Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Little Marco Should Listen To Himself And Maybe He'd See The Stupid, Too

A couple of weeks ago Little Marco Rubio, GQP-Florida, gave a speech to the rightwingnut Faith & Freedom conference in which he complained that Democrats want to silence dissent:

“Marxists don’t tolerate dissent. They do not tolerate dissent. If you speak out in Marxist societies, you go to jail, you go into exile, some were executed. In new Marxism, if you speak out, you get banned, you get canceled, you get fired, your business gets boycotted, and you get called all sorts of names. So I understand why some people decide, ‘You know what, it’s just easier to pretend I agree, and stay quiet, I don’t need those hassles.’ That’s what they’re counting on."

And then Little Marco took to Twitter on July Fourth to proclaim:

“America isn’t perfect…..but it’s better than anywhere else, ever. And if you believe our country is such a horrible & inherently evil place there are 192 other countries you can move to."

He whined about Democrats hating dissenters and then told you that if you don’t love America you can get out. How stupid is this bitch?


Mistress Maddie said...

Little Marco Rubio can take his own advice. We'd be better off without him. I always thought he looks like a whiny child.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Marco Rubio is ie of those people who makes sane people's hackles rise whenever he opens his mouth; he does not make a good advert for moving TO America

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

I can't believe people still vote for him, but Florida, am I right? He is, like every other Repug, a collection of soundbites and grievance triggers specially directed to his stupid constituents. No substance or policy, just dog whistles.


brewella deville said...

He is all of the stupid, Bob, all of it.

Bob said...

I like your idea but I think most countries would close their borders to Lil M.

You're being too polite: he's an idiot.

Leave it to Flori-DUH. Hopefully Val Demmings can kick his ass outta office!

Yes, ma'am, he is all that!

Moving with Mitchell said...

How stupid is this bitch? More stupid than we ever imagined.

the dogs' mother said...

... oh, my! ...

xoxo :-)

Sheila Morris said...

Marco Rubio continues to show his true colors as the spineless weak man that he is.
I am hoping any sensible people in Florida will support Val Demming who has announced she will oppose Rubio in the next election.
I remember her contributions during the impeachment proceedings of the ex-president who sprang from the loins of the devil - you know the one Rubio once thought was crazy but the one he now supports in all of his insanity.
Go, Val.

Sheila Morris said...

Val Demings ( my apologies for the spelling error)

Dave R said...

I understand his job might be in serious risk

Janie Junebug said...

I have hope for Val Demings.


uptonking said...

Huh... you know who else silences and boycotts? Religious orgs and bigots. One Hundred Moms ring a bell? The Cathartic Church sweep away the cobwebs? Destroy the Xtian Right. Destroy Repulsivecans. They all need to go. Sky God has no place in politics. No more so than the Easter Bunny or Snow White.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure Stalin didn't tolerate dissent. And boycotts are a potential risk of a free market. What the hell is little Marco saying?

I also remember him saying "the old Marxism" was economic. Dude, that's all Marxism. The problem with Marxism (since trust me, some days the violence of the revolution is reason enough to revolt, like when my landlord won't remove a hornets' nest or when he opts for nepotism rather than hiring licensed contractors) is that people are generally too stupid (Lysenkoism) and/or evil (Holodomor) to be trusted with all aspects of a country's economy.