSantis, too.


Liz Cheney, who stood for her country, against her party, and continues to do so, at the January 6 Commission hearings:

"If those responsible are not held accountable, and if Congress does not act responsibly, this will remain a cancer on our constitutional republic, undermining the peaceful transfer of power at the heart of our democracy system."
If we don’t punish those responsible, if we don’t point out why and how this happened, it will happen again and again every time the loons in the GQP don’t get their way.


Officer Michael Fanone, to those in the GQP who downplay the terror attack at the Capitol:

“I went to hell and back …. But too many are now telling me that hell doesn’t exist, or that hell actually wasn’t that bad. The indifference shown to my colleagues is disgraceful.”
This is the way the party of “law and order” treats those who are working to protect and serve Americans. The same people who demanded the police lock up antifa or BLM protestors, now denigrate police officers who arrested domestic terrorists.

They are worse than disgraceful.



Sixpence Notthewiser said...

WE all know that the GQP is a clique of spineless, power hungry whores. With very few exceptions, they're terrified of Twitler and they show it.
Don't even think that the blue lives matter crowd won't justify their cowardice, either. The Repugs have gone from 'it was ANTIFA' to 'it never happened'. It's expected.
Kinzinger will probably run for president. Mark my words.


Steve Reed said...

Excellent quotes, all of them. I didn't realize Charlie Crist was running for governor again.

Deedles said...


Helen Lashbrook said...

Every single member of the Senate and House who won't facilitate the fact finding of the committee investigating 6/1 should be prepared to go to the hell of Officer Fanone's choice.

the dogs' mother said...

Hopefully the hearings will
clear things up...hopefully.
xoxo :-)

Janie Junebug said...

I wonder if Kinzinger will leave the Republican party. I can't imagine Liz Cheney would do so, but I appreciate her stance. Chris Christie's statement makes no sense. How many times do you have to walk Republicans through the logic of the vaccine before they get vaccinated? Their philosophy is that of the eight-year-old child who says, YOU'RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME! Law and order party? Ha!


Moving with Mitchell said...

These thugs in office who continue to deny the truth about January 6 are liars and traitors. Chris Christy says to walk the anti-vaxers “through the logic of this“? Have he and they not been listening? Obviously, logic doesn’t work on the brainless. At least Kinzinger and Cheney didn’t drink the Kool Aid, even if I don’t agree with most of the politics.

Mistress Maddie said...

I loved when Officer Michael Fanone, gave it to them and let them have it. I wish they'd all walk out and say peace....and leave the politicians to fend for themselves...fuckers.

Oh...I didn't recognize Christie with a Twinkie in his hands.

And I can't lie, I don't dislike Kinzinger.

VRCooper said...

I thank Adam G. for his continued service on the committee but have you read his Wikipedia page...He is no ally that is for sure...On some of the biggest legislation in our time, he was a no....Amazing...

Bob said...

The GOP lied, of course, when they called themselves the party of law and order.
I am no fan of Kinzinger’s politics, but I love that he and Liz have spines.

I don’t think Charlie has much of a chance. Flroida is almost all Thing 45 Kool-Aid these days.

Hopefully more Americans will wake up to the truth once this commission gets going.

They are all so scared on being primaried by a twice-impeached, one-term losing con man.

I’m hoping ….

I don’t think he will; he is a conservative Republican, and we need to remember that. He is no democrat or even a moderate. But he, and Liz, get points for their big balls.

It appears Christie is saying these anti-vaxxers are children and need to be coddled because otherwise it’s just too much for them.
I’m with you about Adam and Liz.

Fanone has had it with the Big Lie and the continued GOP lies.
Christie needs to take a couple of seats.
I like Adam’s commitment to this country, but his politics don’t jibe with mine at all.

Dave R said...

So much ugly truth.

Bob said...


uptonking said...

Michael Fanone... I volunteer to kiss all the hurt away.

He is right, and so were the other three... this is lunacy, it was disgraceful, and the repulsivecan insurrectionists have to be held accountable or we are messed up for a good long while. VOTE.

Liz and Adam should be the new leaders of the Repulsivcans. Neither is my cup of tea, but they are being smart about this. I hope their gambit pays off. I would love to see Ted and Matt ousted and shamed for good.

Chris Christie is a lump. Like one that won't be flushed.

DeSantis is living in a dream world. But then, I never thought he'd win. He's simply too emptyheaded to serve. Good for Charlie to call him out.

Thanks for the feed.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I like how Officer Fanone slapped the table in anger when he said "disgraceful." It was a powerful moment.

Bob said...

You are such a kind soul!!!
I'd like to see Liz and Adam become the new GOP, and watch as the loons fade into obscurity ... or prison.
Poor Krispy.
DeSantis is really a moron, and yet...well not surprise, it's Flori-duh!

Fanone is rightfully, and righteously, pissed off that the "arty of law and order" is now lying about 1/6'

Ur-spo said...

Adam Kinzinger poor thing will be trounced for his defiance.