Thursday, May 07, 2015

Random Musings

So, anti-abortion activist Randall Terry is claiming that he has been receiving death threats from someone in a Texas town not far from the Geller shootings:

"Coincidence? God knows."

And so now, because it’s the new ‘It’ thing to do, Terry has started a GoFundMe to raise $200,000 to protect himself and his family from these Muslims.

Seriously? A money beg?

Sidenote: I was flipped off the other day by a hillbilly in a pickup, so I’ve started my own GoFundMe page to help raise some money for therapy to get over it; and by ‘therapy,’ I mean tequila so I only need about thirty bucks … Help me!
This is rich …

There’s an outbreak of Chlamydia at a high school in the Crane Independent School District in Texas that has forced administrators to send a warning notes home to parents. As of now, there are twenty reported cases of the STD, meaning that 1 in 15 students at the school is infected.

Talk about an STD Petri dish, but I digress …

What’s really rich about this story is that the high school offers a three-day sexual education course once a year that emphasizes abstinence but that Crane ISD "does not offer a curriculum in human sexuality.

So they don’t tell kids how to protect themselves should they have sex, they just tell them not to have sex, and then keep their STD doctors on speed dial when the Chlamydia Outbreak occurs.
Well, this week, after returning from Miami, we took Carlos’ car in to have that pesky engine light checked and it turned out that it was a bad gas cap that affected the sensors in the gas tank and flicked on the light. But then my car needed some servicing, too, after having 1500 miles put on her in a week, and so she went in for some new rotors and pads — whatever that means — and that was another added expense.

Then there was MaxGoldberg.

One night, while getting ready to go to sleep, Max came onto the bed and sat by my head. He kept twisted his head and licking the inside of his mouth — if you’ve ever seen Grimm and seen a hexenbiest change, you know how Max looked.

Well, I thought nothing about it; food caught in his teeth maybe, but the next morning, after his breakfast, he was still doing it, and then drooling a lot, and then drooling blood. Off the vet — funny side note: MaxGoldberg in the cat carrier, howling so loudly that he sounded like a police siren — and it was determined that one of Max’s fangs had bent and every time he closed his mouth it was gutting his tongue and gums; it was also determined that the other fang was loose and might do the same damage.

Now, MaxGoldberg is fang-less; healing nicely, but fang-less.

Other Sidenote: how lucky am I to have Carlos because the vet called with the diagnosis and the cost of tooth extraction and sedation and blahblahblah and quoted a price well over $700! Carlos shrieked, and said he wouldn’t pay that and in an instant the price suddenly dropped to a hair over $400.

I would have never thought to bargain; I would have forked over my credit card and then maybe thought about not eating for a month to pay that bill.

Four-hundred is still a lot of money, but Max is one of our babies and well worth it.
So, I love me some BBC America, and this week I tuned into Ripper Street, sort of a police procedural that takes place in Whitechapel, in London, around the time of Jack Attacks.

Now, the show isn’t about The Ripper, just about that area, but it does star a couple of hotties: Matthew Macfadyen as Detective Inspector Edmund Reid, and Adam Rothenberg as Captain Homer Jackson, a flamboyantly dressing American doctor.

So far one episode in, I’m liking the show and, as always, the Man Candy.
Another MaxGoldberg Sidenote:

I was still at work when Carlos picked Max up that night, but I called home to see how he was doing. No answer. I figured they weren’t home yet, so I waited and called another time …

Well, actually, I called nine times in forty-five minutes.

Carlos wondered if I would call the house that mush if it was him coming home from the hospital.

I wondered about that, too …
I’m just gonna say it: People are stupid.

I mean, how else do you explain that when the story broke that an aide to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was pleading guilty in Bridge Gate that all hell would break loose because of the headline:

“Christie Ally Expected To Plead Guilty”

Twitter exploded with the news that Kirstie Alley was going to jail.

Seriously; people are dumb.
Well, I kinda already knew this …

Irish men have just been voted the Sexiest Men In The World according to, a US-based travel and dating website.

In second place, but trailing by over 1,000 votes were Australians, followed by Pakistani men, American men and English men.

I could ‘a told y’all that … case in point:

First we had Marco Rubio announcing his run at the White House with an ode to Game of Thrones and now Scott Walker is channeling a little Star Wars — dubbing himself Scottwalker — as he readies for his ill-fated campaign.

Seriously? Grown-assed men, running for the highest office in the land, channeling TV shows as their jump-off point?

Grow the eff up already.
Carlos and I are being sued. Oy! And, well, it seriously looks like we’re going to lose because the facts in the case are irrefutable: we’re homosexuals.

See, an Omaha woman, sixty-six-year-old Sylvia Driskell, who says she is an ambassador for God and the Baby Jeebus, is suing all homosexuals and is asking a federal judge to decide whether homosexuality is a sin.

Driskell contends “that homosexuality is a sin and that they [The Homosexuals] know it is a sin” because “why else would they have been hiding in the closet(?)”

Oh lordy, someone needs to lay hands on this woman and it looks like it is that federal judge, John Gerrad, because he has refused to allow Sylvia to be a legal spokestool for God and his son, Jesus Christ.

Whoosh! Time to put that cash back in the bank accounts!


anne marie in philly said...

get well soon, max!

lots and lots of asshattery this week, isn't there?

the dogs' mother said...

Kitty-kisses to Max (even from Abby!)

Sadie J said...

Well, Sylvia has nice handwriting, but she needs to work on her punctuation. And her sanity.

Blobby said...

Like Kirsty Ally could ever fit on the GWB - get real!

Poor Max - I hope he's doing ok. And I'm with you, I'd sacrifice many a thing for a vet bill.

Helen Lashbrook said...

You think you've got problems? We've got to pay for that baby!

Debbie said...

Loved the entire post but especially happy to hear that Max is ok. Poor kitty.