Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday Fun Day: First Married Kiss Goes Viral

I remember when Carlos and I got married … we’d flown out to Washington state, because that’s where my Dad lived and he wanted to be at the ceremony, and because South Carolina was about a month away from marriage equality.

We were married in a courtroom by a judge, with my Dad and a couple of witnesses; it was all very simple and kinda quick and easy except … I was worried about The Kiss.

My Dad wanted Carlos and I to get married; he wanted to be there. But a small part of me wondered how he would feel watching two men kiss, especially when one of the men was his own son.

Turns out my Dad didn’t watch the kiss; he was too busy photographing the kiss, so it seemed that my reservations were baseless because my Dad saw it through his camera lens and made sure there were plenty of pictures of the kiss.

And that may be why Spc. Shane Adriano and Pfc. Tristian Resz chose the Greene County Courthouse when they were married; they wanted an intimate spot for their small wedding — on February 11th — which was attended by the couple, a few friends and a judge.

But their “first married kiss” photograph took the internet by storm because the internet is neither small not intimate.

Adriano and Resz shared the photo on Facebook, and the American Military Partner Association saw it and they re-posted it; a few hours after that posting the picture was shared over 800 times and had some 4,400 ‘Likes’ and 215 comments.

One of those ‘shares’ was the LGBTQ group, Promoting Equality for all Missourians [PROMO] who shared it the day after the wedding, adding 1,400 ‘Likes’ and hundreds more comments. The Gay and Lesbian of the Ozarks Center [GLO] also found the photo and shared it … more ‘Likes’, more comments.

Shane Adriano says they’ve lost track of how many times the photo has been shared.
“It just keeps getting reshared. We had a little bit of negative comments on there, but I wasn’t even expecting that many people to like it and share it over and over again.”
Love is love; and a first kiss is a great thing to share and share and 'Like'.


anne marie in philly said...

2 cuties in love (these 2 + you and carlos)! makes ME smile!

Raybeard said...

Sweet - both of them. (Both photos, I mean!)

Mitchell is Moving said...

Aint love grand!?!

Fearsome Beard said...

Handsome couple. May they have many years of love, laughter and happiness.

the dogs' mother said...

:-) We will add our collection of 'likes' here!

Toni said...

Oh, love is in the air!

Mark in DE said...

I think its pretty common for US to have more reservations or hang-ups than the family/friends we don't want to offend. Lesson learned: just live your life.