Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Bernie Tells A Climate Change Denying Teen What's What

So, we’ve had some weird weather here in Smallville lately. We haven’t really had a winter, though we did have a few days of very cold temperatures; one Saturday a week or so ago, we had a light dusting of snow and the next weekend it was in the seventies. I went from sweaters and long pants and jackets and scarves to shorts and flip-flops in a matter of days.

So, yeah, what’s all this talk about climate change?

Well, let’s let Bernie Sanders take this one … at an event in Iowa last week, a young girl, obviously looking for a job with Fox News or a mentorship with Ann Coulter, stood up and asked a question of Bernie:
From looking at the evidence I’ve seen the last few years, I haven’t seen any actual scientific evidence that global warming is actually happening.
Since Bernie doesn’t play games, doesn’t double-speak, and doesn’t sugarcoat, he replied:
“Thank you for your question. You’re wrong. I appreciate your point of view, but I absolutely believe that climate change is real, it is caused by human activity and we need to transform our energy system away from fossil fuel.”
The fact remains that the international scientific community overwhelmingly agrees that climate change is a real and is caused by anthropogenic activities, and is starting to cause irreversible harm to our planet, including increased prevalence and severity of droughts — like California’s years long drought; stronger hurricanes — and hurricanes forming in December; floods, blizzards — as in 30 inches of snow in New Jersey in a single day; and wildfires. And let’s not even talk about the actual rising of sea levels …

Perhaps, since the GOP is so sure that climate change is fake, that’s why republicans want to cut funding to schools. Keep the younger generation stupid and in line and they’ll stop all this nonsense about global warming … or get a job at Fox or get elected to Congress.


the dogs' mother said...

24 this morning :-)
going to be jealous of your weather!

Bob Slatten said...

Don't be too jealous ... thunderstorms and tornadoes this afternoon!

Professor Chaos said...

Love Bernie!
But honestly, I wish he would have left out the words "I absolutely believe. . ." Global warming isn't a belief, it's science. It's a fact.

But I still love Bernie!

Raybeard said...

There's been a bit of a debate here recently about the BBC who, whenever there's an item about climate change on a news programme or factual documentary, they always seem to have the need to have someone on giving a contrary POV, in order to show themselves as being 'balanced'- and it's nearly always a non-scientist, usually a politician or someone from big business.
I think that something upwards of 95% of true scientists accept that climate change is a reality and that it's largely caused by man's own actions - and that is what I'm more inclined to accept rather than someone opining from the viewpoint of their own vested interests. By all means have someone on now and again disclaiming that climate change is not real, pointing to their proof that this is the case, but let it be proportional. I know who I prefer to trust.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Apart from the nature of the Republican base which would query anything anybody said who was not one of us (and that would certainly include their friend Jesus) the main problem as I see it is that the issue was originally labelled global warming instead of climate change.

Yes, some places have got colder while others get warmer, but that does not make climate change untrue. Here in the midlands we've only had a couple of frosts this winter instead of ice, snow and all the rest of that hateful stuff that winter brings and this is not the first year this has happened, so if you don't want proof of climate change don't come talk to me.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Sadly, I don't think he gave the greatest response to the girl -- although what he said is of course true. My sense is she's probably of the ilk that thinks if there are still snowballs in South Dakota (or Washington D.C. etc.) then the "evidence" refutes Global Warming because it's not warm outside.