Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Architecture Wednesday: Bellagio Estate

I like this one, even though it’s way too big—I think it’s sprawled over two or three zip codes—but I love the Spanish Colonial-ness of it, and the modern interior, and, well, perhaps the biggest wine cellar I’ve seen outside the Biltmore.

This gorgeous estate is located in Bel Air, and sits on almost two acres, with the main house built around a classic Spanish central courtyard, and pool, guest house and tennis court out back. The house is about 20,000 square feet, with seven bedrooms and nine-and-a-half bathrooms, and while its interiors are modern, there is a nod to 1920’s Spanish Colonial architecture with its clay veneer plaster walls, 12-inch French oak floors, and rustic hardware.

The master suite is a home unto itself—no, seriously, Casa Bob y Carlos is 2560 square feet and this master suite is 2500 square feet, so, with a little lube you could squeeze our entire house into just one bedroom here.

There is a lap pool courtyard, a gorgeous modern kitchen with stone table, a media room and several sitting rooms, a gym, a loggia, a glassed-in second floor office, a pool house with bar and fireplace and guest rooms and more fireplaces that I can count.  And, as I said earlier, and even better, a wine cellar I would kill for … with space for 7,000 bottles.

My one caveat, and this is where I bow down to the Duchess Deedles … it could use some red.



VRCooper said...

My God who needs a house that big...Who would clean it...I bet only 1 or 2 people live in residence...Kids are banned...Even your house Bob is way too big...I have always said that if I can't use all the rooms within a day/week then it's too big...I don't need a bathroom the size of a guest house and a kitchen the size of a modest 1 bedroom apartment...Nice to look at...Yes, throw in some splash of color-red/orange/blue...-and would be set...

the dogs' mother said...

Our house would fit in the main
bedroom, no problem.
Throw in some red for Deedles!
xoxo :-)

Deedles said...

Several touches of red or any bright cheerful color would help here. Overall, I kind of like it. I figure, if anyone can afford to live here, housekeepers and gardeners would be a given. It's like looking at art, you can't afford it and there's really not a need (face it, this stuff is a want) for it, but it's cool to look upon. Don't wealthy people like any colors besides brown, black, white and beige? I'll stay less wealthy and tacky.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Holy shit. That's big.
Beautifully staged, though. I, for one, love the sea of beige and neutrals. Very SPA.


Dave R said...

I could probably survive there... quite easily.

Bob said...

Oh, it is waaaaaaay too big, but I like the style and the windows and doors. Perhaps a smaller version?

Our house, too, with some gentle squeezing. And, yeah, it could use color.

I could use some color, and a staff to tend to the gardens and pool and laundry, and find me when I get lost ... or pass out in the wine cellar.

It's very tranquil, but could use some vibrant art!

You and the dogs would have all the space you need.

Deedles said...

Staff! That's the word I was looking for! I knew there was an easier way of saying housekeepers etc. At the rate I'm losing words, I'll be speaking a made up language in a couple of years. Or, blowing bubbles.

Anonymous said...

Strikes me as imitation Myron Hunt, and not necessarily in a good way. In my opinion, Hunt balanced the transition of interior to exterior and there was light. This tries that but is perhaps a bit over scale.

Will Jay

Janie Junebug said...

I've seen your comments at other blogs and decided to visit. I'm glad I did. I've always liked Spanish-style architecture, although the interior of that house is very . . . neutral. I'd add color, too.

Love from your newest follower,
Janie Junebug

The Cool Cookie said...

It's all so beige.

I spent time in Bel Air. My aunt and uncle lived up in the cheap seats on Stradella Road. It's lovely and a hassle. Sort of like the personification glamour - something beautiful and alive and terribly chic, but really a pain. I mean, you take your life in your hands if you go out for a walk on those roads with their twists and turns and hills and speeding Austin Martins driving at breakneck speed.

Mistress Maddie said...

Well you know me...i love my white and beige....and living for the staircase and the exterior. Love all the wood used for accent too. Way big....Id need at least 10 more houseboys.....

Moving with Mitchell said...

Obscenely huge. Beautiful spaces. I’d add some color.

Travel said...

Needs red and other colors, and all of that kitchen nearly no upper cabinets, I don't bend over like I use to.

Bob said...

We all need staff, especially to help us with out words or get us bubbles!!

It is too large, but I like some aspects of it.

@Janie Junebug
Welcome, and thank you. I think sometimes they do these houses in neutral so you look at the house and not the furnishings, because it screams for some color!!

Beige is the new …. No, it’s not!

That staircase was built for you, and, yes, I‘d say double or triple the houseboys. Even if you don’t really need ‘em, they’re nice to have around!

I picture Carlos and I at opposite ends of the house calling out to each other and then passing one another because we’re on different floors in different wings!

There’s no real life without color, though I’d do color in art and accessories.
And if you can afford the house, you can someone to do the bending!

Moving with Mitchell said...

I imagine SG still shouting from wherever he is as he does now and me pretending not to hear him because I refuse to shout from room to room and he knows it.

uptonking said...

I dislike all the furnishings except the outdoor stuff. That staircase is to die for. Given the exterior, I am rather surprised by the sterility of the interior. Where is the warmth? Where is comfort? I'd be afraid to sit on most of that stuff.