Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Anna Morgan-Lloyd: A Special Kind of Fool

I remember back in 2016, when Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election, and a band of Democrats stormed the Capitol because we were snowflakes mad about losing an election.

Sounds ridiculous, right? I mean, you’d have to be a special kind of fool to fall for the Big Lie, to march down and bust into the Capitol, shit on the walls, attack, and even kill, police officers, steal private property, while the guy who told you to do it went back home and watched y’all on TV.

You are a special kind of fool, so then this story, of one of those fools, is not all that surprising …

Anna Morgan-Lloyd, an Indiana grandmother says her life has been turned upside down since she stormed the Capitol. Morgan-Lloyd is the first insurrectionist to be sentenced and she’s blaming it all on her court-appointed public defender who she says coaxed her into drafting a written admission of White "guilt". Morgan-Lloyd was convicted of one count of parading in a federal building, and sentenced to 3 years’ probation, a $500 civil restitution fine and 40 hours of community service. Even worse, and this might be why she’s pissy, she is prohibited from owning a firearm. All because, she says, she intended to peacefully show support for the twice-impeached, one-term loser.

Like I said, a special kind of fool.

And so, Anna Morgan-Lloyd hightailed it over to the Mother Ship—Fox News—to tell fellow wingnut Laura Ingraham that she did not act violently that day, and she was doing was … wait for it, this is rich …  following an elderly woman up some steps and into the Capitol unimpeded.

So, she’s some kina MAGAt Boy Scout? Seriously?

She didn’t see the guys with the tasers and stun guns, the police officers blocking the way, the broken windows and doors? She only saw a grandmother walking up some steps and decided to follow her so she wouldn’t fall.

Morgan-Lloyd says she was fired from her job at a hospital following her arrest. And the hospital wouldn’t let her retrieve her belongings and instead shipped them to her home via Federal Express.

Um, Anna, honey, you are a criminal in the eyes of the law and the hospital had every right to fire you and bar you from entering their property. You are the most special kind of fool if you think anyone other than Laura Ingrahams and Fox News and your band of MAGAts believe a word that comes out of your mouth.

Let’s break it down: you went to a rally for the loser of the presidential election—remember four years ago when Hillary lost, it’s the same thing only without the snowflake riot—and he told you to go to the capitol. So, you did; you marched down the street with people screaming and yelling, and shouting “Hang Mike Pence,” dressed in riot gear with sticks and Confederate flags and shirts that said, ‘6 Million Jews Is Not Enough,’ and thought it was just a picnic.

But then you arrived at the Capitol, and saw people scaling the walls and busting out doors and windows and storming inside, screaming for blood, Nancy Pelosi’s blood. You saw an old woman and followed her into a building through a broken door, while people charged in all around you, because didn’t want her to trip?

Fool. Now, I don’t think you attacked a police officer, and I don’t think you smeared your feces on the walls, or stole private property, I think you were just a wannabe who thought you’d have a good story to tell of what a good MAGAt you are.

And so, I think your sentence is just; you illegally entered a federal building with a mob and so you are part of the mob.

A big dumb foolish, snowflake mob who found herself arrested and out of a job because she’s an insurrectionist



Steve Reed said...

Let's face it -- a lot of these people aren't the brightest bulbs in the chandelier.

Helen Lashbrook said...

This woman travelled all the way from Indiana to DC to help an elderly woman up the steps of the Capitol? Somehow that story does not ring true. Nobody helps me up any steps (but that's because I have to take the lift or go up the ramp)although people are very kind by opening doors for an antique old lady. And Anna ML should be pleased that her ex-employers took the effort to Fedex her stuff to her. Some employers might have dropped her stuff in the employee parking lot and told her to collect it.

Deedles said...

"Fool" really is to mild a word for this level of imbecility. See? I can be brief, or short, all fine undies.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Her light sentence is commensurate with her low-level, non-violent (albeit illegal) activities on that day. It's not like she received a jail sentence or something. If you break the law, expect consequences. That's simple Politial Activism 101.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

That's all?
She got off quite unscathed.
And yes, they're all especially stupid, that's for sure. But they are all also entitled, privileged assholes who think they should not be held accountable for anything.
Ingraham makes my skin crawl.


Michael said...

They are all certifiable idiots. I think she got quite a light sentence actually.

Dave R said...

So, she's trying to blame an old woman rather then admit she's a loser, how conservative.

the dogs' mother said...

Too bad, so sad... not!

xoxo :-)

Janie Junebug said...

I was amused by the many times trump said, "I'll pay your legal fees." These people never caught on. He wasn't paying anyone's bills (he doesn't pay his own), he didn't march with anyone (his marching was limited to the golf course and that time he had people attacked so he could go to a church to hold up a Bible), and he didn't protect anyone. This woman got off easy. No prison sentence for insurrection? Her explanation for her presence is laughable at best.


WestWorldEmployee7 said...

What a pity that such a stupid effin moron procreated!

Moving with Mitchell said...

Yes, boo fucking hoo! (Did she say if the elderly woman was OK?)

The Cool Cookie said...

The only way that woman is getting back in that hospital is in an emergency.

But that White Guilt document may have saved her hide from discovering that Orange really is the new Black.

Bob said...

They aren’t the brightest bulb in a desk lamp!

She’s grasping at straws to make herself sound innocent but she comes off foolish and stupid.

Thanks for being brief! =)

And she’s a fool for thinking she should have no consequences.

To be fair, she didn’t bust a door down, she just walked through a busted door into a federal building where she had no right to be. But she was non-violent, so, she deserved her sentence and losing her job.
Act the fool, pay the price.

I think her sentence fits her crime, but she was an idiot. Or IS an idiot.

A MAGAt Boy Scout. FOAD, as Anne Marie would say!

A severe lack of thought about what she was doing that day. No wonder she supported Thing 45.


@ WestWorldEmployee7
Hopefully her spawn are smarter???

Never mentioned the elderly woman again after she, um, helped her up the steps to illegally enter the Capitol.

I love your first line.
And in the article where I found the story, she said her lawyer told her to watch ‘Just Mercy’ and maybe she’d understand.
I understand she’s still an idiot who blames everyone else for her deeds. Very Thing 45-ish.

uptonking said...

See how needy Fox News is these days? Laura Ingrate had this woman on her show. Scraping the bottom of the barrel until you see your reflection, Laura? I despise that woman. Thanks, hon. Kizzes.

Unknown said...

I couldn't agree more. I live like 10 minutes from Bloomfield. I can't wait to see her somewhere and shame her in public. I don't know her personally as I'm not originally from the area but I'd love that have a laugh. I don't understand what these people thought would happen to them? Imo I don't think many of them will get enough time and that makes me quite nervous. That guitarist guy that was at the Capitol and so called Oath Keeper co-founder is already turning on his friends for a sentence reduction, so apparently these strong convictions they have are total bullshit and just an excuse to be racist assholes with an artillery of weapons.