Thursday, June 17, 2021


Since Tuxedo is no longer a jumping cat, when he wants to sit in my lap or sleep on my shoulder, he’ll come up to the chair I’m sitting in, put his front paws on the seat, and I’ll pick him up. And, because he is The Great Tuxedo™ and The Most Handsome Cate Ever™, I say to him, as I am picking him up and smooching the top of his head—yes, I am that guy:

“Oh, he’s so handsome. Such a handsome boy. My handsome, handsome boy.”

And I look over to Carlos, who is rolling his eyes and I say:

“Are you jealous of a cat?”

“No. I’m just thinking that you never say that to me.”

“Well, maybe if you put your paws on the front of the chair and let me lift you up to my lap … “

I stopped, terrified that he might actually do it.

Tuxedo has even offered to hand deliver the letter to Congress for her at no charge.

Texas RepubliQAnon Governor Greg Abbott has announced plans for the state to begin building a wall along the southern border. He gave absolutely no details such as the cost and location.

Also not discussed was the fact that since the wall will might be built along the Texas border only, that undocumented immigrants could simply walk around it.

But that’s Greg Abbott who, if you remember, can’t even keep the power on for the people of Texas.

Last week family members of Walmart founder Sam Walton launched a $1 million fund for groups assisting LGBT people in the retail giant’s home state of Arkansas, where the GQP has enacted measures to restrict transgender people’s rights.

The new fund is being established with support from the Alice L. Walton Foundation and from Olivia and Tom Walton through the Walton Family Foundation. The fund will distribute grants of $25,000 and more for groups that offer legal, health, education and advocacy services, along with other high demand needs.

I still don’t like Walmart, but I like these members of the family.

William Chrestman, a Kansas Proud Boy who tried to overthrow the government last January has asked a judge to release him from jail due to chronic back pain.

In denying his request, the judge noted that his back pain didn’t prevent him from wielding an axe handle against police outside the Capitol.

Not sorry.

A CBS News/YouGov poll found that 52% of Republicans are either fully or partially vaccinated, while 6% are planning to be vaccinated and 6% are undecided. That leaves 29% who do not plan to be vaccinated and perhaps die.

I guess that’s one way to thin the GQP herd.

SIDENOTE: My non-vaxxed co-worker, who had a baby around Christmas time, was at work the other day whining about how her poor baby wasn’t feeling well because he’d just gotten five vaccines in one day. She won’t get COVID because she doesn’t trust doctors or science, but she vaxxed her son like crazy.

Side-sidenote: Someone asked what vaccines she’d gotten for her son, and she mumbled, ‘You know, all of’ em.”

Okay Maddie, gird your loins … fashion house Balenciaga … yes, BALENCIAGA … has released a new shoe: the Croc stiletto and the Croc rain boot.

Cue tirade ….

Chris Noffke is Australian, which is a plus because that accent makes me swoon. And he is an award-winning long jumper, which is a plus because it makes me think of all the things I could do with a long jumper.

That’s all.


BloggerJoe said...

Walton Family Foundation: I'll wait to see how committed they are to these efforts after Pride Month is over.
Croc Rain Boots: Seems counterproductive, all those holes keeping out the rain, etc.
Tuxedo: Tim and I have that same conversation all the time about whichever dog happens to be in our vicinity. He's even taken to patting me on the head and scratching behind my ears.

Take care, guys!

Deedles said...

If I still had a lap, Carlos would be welcome to sit on it. You too, Bobulah.
Give El Gato Guapo (still my hero) a big head smooch from me.
Let's skip from just ick, to totally hideous. Crocs and stilettos should not be mentioned in the same sentence! Not even red could help those things! This may send Mads running back to the Glampgrounds.
Chris Noffke has very nice thighs. Yes, I'm looking at his thighs!
That tweet epitomizes the utter hypocrisy of some "people".
It's going to get up to 107 degrees today. Anybody know where I can pick up a cheap igloo?

Mistress Maddie said...

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I take both of those and shove them up the poor fool designer's ass at Balenciaga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I thought they had taste.

I say let Abbott build the wall....and keep building till it's the whole way around Texas.

I too am waiting to see the Walton's continued support after the month is up. Someone get me financial stats and contributions.

I too agree with the judge. Many of these wimps now jailed didn't have any heath issues when it came to terrorizing or rioting at the capital did they? Fuck them.

I too worried about Carlos intimating a cat now when you mentioned that. But hey...if it get him attention and pets...I say go for it toots.

Now excuse me, I need to go have a whiff of smelling salts and a lay down on the fainting chaise over those Cro....Cro....

Mistress Maddie said...

@Deedles....soon as I recover...I just might.....

Agnes Goldberg-DeWoofs said...

I can not take Governor Greg Abbott. Or any of them. I thought I would feel better by now with you know who gone. But I don't.

Love Tuxedo.

Helen Lashbrook said...

@MM Does your reaction to the stiletto crocs (which seem rather counter-productive) mean that you would not do drag in them?

the dogs' mother said...

(Carlos) (Tuxedo)
A wall around Texas!
xoxo :-)

Bob said...

Yeah, we need to see that this is a true commitment form the Waltons and not just a faux ally moment.
Carlos still hasn’t crawled into my lap ….

Tuxedo does love a smooch, and Carlos does, love a lap!
Hypocrisy and ignorance in that Tweet!

Just because it’s haute couture doesn’t mean it’s good or right or fashion!
Abbott can’t keep his state warm in winter or cool in summer but he wants a wall. Fuck him.
I hope the Walton’s put their money into action for a good long time and not just a June thing.
I laugh at the idea of Carlos acting like a cat!!

@Agnes Goldberg-DeWoofs
I think it may take a while before we truly start feeling, and seeing, better.
Tuxedo is delicious.

I’d be careful suggesting Maddie wear Crocs at any time, anywhere, ever!!

I’m afraid we’d need border security to keep the Texans out of America!

Moving with Mitchell said...

SG and I both talk to the cats that way. And sometimes to each other. However, had you said that to me, I would have done exactly what you were worried about.

I can hear Maddie screaming all the way over here.

Dave R said...

Really, I'm sure Carlos has already sat on your lap...

Abbott's also doing a 'go fund me' to pay for the wall... way to steal MAGA dollars.

And you can be everyone of that 29% is going to go to the O'Reily / Trump super spread event.

Chris looks kind of... tall.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Since when is chronic back pain a "get out of jail free" card? That MAGA nut is living in a dream world in more ways than one.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

You know you'd like carlos putting his paws on the front of the chair will lead you to put him on your lap... again.

Oh, Texas. The stupidity is so blatant, I just cant. And that judge slammed that Proud Boy. Hard.

I can't understand the COVIDiots. Can't.

Uh oh. There goes Maddie.... LMAOOOOO


uptonking said...

That last tweet encapsulates a sad state of affairs. Texas should secede. They suck harder than a certain someone during the summer at the prairie.

Chris. Huh. He looks good in a kilt.

Croc stiletto... I want to buy a pair and put them away, saving it for a donation to a museum.

Huh. 29%? Cool. How many Texans does that include?

Proud Boy with a bad back in jail? Well, that's what happens when you spend most of your time behind bars bent over, taking it like a man.

Walmart is terrible. ONE MILLION? Really? Don't they make that in less than a day? F 'em. Anyone who takes that money needs to spend it on protest signs that say Walmart SUX.

Aww... Greg Abbott wants to run for president. Ain't that cute. We better get a standardized test in place. Something tells me Greggie-boy is none too bright.

Tux is right as usual.

And, Bob? Everybody wants to sit on your lap... everybody! Kizzes.

Jennifer said...

Tuxedo is so handsome! But you know you need to compliment your husband sometimes, too, right? C'mon now!

We have lots of cats in the neighborhood and I've made friends with one of them. When we're out walking the dog she'll wait until Gregg and George move on ahead, and then she'll run out to me to be petted. SUCH a sweet kitty! It sucks that I'm allergic to cats so I'll never be able to have another one, but it really isn't possible anyway as long as George is around. Cats make him crazy!

Bob said...

Carlos, sometimes, talks to Ozzo like that, but not so much to the cats. Perhaps that might be why I overcompensate???
Maddie’s howls are heard worldwide!!

There is a possibility ….
Abbott can’ heat or cool Texas but thinks his people will go fund his wall? I think it’ll be more Go fuck your wall.

Whiny little snowflakes can’t even stage an insurrection correctly!!!

I do have that image in my head and I am quite liking it!
My work Covidiot makes me shake my head.
I think we should all chip in and get Maddie the Balenciaga Croc Stilettos!

Certain someone? Hmmmmmmmmm
Chris pulls off the kilt … or maybe I’ll pull off the kilt!
Back pain? Stay outta the showers snowflake!!
Greg Abbott will never be president. He makes W look like a Mensa member.
Aw shucks. On my lil old lap!!!

Carlos knows that he is the bestest thing that has ever happened to me.
Tuxedo too!
Cats are very cool, very independent, and very much have their own personalities. Our three are all sooooo different!

jsstrand said...

I continue to be mortally embarrassed by texas politics - for starters, the grid is falling apart but we've gotta have that fucking wall no matter what - - and not only that, but - - - oh crap!! Dont get me started - I'll need double blood pressure meds now!!

Travel said...

Texas - so much potential, so few brains

Bob said...

Texas makes south Carolina ALMOST look civilized.

Especially in government.

Steve Reed said...

Conservative resistance to Covid vaccines is absolutely Darwinism at work.

Bob said...

Conservative and ignorant.