Monday, June 07, 2021


When we lived in Miami we lived under the thumb of an HOA [Homeowner’s Association]and it was brutal. Everything outside the fence, like the lawn, was the responsibility of the HOA, though we could do planting beds along the fence about two feet … and only two feet …wide, while everything behind the fence was ours and we could do whatever we wanted.

One year we had redone our courtyard patio at the front of the house and created a lovely path around the house to the backyard; it had a kind of Asian feel to it, and we noticed a neighbor had a new gate into his yard that looked Asian-inspired. And so we hired him to build a gate for us, and it turned out beautifully; we decided to paint the gate ed and I hired a woman who makes handmade tiles to do a tile mailbox for us. When it was all done, it was gorgeous … until the HOA told us we couldn’t have a red gate and that we needed to paint it the same color as the brown fence. We weren’t happy, but we did so, though we kept it red on the inside.

I loathe an HOA and we vowed to never live under one again, which brings me to this story …

A Reddit user, who lives in Wisconsin and goes by the username @memon17, posted about their Pride decoration in the subreddit MaliciousCompliance. In the post, they revealed that their HOA announced a new rule that allows homeowners to only fly the American flag on their properties, after some residents had put up Black Lives Matter flags, thin blue line flags to show police support and “other opinion flags”.

A day after the announcement, they received an email notifying them that someone had reported the Pride flag that they have displayed on their front porch since 2016, and that they needed to take it down; and so they did. But, after removing the flag, @memon17 looked through the new rules, only to discover that removable lights are permitted .. and so they purchased multi-colored lights to decorate their house in rainbow colors:

“We complied and removed the flag … [then] we bought six colored flood lights, and we washed our house in Pride colors. A little less subtle than our simple flag. A lot more fun for anyone complaining about the flag itself and what it represents.”

I think it looks gorgeous!

The clever bending of the rules has been met with hundreds of thousands of supportive comments, with many applauding the Reddit user for finding a way to show their support for the LGBTQ+ community and Pride month without a flag.

In a follow-up to the original post, the user added that they don’t hate their HOA, nor do they believe they changed the flag rule to “attack me personally,” but that they ultimately decided to decorate their home with rainbow-colored lights to “show [their] individuality while still following the rules”.

As for what they will do if their HOA updates the rule to also restrict lighting, the Reddit user joked that they would “have to paint the grass then.”

I’ll bring the paint.

Happy Pride.


Mistress Maddie said...

Thats is great! And a prime example of watch what you wish for!!!!! And I love their creativeness and still while still following the rules. At least the HOA can't say they broke a rule.

Our HOA is pretty easy leaning. The biggest thing is people have to have blinds or curtains, and not towels or bed sheets. And bikes, shoes and such can't be left by front I wont bitch.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Do the HOA think that flags look untidy? These organisations should understand that people are all individuals and cannot be tarred by the same brush or even the same brown paint.

Good for LGBT lighting - let there be light said god.

the dogs' mother said...

Very pretty house with all
the lights!
xoxo :-)

Treaders said...

That house looks great! We're obliged to have a Homeowners' Association (I'm the Treasurer - I write one cheque about every 3 years) and thank God it's very relaxed here. Our biggest "rule" is that we all get together for a couple of hours once a year to clean up the public areas - then we all have a party on the island in front of our homes. They're great fun - until the next day of course!

Dave R said...

HOA's are from hell, a small group of people seeking rigid conformity, a lot like the Republican Party... in fact, I do not doubt many members are Republicans.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

There's always a loophole! Good for them!

Steve Reed said...

That does look great! I can't believe that HOA rule about flags would stand up in court. Sounds like a blatant free speech violation.

Frank said...

Gay Lib is all about taking pride in non-conformity, not necessarily about breaking the rules, but if we must in good conscience break some unjust rules, we will.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

This is such a fantastic comeback. HOA can be hell. Those 'gated communities' are very Stepford Wives.
That house looks fantastic, BTW.


uptonking said...

That's a lovely story. As for HOA's? What is the benefit of living life that way? I'd rather put up with crappy neighbors I have than have anyone inform me that my lawn doesn't meet code. F that. Love that house, by the way - those lights. Oh, those clever, clever gays... :)

Bob said...

I love the win of it all.
And it looks beautiful.
We do not live in an HOA in Smallville, and we love it!

It’s rules. Stupid rules.

It’s a little Obama White House and I love it!!

That sounds like a good HOA, if there is such a thing!!

I think some might be good because they help keep the neighborhood clean, but not when they dictate what you can do to your home,

They found it and lit up their house!! YAYZ!

They only allow an American flag, so that speaks volumes.

Sadly, breaking HOA rules can lead to a fine and even a lawsuit. But I’m glad they found a loophole that is far more noticeable than a flag!

I love a really good win!

Having lived in one, I prefer not living in one. It’s too sterile.

VRCooper said...

Our HOA is 50/50...We are a small building here in Denver with about 38 units...Nothing fancy...No pool...Very little outside yard...Secured entry but no doorman...Can you believe that they sent out a notice saying that doormats are not allowed in the hallways...Fire hazard...I am too lazy to research but I am iffy on that...Over the years I have seen a few here and there...Trust me, if there is a fire no doormat is going to stop me...We only have about 6 units on a floor...

brewella deville said...

It's not "if" the HOA changes the rule about lighting, it's "when."

Moving with Mitchell said...

Brilliant response to the HOA's "deniable" racism and homophobia. And what a beautifully lit home!

Bob said...

I don't get doormat fire hazard, but .... nope, still don't get it.

Yeah, you got that right.

I does look purty, and gives me ideas for Casa Bob y Carlos!

Michael said...

What a great way around the rules. The house looks prideful!

Bob said...

Rules were made to be broken, and then lit up like a rainbow!!!

Travel said...

Remember the floral clocks of 50 years ago, they could plant the lawn in colorful plants

Bob said...

That's another great idea!