Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Judge Vance Day Is Found Unfit For The Job After Refusing To Marry Same-Sex Couples

Out in Oregon, when marriage equality became legal back in May of 2014, one judge, Judge Vance Day, refused to conform to the law, saying it violated his Christian beliefs. And if a same-sex couple asked Judge Day to officiate their wedding, he would instruct his staff to lie about his availability and direct them to another judge.

Huh, I guess his Christian beliefs don’t interfere with his ability to lie.

But Judge Day never denied that the was homophobic liar who hid behind the Bible rather than do the job for which he was elected, and handsomely paid, for all Oregonians because, as he said, same-sex couples were not denied their rights because another judge was always found to marry them. And then, when the media caught wind of his deception toward same-sex couples, Judge Day, in early 2015, stopped performing marriage weddings at all.

Nice try, judge. This week a judicial oversight panel that had been investigating complaints against Judge Day has recommended that the State Supreme Court remove him from the bench and accused Day of discrimination based on sexual orientation, among other serious charges.

The commission charges Judge Day “willfully” violated ten different rules of the Code of Judicial Conduct, including his refusal to officiate at the marriages of same-sex couples:
“Day asserts that this system of discrimination ‘accommodated’ same sex couples [but] the idea that a discriminatory practice is a positive ‘accommodation’ to those being discriminated against shows a deplorable lack of understanding of the most basic concepts of impartiality." 
In addition to his refusal to perform same-sex weddings, the commission also suggested removing Day from the bench for, soliciting money from lawyers appearing before him, for and allowing a convicted felon to handle a gun.

A spokesman for Judge Day provided the following statement:
"Judge Day and his legal team are disappointed with the Commission’s findings of fact and conclusions.  His attorneys had not been notified that a decision was imminent, and only learned of its release from the Commission news release.  Because of the late hour and the length of the decision, a full response will not be possible this evening.
The opinion is especially troubling because it disregards Judge Day’s First Amendment rights to freedom of religion, speech and association.  He will vigorously defend these rights, and his innocence of the remaining charges, before the Oregon Supreme Court.”
Oh Judge Day; you still have a right to freedom of religion and speech and association, but as an elected official, paid to represent all of the people of your state, you need to represent everyone and not just those whom you deem worthy.

Uh … buh-bye.


anne marie in philly said...

asshat! do your job or GTFO!

Toni said...

Bye-bye, Judge Vance!

the dogs' mother said...

I don't think there is any other duty people
refuse to do because of their religion...
Our latest here is the fellow who decided the
ferries should not be allowed to fly the
rainbow flag. sigh.

Mitchell is Moving said...

So happy to see that his Day has come ... and gone!