Monday, February 08, 2016

Is Suicide Among LGBT Mormon's On The Rise After Their New Hate Policy Was Unveiled?

Last year the Mormon Church announced a whole new set of rules against The Gays, calling it a revelation from God that families shun their gay brothers and sisters, and sons and daughters, labels people in same-sex marriages “apostates,” and bars their children from being baptized until they’re 18 and disavow their parents’ relationships.

Yes, that’s a loving God, right?

And in that spirit of love — that’s sarcasm if you weren’t sure — a group of Mormon parents with LGBT children called Mama Dragons has reported that 33 church members ages 14-20 have committed suicide since that hateful policy was unveiled last November.

Now, Utah state health officials dispute Mama Dragons’ suicide tally, and even assuming it’s accurate, there is no way to verify that any or all of the deaths were linked to the anti-LGBT church policy, but when you are an LGBT member of a church that tells you you’re evil, treats you badly, and demands that your family and even your children shun you, the impact is immense.

Now, even before the new Hate Rules were announced, Utah had the fourth-highest rate of suicide in the country, and suicide was the Number One cause of death for children ages 10-17 in Utah. But even those numbers might be low because the families of LGBT Mormons typically don’t publicize their suicides to avoid the associated shame from fellow church members.

But … but … oddly enough, the Mormon Church has acknowledged the LGBT youth suicides:
“Every soul is precious to God and to the church and the loss of life to suicide is heartbreaking. Those who are attracted to others of the same sex face particular challenges and pressures in this regard, both inside and outside the church. We mourn with their families and friends when they feel life no longer offers hope.” — church spokesman Dale Jones
Excuse my French, but “Fuck you” comes to mind.
“Every soul is precious to God and to the church.”
But we will shun you, excommunicate you, and tell your families to disown you because you’re gay.

Keep your faith, wallow in it, but I wish I believed as you do so I could see your faces when you arrived in whatever Promised Land you think you’re headed to, and your version of “God” looks you in the eye, calls you a hater, and slams the door in your face.

Again, pardon my French, but “Fuck you.”


the dogs' mother said...

There are no words.

Helen Lashbrook said...

How parents can put their love of 'god' over their love for their own children beggars belief in my book