Sunday, June 20, 2021

The Funny Papers

Deb Milbrath, Michael de Adder, Nick Anderson, Matt Wuerker, Jack Ohman, Mike Luckovich, Clay Bennett. Bill Bramhall, Mike Smith, Bill Day, Drew Sheneman, JD Crowe, Marc Murphy, Kevin Siers, RJ Matson


Travel said...

Several that ring oh so true

todd gunther said...

#12 - very true.

Dave R said...

The Tillis cartoon is great, so is the Putin 'kiss, kiss' truth.

Bob said...

Too true.

Yes, it is.
Hope you are doing well.

The GOP is saying Biden was easier on Putin than Thing 45. Short memory much? Oh, wait ...liars.

Sadie J said...

They're all pretty spot-on this week. But I think the last one says it all.

Treaders said...

I liked the first one the best - until I saw the "kiss, kiss" one! That is brilliant!

Moving with Mitchell said...

These are SO good!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

"Unfunded internships" -- the whitewashed elephant in the classroom approves!

the dogs' mother said...

Another great collection
of scary-toons!

xoxo :-)

Steve Reed said...

Love the "whitewashed elephant" -- and the Oath Keeper. All true and depressing. *Sigh*

Bob said...

Yes, we all need to vote, every time, all the time, or nothing gets done.

The kiss kiss is so true. Sad.

It’s been an interesting week.

The GOP is so blind they can’t even see their own racist agenda.

Scary, yes.

The blatant racism in this country needs to end, and we all need to speak up and out about it.

Mistress Maddie said...

Sadly...America still....on many issues.

We do fucking know we're suppose to charge ahead, not backwards right?

Bob said...

I wonder about that sometimes.

Ur-spo said...

sad all of them

uptonking said...

The orange ogre and putin and the repulsivecans comments on Biden being soft on Putin... What a joke. They are the kings of hypocrisy. NBC News had F'ing Tom Cotton on to comment on Biden meeting with Putin and he said exactly that... that Biden was soft on Putin... F 'em. I want them all gone.

And it is a crime what is happening in our schools... moments of silence at the start of each day.. F that. And not teaching in a historically accurate manner... making it illegal to do so? F that too. Time for a revolution. Destroy the Repulsivecan Party!

Bob said...

The first is not so sad...

The GOP rewrites all their history, you know.
I need an agnostic or atheist parent, or a parent who is not Christian, to sue any school that wants a prayer read before class.