Monday, May 18, 2015

Nancy Gordeuk Has Been Fired

Y’all remember Nancy Gordeuk, founder of the TNT Academy, and her racist remarks at a graduation ceremony last week that were caused by the Devil—see post HERE.

Well, Nancy has been fired.

And even though she was the founder of the school, and its principal, she was voted out, according to Heidi Anderson, chair of the board of directors at TNT Academy, who sent a letter to the Gwinnett County NAACP that the board voted to dismiss school director Nancy Gordeuk:
“In light of recent events, the board of directors of TNT Academy has moved to dismiss Nancy Gordeuk as principal. During the coming transition, we will continue to prioritize support for our most recent graduates. Moreover, we will continue our commitment to providing students with the best educational classes, transcription services, and academic credit recovery possible.”
Bye Felicia.


the dogs' mother said...

Good luck to them. Will be a graduation none of those kids will ever forget.

Carl's Laptop said...

The devil made her do it.

Biki Honko said...


anne marie in philly said...

will she now say the devil fired her sorry ass? IDIOT!

Raybeard said...

That's right, get Satan pilloried - and while you're at it get God in the picture too. Their voices often seem to be very much the same when filtered through nutcases like this one.
Meanwhile, let us atheists take responsibility for what we say on ourselves without looking for a scapegoat, celestial or otherwise.