Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Architecture Wednesday: Silver Bay

Silver Bay sits at Shelley Point on the West Coast Peninsula of South Africa, facing East overlooking the bay and the mountains just beyond the small Swartland town of Aurora.

The home is formed by three connected conditions:

The first is the elevated entrance which places the living spaces on the upper level and the bedrooms and playroom on the lower level. This allows the living spaces to maximize the views of the bay.

The second issue is the prevailing South-Easterly wind; since the views are in that direction, the challenge was to design a large set of sliding doors that allow for the maximum view.

The third issue is the sun on the North side, so the pool was positioned in a courtyard on the Northern face that captures sun for the house and also creates a wind free outdoor space that can be enjoyed year round.

The upper floor, the living space, is basically a single space holding the pool courtyard, an elevated entrance hall, a kitchen with a large table. and a living-dining room, though the L-shaped space is broken up by level changes to create a sense of distinctly different spaces. A conical fireplace flue made is a visual element around which the spaces pivot, the rusted surface reflecting the coastal environment. The thatched roof is supported on a perimeter I-beam, with the timber tie beams replaced by steel tie rods that allow for a more open space.

On the lower level, the off-shutter concrete slabs form the ceilings and retain rust marks from the steel that was laid in the slab and the chalk markings of the contractor. The simple cellular bedrooms have serrated façades that allow for large corner windows to maximize views, and a curtain track allows the rooms to be encased in darkness at night.

It’s a modern take on an ancient beach hut; a little rustic; a little modern; all the amenities.


John Gray said...

Not my style ( no dog hair) but truely beautiful

Bob Slatten said...

Yeah, it does kinda have that No Pets Allowed look to it!

mistress maddie said...

The jury is out on this one.....not sure what I think yet. I'll have a gin whilst I have another look see.