Friday, May 29, 2015

I Didn't Say It ...

Taye Diggs, who will be taking on the role of trans East German rock star Hedwig on Broadway in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, on letting his "inner homosexual" out:

I mean I went through a stage where I was a drag queen in high school in 10th and 11th grade. I experienced with homosexuality and ass play and so outside of that…I worked the streets…male prostitution — I’m kidding — [but] I have a flaming homosexual inside of me so I’m raring to let that out."

Oh Taye, you played me! I was thinking of you as a hot male prostitute, drag queen homosexual and that was almost too much.
Still, Taye Diggs; hot; hot; and hot.
Jon Stewart, on those “religious freedom” bills:

"It seems like gay marriage looms a lot larger in the minds of certain conservatives than it does in the Bible. And the only thing I would say is, don’t they sell cakes to sinners all the time? Adulterers? When you come in do you go 'I'd like a cake,' and they go 'Do you use the name of the Lord in vain?' How do you figure that out? It feels disingenuous."

Um, because it is; it’s homophobia and bigotry plain and simple, when you use your “Bible” to discriminate against one group of people, er, sinners, I’m guessing, while all the other sinners get a pass.
Cleve Jones, LGBT activist, marking Harvey Milk's 85th birthday:

"As I look back over the decades, I marvel at the progress our community has made in achieving our rights and know that Harvey would be proud. And as we wait for the Supreme Court’s decision on marriage equality, I know that Harvey would remind us that our struggle is not yet won — no matter what the court decides."

This will be a huge victory, no doubt, but we still I have gender inequality, workplace and housing discrimination, religious discrimination to fight against.
The war is not over, but we might be close to winning a big battle!
Karen Carter Peterson, Louisiana state senator, on Governor Bobby Jindal’s "religious freedom" executive order:

"We've heard him talk about how he feels about executive orders, but those are at the federal level. He don't like those. But today it's okay to just ignore the House and the clear rejection of something that's just not good for our state. He didn't even have the courage to testify before the House, but he wants to roll out a press release saying what he's going to do through executive action. But guess what he did have time to do? To start running commercial, not here in New Orleans, or Baton Rouge, or Monroe - he ran a religious freedom commercial in Iowa. Are you kidding me? Why don't you roll some commercials out on how to fix this nightmare that you've created right here in Louisiana? This is ridiculous.”

Bobby Jindal is just pandering and scheming and misrepresenting his own party, and his own state, for his own personal need to be president, which, let’s be queer, ain’t never gonna happen.
Evan Wolfson, head of Freedom To Marry, on Ireland’s vote for marriage equality:

"With a nationwide landslide in favor, Ireland now becomes the first country in the world to pass the freedom to marry by popular referendum, as well as the 21st nation and the 10th predominantly Catholic country in which same-sex couples can marry. … The global momentum for the freedom to marry reflects and reinforces the progress we are making here in the United States – and we look now to the Supreme Court to bring our country to national resolution, following Ireland’s good example." 

It’s time.
Frank Bruni, in the New York Times, on Catholics and same-sex marriage:

"Take a look at this list of countries: Belgium, Canada, Spain, Argentina, Portugal, Brazil, France, Uruguay, Luxembourg and Ireland. Name two things that they have in common. They don’t share a continent, obviously. Or a language. But in all of them, the Roman Catholic Church has more adherents, at least nominally, than any other religious denomination does. And all of them belong to the vanguard of 20 nations that have decided to make same-sex marriage legal."

That’s the part that amazes me most of all: that these predominantly Catholic countries are defying their churches and Pope Frankie and demanding LGBT equality.
And yet here in America lotsa gay folks can’t even get a wedding cake in places where it’s legal.
The march goes on.


the dogs' mother said...

It seems like discrimination is the hill upon these folks have built their forts. Why equality marriage? Why not helping children raised in poverty? Why not helping all of those addicted to drugs (which causes a lot of children raised in poverty and shoved into foster care), what about helping those foster care kids who are cut loose at 18 with college and trade school scholarships. I could go on and on and on.

anne marie in philly said...

great stories this week, bob! FORWARD!

Bob Slatten said...

I know, right? After all those Duggar stories and bad pastor stories, i needed some good news!

Biki Honko said...

Bigots confuse me. I do not understand hating someone for the color of their skin, their gender, their religion, or their sexuality or gender identity. And out of all those that I listed, only one, religion, can be changed. You are hating a person for something innate as to who the person is. If they feel the need to hate on someone, hate them for qualities that they do have control over.

Raybeard said...

Mr Diggs has been catching my eye every time since I noticed his first screen appearance, though they have been far too rarified, it must be admitted. To say that this latest bit of soul-revealing was unexpected is understating it - but now that it's out.....WOW!

Papa John Paul II must be spinning in his tomb at what's happened in Ireland. To think that just 30 years ago, on the first ever-papal visit there, he got on his knees and kissed the Oirish soil (or, rather, the tarmac runway at Dublin airport) in gratitude for that country having retained so strongly 'The One, True Faith' while the rest of the world was going to the Devil in a handcart! Oh, the pity of it! (Tee hee!)