Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Speaking Truth To Power

Nothing says you’re a racist like cutting off the microphone of a person who suggests you might be racist.

Just as Pennsylvania Democrat Congressman Brian Sims.’

The heated exchange came during a debate over a GOP proposal to regulate the disposal of fetal remains, one that Democrats say forces women to bury or cremate a miscarried fetus. After a number of Democratic women spoke against the measure by highlighting their own traumatic experiences with miscarriages, Sims lamented the fact his colleagues were forced to share such testimony in the state's GOP-controlled House:

"This is just another act in a political theater that has plagued this chamber for far too long. We are a legislature that has met more to remove mask mandates, strip executive emergency powers, and overturn free and fair elections than we have to make strategic investments in Pennsylvania's women, children, and families."
Sims then noted the demographic makeup of the GOP by saying this new bill was just another line item in "a grossly, predictably misogynistic agenda—an agenda pursued by a party that is 100% white, in a chamber that is 70% male."

And that’s when House Majority Leader Bryan Cutler, a Republican, because of course, cut Sims' microphone. "That's enough," he said amid booing from other GOP lawmakers.

Sims, though, was unrepentant:

"Your boos mean nothing to me. I've seen what you cheer for."
Yes, they cheer for Thing #45, for an insurrection masked as a tour group, for being a group of old white men telling women what they can, and cannot do with their own bodies.

We need more Brian Sims and less GOP in politics today.

Cast a goddamned vote.


Mr. Shife said...

Sometimes it feels like a horrible movie and I am worried we are not going to get a happy ending. I just can't believe how much fear and hate is still out there and it is scary to the extremes they will go to protect it.

the dogs' mother said...

So strange to see how backward
certain issues are going or are
attempting to go.
xoxo :-)

Frank said...

I second Mr Shife's response.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Ha ha, Sims got in a good parting shot!

Dave R said...

I'm so proud he's from Pennsylvania and I suspect Republicans are concerned because he represents a large group who is fed up with their shit.

uptonking said...

So, I love what Brian Sims said and I wish more Dems had the guts. It's time to call it as it is, and what it is. Good for him.

Now, regarding the model offering up his middle digit for our viewing pleasure. Could you send him 'round to my house? He doesn't have to do anything, just give me that finger, too. Mmm hmm. Trust me... I KNOW what to do with a finger like that! Kizzes.

Moving with Mitchell said...

What year is this?!? I’m with Brian Sims.

Helen Lashbrook said...

What a shabby crowd all these Repugnants are; what about free speech and their beloved 1st amendment rights, or are they only for Repugnant people?

Raybeard said...

Like many, I get occasional sleepless nights - too many really. But last night's cause was a first for the following reason as far as I can recall, namely that the U.S.A. is in actual REAL danger of becoming and, even has already started to become, a country ruled by the exclusively wealthy, overwhelmingly white [and Xtian = 'superior', naturally] and horribly disproportionately male. Maybe I watch too much YouTube, but if this now keeps me awake how must it be for Americans in their own country who have to LIVE the reality of this horror day after day - voter suppression, hopelessly outdated Senate, SCOTUS virtually permanently imbalanced etc etc. And what on Earth can be done to arrest this complete and utter lunacy! It all now preys on my mind constantly.

Steve Reed said...

Honestly, it's ridiculous what politicians spend their time on. People all over the country are suffering for lack of investment in infrastructure and social programs, and they're squabbling about this invented issue. (Which is obviously Sims' point.)

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Oh, love Mr. Sims.
He'll speak truth to power. And to think that PA also gave us Santorum, that mix of... oh, wait.
I hope people in PA keep electing him to office. He does represent many people's progressive thinking. And he's a Zaddy. Yum.


Treaders said...

Oooohhh "I've seen what you cheer for"! Good man, good man indeed!

Bob said...

@Mr Shife
I have faith that we’ll get through this, but iut isn’t going to be easy and it certainly not gonna be quick. We all just need to vote out those who are lying hypocritical goose-stepping tools.’

The GQP is not known for progress … or living in the 21st century.

I get your point, but I do try to remain optimistic.

It was a good smack, because it’s true.

Y’all need more like him in office, and more women and people of color, too!

@ upturning
I like the people who speak out, especially in front of a group that won’t listen, because out here, iun America, many of us ARE listening.
That model is, in fact, Brian Sims.

@ Moving with Mitchell
For the GQP it’s still 1950.

The GQP is all for Free Speech except when it comes for them.

I think, sadly, we already are a country ruled by the rich, but I also think that the more of us who wake up to that fact, then we can change things.
But WE THE PEOPLE have to change things and stop expecting those in power—at least MOST of them—to do it for us.

I just get sick at RICH WHITE MEN deciding how everyone else should live.

I think he’s a breath of fresh air and as long as he keeps truth-telling he’ll be able to stay in office.
And then you go and call him a zaddy and now I’m all in a Sims-Melonia sexual fantasy!!!
Thank you for that. Sincerely!

That line spoke volumes!!

Mistress Maddie said...

I have had the pleasure to meet Rep Brian Simms on many occasion. He doesn't fool around, and speaks his mind.