Friday, May 15, 2015

Texas GOP Thwarted In Passing Anti-Marriage Equality Legislation

Well well well, it appears that those wacky Texas Republicans, who tried to find a way to defy the Supreme Court, should SCOTUS legalize same-sex marriage, got hit in the “gentles” last night when time expired on a bill that would prohibit government employees from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

The Republicans had until midnight to pass the measure in the House — which they control — but the bill never even reached a vote because the Democrats stalled and stalled to keep the bill at the back of the line until time ran out.

“We’re sending a message to Texas that this is worth fighting for. We’re not in the majority. We don’t control the ship. But we can help to steer it in the right direction.” — Celia Israel, a Democrat of course, and one of two openly gay members of the Texas House
Representative Cecil Bell, a Republican of course, filed this bill to prohibit state and local officials from giving marriage licenses to same-sex couples, and even after losing last night he will not give up his fight because, well, Republican.

So, it was a win for The Gays, but the battle is far from over in Texas, where everything is bigger even the level of crazy, and with the Texas Legislature less than three weeks from adjourning, Republicans have accelerated legislation that LGBT rights activists consider hostile — and illegal — so the battleground is set, again and again.


Biki Honko said...

Asshat GOP'ers!!! But then what should we expect from them, besides gold star asshatery?

the dogs' mother said...

Dear Texas, it is so much more relaxing to be an equality state.

Helen Lashbrook said... - Bob thought this hypocrisy would appal you as much as it appals me