Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Yup, Jeb Is Dumb

Ever since president Obama began working toward healthcare for all Americans, we’ve heard all sorts of ridiculous claims by the GOP as to what it really means.

“Death panels!” cried the Mama Grizzly Bore™.

“The worst thing since slavery!” wailed “doctor” Ben Carson.

“My friend died because of Obamacare!” moaned Ann Coulter.

And now Jeb Bush, fast becoming The Dumbest Bush Ever, is trying to use his Apple Watch in an attack on the affordable Healthcare Act:
“On this device in five years will be applications that will allow me to manage my health care in ways that five years ago weren’t even possible.”
Well, that might be true because those gadgets have all sorts of apps and more are developed every minute but … then he said:
“Obamacare makes that journey [monitoring one's health] even harder. It’s so complex and so big.”
So, wait, what? The watch, or the FitBit or whatever, which can help you monitor your health has something to do with healthcare, Jeb?

No. it doesn’t. In fact, the watch or other device, while it can be used to, say, monitor the blood sugar of a diabetic, does nothing for the wearer if they don’t have healthcare so they can get the treatment they need. The two do not go hand-in-hand, and yet Jeb Bush is trying to connect them somehow.

I think of it like this: the ACA comes around and now I have access to health insurance, and I get an Apple Watch, or a similar device, and it monitors my health, and then I use my insurance to go see a doctor; gadgets that help Americans monitor their health combined with the Affordable Care Act makes the law even more effective.

It seems simple, but not to the simple-minded like Jeb Bush, The Dumb One.


the dogs' mother said...

I need a little gnome in my fridge to whack me upside the head if I even think about eating bad.

viktor kerney said...

I expected better, but I see I was wrong

Biki Honko said...

The GOP is never going to ever give President Obama one thin shred of respect for anything he has accomplished in office.

Mitchell is Moving said...

So, bizarre. I've always known Jeb Bush had an energy saver bulb, but I thought that he was the smartest member of the Bush family... well... the least stupid one. Turns out, they all came out of a box of matching light bulbs!

Frank said...

What they all fail to mention is that the Congress (Republicans) took Obama's original proposal for Universal Health Care, made mince meat out of it and then labeled it "Obamacare" so that they could point to their piece of trash legislation and put all the blame on him for whatever wasn't working.

Because it was better than the Republican "No-Care Plan", Obama signed the Affordable Care Act.

It really is somewhat complicated, especially in those states that refused federal Medicaid assistance and did not set up their own access system.

Our US health care system IS a NIGHTMARE. Ask anyone who is forced by their insurance company to purchase specialty medications mail-order from Express Scripts/Accredo - a company that is so incompetent that many people actually run out of meds waiting for them to find a fax from the MD, requiring multiple redundant scripts from doctors, transferring calls,waiting weeks to fill a prescription. The company is a NIGHTMARE all on its own, more so when combined with the requirements of the insurance industry - once a "Non-Profit" service - but once it was allowed to go public and have shareholders it became a greed-driven industry. When profit determines how and how much health care is provided to a consumer, then IT BECOMES EQUIVALENT TO THE DEATH PANELS the Republicans said were going to emerge because of the ACA. People DIE as others profit.

Health Care is too complicated: Ask anyone who must deal with state assistance programs that intersect with insurance company coverage. Ask anyone who has been canceled because the insurance company did not credit their payments properly.

OH, unless you have the top of the line insurance like members of Congress.

Don't get me started. (You already did) Health Care and INSURANCE push my buttons like nothing else.

Helen Lashbrook said...

It worries me that this is the model that our government is working towards, when we have one of the world's best healthcare models already; the 0.01% driving over the rights of the rest of us