Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Brava, Jenny Adams, Brava!

We all get those mailers—especially in an election year—from unwanted candidates from that other party, and we don’t know what to do with them. Throw them in a landfill? Not good for Mother Earth. Burn them in a fire? Not so clean for the air we breathe.

What to do? Well, Jenny Adams, who received one of those unwanted mailings from Ted Cruz, whom Donald [t]Rump has called a liar, fraud, and election stealer, as well as a good choice for his Veep, and this is how she responded:
Dear Senator Ted Cruz,
I'm not sure how you got my email, since I'm a registered Democrat. But you emailed me, asking for a donation and even including a handy, $5,000 quick pay option.
In response to your request for a donation, I'd like to make a public reply.
Here goes:
I loathe our current gun laws. I want them changed for the six-year-olds gunned down in Sandy Hook as much as for the kids forced to join gangs in Englewood, Chicago just to survive.
I'm all for ANY refugees finding a new home here in America because freedom from persecution is ... well ... the definition of American. When you have a problem, you should build a longer dinner table, not a taller fence.
I'm not a Christian. I'm a very spiritual, spiritually-unaffiliated American. Your church is your choice, but it does not belong in any government affairs. You should be speaking at a podium. Stop making it a pulpit.
Marriage is a document, Senator. It's a document that in Biblical times could be between an 11 year old slave child and a 67 year old man. You could also beat that 11 year old without punishment back then, too.
Today, marriage is still just a document. But love throughout the history of love's existence has known no bounds. I support my LGBT community with all the love I have, and they should be able to do whatever they want in terms of documents, just like the rest of us. If you don't like gay marriage, then don't get gay married. No need to feel so conflicted.
It was 65 degrees yesterday ... in New York City ... in February. The globe is warming, Senator. It's called Global Warming. It's confirmed by NASA.
Maybe this will help. Let's call it Satan punishing us for our sins and the only way to fix it is to stop polluting. Will that help you come around on this? Shit is dire.
Planned Parenthood does not sell baby brains on the black market and defunding it would create the need for more abortions, as well as send a spike in the ovarian cancer and breast cancer rates in our lower income families due to lack of early detection.
I have a vagina, Senator Cruz. You and I don't even know each other. My vagina is not your business. I do not govern your testicular activities. Nor would I ever try if I ran for office because that would just be absurd, right?
In closing ...
I'm an educated human. These things I feel are backed up by education, scientific fact, our constitution, the foundations of what our country stands for, the separation of church and state and just being a good and loving human to the other humans on the planet.I will not give you $5,000 or even a single penny I find in the street.
You haven't earned my respect, my trust as a leader, or my vote. I say this every ounce of feeling that I have. Senator Ted Cruz ... please lose my email and then the election.
Jenny Adams
I have decided to keep this letter as we are in the midst of South Carolina’s primary and I hope I get a letter from Cruz and his ilk … or even better, a phone call.

Yeah, a phone call would be good, too.


anne marie in philly said...


Michael Dodd said...

My husband likes to keep crazy Republican phone callers on the line as long as possible so that they cannot call other people and stir up hate and votes.

Sadie J said...


Professor Chaos said...

"please lose my email and then the election."
Slow clap. . . clap, clap clap, standing ovation. . .

the dogs' mother said...

Political letters go in the shredder and then the recycling bin.
I like trees and I'm doing my part for them. :-)

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

This. Was. Brilliant. !!

"please lose my email and then the election." BAHAHAHA

Mitchell is Moving said...

Oh how I wish I could put words and thoughts together like Jenny Adams. I'll hold onto the letter! Thanks for sharing.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Jenny Adams clearly is a human being with human emotions; Ted Cruz is the opposite of everything I and Jenny Adams stand for.

Ted Cruz has the empathy of a robot....probably even less than the new robots built to care for those who cannot care for themselves. $5,000? I wouldn't give him the time of day....even if I wore a watch.

Greg said...

She should be running for something...mayor, senator, something!

Susan said...

Exceptional. Thanks so much for sharing!

Fearsome Beard said...

I'm a registered democrat, as well as a known homosexual, and I also received a letter soliciting money via post just last week. His fundraising has no barriers.

Jenny Adams said...

Oh my gosh!

So, I just stumbled across this when I was googling my name trying to find another article I'd written.

Thank you so much for the repost! I'm so flattered and love that the comments are really sweet too. I also write a humor blog about travel at www.BuddhaDrinksFanta.com if anyone's interested in checking it out.

Jenny Adams