Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Minute Rant:Robert Oscar Lopez, Hate-monger, Fear-spreader

Robert Oscar Lopez is that rare bird, The Homocon, AKA The Gay Conservative. Now, I can forgive a gay conservative, sometimes, but Lopez is so self-loathing, and so anti-gay, that forgiveness is next to impossible and I’ll tell you why.

Last month Lopez filed a SCOTUS brief in which he opposed same-sex marriage because gay people have been been mean to him; the month before that, Lopez declared that gay activists are home-wreckers and that gay parents are terrorists.

In December 2014 Lopez filed an amicus brief with the Eleventh Circuit Court in which he opposed Florida marriage because gays have been telling lies about him.

In September 2014 Lopez compared the Human Rights Campaign to the Khmer Rouge, and then petitioned the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to stop gay marriage in Texas because he used to be a prostitute.

In April 2014 Lopez filed an amicus brief in support of Virginia's ban on same-sex marriage, and a month earlier he claimed that gay men are turning surrogate mothers into breeding slaves.

In 2013, in addition to appearing on stage at an anti-gay Manif Pour Tous rally in France that was supported by neo-Nazis, Lopez testified against LGBT equality before several state legislatures and co-signed an anti-gay brief to the Supreme Court in support of DOMA.

Yeah, he’s a peach, isn’t he?

But just last week Lopez compared the children of gay parents to the Japanese-Americans interned during World War II:
"Over time, there is no doubt that there will be at least 100,000 citizens, probably well over 500,000, placed into same-sex homes entirely or predominantly because of the state’s response to demands for expanded marriage rights from gay lobbying organizations. These citizens will not have chosen to be deprived of a parent of one gender and subjected to the authority of an additional guardian of the other gender – these are citizens for whom the choice will have been made by the government (a government run by an older generation), when they were infants, or not even born yet, and had no way to consent to or understand what was being done to them. A sizable number of these citizens could come together and document losses, damages, or 'pain and suffering' incurred because they were forced to grow up in a same-sex parenting home as opposed to a home with a mother and father. If this ends in a reparations trial decades down the line, we can’t say there weren’t ample warning signs of what was to come."
It’s bad enough fighting bigots and homophobes, but when one of our own comes out against us with his credulous lies and half-truths and innuendoes, it’s just sad. It’s sad that he can’t see he is being used by bigots and homophobes to spread hate and fear about our community because he happens to be gay, and if he’s gay and says gay people are terrorists and horrible people and don’t deserve equality, well than, maybe we don’t.

One day, maybe, Robert Oscar Lopez will be able to accept himself, and love himself, but I’m guessing that’s a long way off, and if it does ever happen, he’ll have to go on an Apology Tour to end all Apology Tours.

I won’t be attending, though, because Robert Oscar Lopez is the worst kind of gay, and, to paraphrase my second favorite TV judge, I wouldn’t believe a word he said if his tongue came notarized.


the dogs' mother said...

oh. my.

Biki Honko said...

So much self hate in this one...wow.

Master Markus said...

Why even BE gay if all you're going to do with it is hate everyone? Why is he not identifying as one of those "reformed gays"?