Thursday, June 10, 2021


A couple of years after buying this house, we had it painted but, for some reason, we never had the “barn”—folks around here say barn, we say shed—painted. Recently Carlos began giving English lessons to a Hispanic couple in kind of a bartered deal; lessons for painting the shed.

This week the barn shed went red, and it looks, I know, like a little barn. Carlos also wanted the interior painted white so he could see better when he went in there and we cleaned everything out.  But before putting things back, I suggested we thin that shed herd a bit and began separating things into piles of Keep, Toss, Donate.

There was an old fireplace screen we removed from the house. Habitat for Humanity. Check. Old boxes. Trash. Garden tools? Keep. A small tabletop charcoal grill. He says keep; I say donate. But, he says, we use that, and I say …

“Tell me one time in the last twenty years we used it, and remember, we don’t have charcoal or lighter fluid or anything for it.”
I think in Miami I cooked chicken on it once.”

So, sometime, over fourteen-and-a-half years ago, you slapped a chicken on the grill and you think we still need it?”

“It can go.”

This hoarding sense of his explains the cluster of 80s silk shirts in the back of the closet that he doesn’t wear but needs to keep … just in case.

PS She's kina purty now, isn't she?

Tuxedo never went to school, and so he doesn’t know from mathematics, but even he can see how this seems all kinds of wrong!

Last weekend the San Francisco Giants became the very first Major League Baseball team to incorporate LGBTQ+ Pride colors into their on-field uniforms.

In honor of Pride month, players will sport an SF logo Pride Patch on the right sleeve of their home jersey as well as a custom cap with the 11 colors of the Progress Pride Flag, which incorporates black, brown and the transgender pride flag colors with the original six rainbow stripes.


Why don’t these anti-choice politicians and states just use “thoughts and prayers” to stop abortions. I mean, that’s what they do when people murder actual live children in schools.

Just a thought.

The twice-impeached, one-term loser’s blog, where he shared his thought [singular] after larger social media companies banned him from their platforms, has been permanently shut down.

His people made some excuse about it being planned to shut it down, but it had only been a month and was getting less traffic than my little bloggy thing here.

Sorry not sorry.

JP Morgan Chase & Co will resume making political donations to U.S. lawmakers … but not to any Republicans who voted to overturn President Biden’s election victory.

Good. Hit ‘em in the only real place their care about, their wallets.

In other Thing #45 news, he is set to do a series of rallies around the country will fellow sexual assaulter Bill O’Reilly that I have dubbed Sexual Predator-a-Palooza.

And I hear Matt Gaetz is going to open for them.

This week, during a House Natural Resources hearing, Texas Representative Louie Loonie Gohmert asked if the Forest Service or the BLM [Bureau of Land Management] can alter the orbit of the moon or the Earth in order to fight climate change.

Gohmert represents 725,000 Americans, just so you know.

Alex Sewall is a 30-year-old model from Chicago, and a former football player at Indiana State University, who played for a brief time in arena football before beginning a modeling career.

Alex also is very smart, noting that his ass … and it’s real and it’s spectacular is “is usually the thing that gets the most comments and compliments” and he has no problems showing skin.

He seems to love his country, he seems to love music, and he appears to like the sports ball things. Plus, any man that can pull off a hat, after pulling off everything else, is all right in my book.

That’s all.


Mistress Maddie said...

WOW!!!! The shed looks great!!!! but must agree with Carlos. Those little grill come in handy if you go on a day picnic somewhere, like a state park. But yeah otherwise...

I have wondered the same thing about that loser Mitchell. Boggles me...

Thing 45? Bill O’Reilly? Matt Gaetz? I can see the tour bus already. And here I though the Boys Gone Wild franchise was over.

Good going to JP Morgan Chase. That one will have to hurt.

And send over Alex Sewall ASAP!!! Just tell he's fine in just the hat!!!

Helen Lashbrook said...

The shed/barn looks real smart

A quick glance at that logo had my eyes open wide and mouth agape; I could only see the top half and it looked like a pride swastika until I realised there was more below, if that doesn't sound dirty.

Everybody "knows" that foetuses have hearts and souls while live children only have hearts.

not having seen the slithy tove's (see your Lewis Carroll) blog I cannot compare his with yours, but I bet yours is a lot more interesting.

As for a Matt Gaetz opener for a pair of sex abusers, is that legs apart or mouth?

Deedles said...

Ah, the shed brought the red. She's gorgeous and I'm pleased.

VRCooper said...

OK-first off-the shed/barn looks great...Now, are we going to heat and cool the thing...If not, WE WILL have another Carlos story to write about...You have been forwarned...

It's rhetorical, but I just don't understand these people with the #45 thing...The man is evil as hell and throw in a few other enablers and the meanness factor is off the charts...But one is going to sell their soul for power and wealth...To be frank, I am tired...I am not saying give the democrats everything they want but at least have a conversation with them and move the country forward...Yes, I would take a closer look at voter fraud in Kentucky...Tuxedo is on to something...I wish I could snap my fingers and big money is gone for politics and candidates only had 90 days prior to any election to solicit votes...I am just tired...I want our country to move forward for the betterment of EVERYONE...



BootsandBraids said...

Spanish lessons for that great looking paint job ... I'd say Carlos is an excellent negotiator.

Bob said...

My issue with the grill is that we never use it and I'd rather it go to a good home that keep it sitting in the shed!
Alex can always leave the hat on!!

I didn't get what you meant about the ball cap but then I looked again. Perhaps the hat should have been a lighter color so the pride logo would pop!

I call it Deedle Red!!

We did have the inside painted white, and there are a couple of windows, and it might make a nice teeny tiny house with heat and air and plumbing ....

I do think both sides got a good deal.
, but our barn-shed does look nice!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Your shed looks terrific! And kudos to the SF Giants for using Pride colours in their logo -- more teams should do this. And thanks for educating me -- I didn't know that the new, more inclusive Pride flag is called the "Progress Pride Flag" -- very appropriate, I like the name!

Bob said...

I didn't know about the new flag and name, but I like the progressive inclusiveness.

Moving with Mitchell said...

The shed/barn looks amazing! I’ll bet you miss that grill when you have a craving for “Miami Chicken” next week! I’d hold onto those shirts, too. Alex Sewall? Mere words cannot express...

Treaders said...

Your barn looks lovely! And I love the comment referring to Cruz's "man mullet". Ha ain't that the truth!

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Love the barn! I laughed at the grill story.
Ted Cruz is a spineless SeeYouNextTuesday.
Gohmert is dumb, but that tells you a lot about his constituents. Same with Moscow Mitch.
And that model is from Chicago? When? Where? Does he visit often? I have questions!


the dogs' mother said...

(Carlos) (Tuxedo)
Barn/shed looks great!
Cruz and _____ roll eyes...
xoxo :-)

Jennifer said...

"Why don’t these anti-choice politicians and states just use “thoughts and prayers” to stop abortions. I mean, that’s what they do when people murder actual live children in schools."


And your "barn" looks great!

Dave R said...

I got down to Alex and everything I planned on saying popped out of my head... really... it did.

uptonking said...

Ted Cruz is one boot scrape away from being shit we got rid of. How he lives with himself? Boggles the mind. If he's in my lifeboat? I'm voting we throw him to the sharks.

Alex made a good choice. He's very pretty. So not for me. I do like the one where he's smelling his arm pit.

Louie and Ron Johnson and a number of other 'politicians' would not be in office if there was a bar exam one had to pass in order to engage in public service. Just a thought...

So, The Handsy Three are going on tour? Ladies? Lock up you kitty cats!

I would be happier if JPMorgan paid its share of taxes. But not supporting the election of traitors? Good start. Now where do they stand on the insurrectionists?

I like your thinking about thoughts and prayers. And now that the anti-vaxxers are using My Body My Choice... I think we need to remind them of that the next time they want to tell a woman what to do with hers.

SF Giants? Cool. Where's the pink? :) I wonder if any of the players are upset?

Tell Tuxedo #MoscowMitch doesn't need votes... he has Putin's backing.

Your barn is very very cute. Adorbs. And tell Carlos those shirts will come back in fashion and he can then sell those on eBay for big bucks!

Thanks for the feed. No MGT? Did she have to return to hell for a new set of batteries?

Bob said...

@ Moving with Mitchell
Since I have no memory of the Miami Chicken I’ll just say ‘Nope.’
Oh, he’s holding onto the shirts but I have added a Lose By Date to them for the ones he doesn’t ever wear!
Alex. Sigh.

@ Treaders
That Tweet says all we need to know about Cruz AND Thing 45.

@ Sixpence Notthewiser
The shed-barn does look nice, even without the grill.
It speaks volumes, LOUDLY, about the people of Texas that they vote for ignorant clueless asshats like Loonie.
If I get an address on Alex, I’ll let you know!

@ the dogs' mother
It’s a nice little outbuilding.

@ Jennifer
I don’t get how the GOP cares all about womb kids, but not actual children outside the womb.
The hypocrisy.
Thanks for calling it a “barn”!!

@ Dave R
He has that effect on people.

@ uptonking
Sadly, the sharks may take one bite of Ted and spit him out.
Alex is very pretty and likes being without clothes, which is always a plus!
Bar exam? Mental exam!!!
Yeah, it’s rapists on tour!!!
True about the taxes. Think of all we could get done if corporations and Bezos paid ANY TAX WHATSOEVER.
The GOP doesn’t want you dictating their healthcare when it comes to a global pandemic, but a woman cannot make her own healthcare choices,
I think the SF players are cool with the hew look; they have long been at the forefront of LGBTQ+ rights, especially for a sports ball team.
Yeah, Tucky missed the Putin Connection.
Hmmm, f Carlos thinks he can make a few coins, he might just thin the fashion herd!
I avoided any MTG bull shiz for the week. I needed the reset!

Travel said...

So many good things, and he is use to being tackled.

Bob said...

I think, secretly, he enjoys it.

Steve Reed said...

The shed looks fantastic! And WOW -- I don't know who @JoJoFromJerz is, but she NAILED it!