Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Good Pastor Is Not Charged With Rape Because His Victim Is "Intellectually Challenged"

Well, in keeping with the Good Christians Who Are Sexual Predators theme that began yesterday with Josh Duggar, pedophile and child abuser, let’s talk Pastor David ‘Scott’ Lemley  that's him up there.

Lemley, a Louisiana pastor at New Harmony Baptist Church, will not face charges of rape even though he had sex on multiple occasions with an “intellectually limited woman” at the request of her father. Yup, Daddy asked the Pastor to schtup his daughter, a twenty-year-old woman with the mental capacity of a seven-year-old.

The story broke when the girl’s father was arrested back in November 2013 on multiple sex charges, including aggravated rape and, while in custody, confessed that he’d had sex with his own child.

He was not convicted of sexual molestation of his child, or even rape of his child, but instead he plead guilty to a lesser charge of “cruelty to a juvenile.” He’s out on probation now, but after his arrest the news of yet another rapist who took advantage of this girl came to light.

Pastor Lemley was arrested in March of this year, after an investigation into allegations that the girl’s father — the rapist and the pedophile — also coerced his daughter into having sex with the Good pastor because his wife was “ill” and “bedridden.”

The Pastor raped the girl, and yet Louisiana prosecutors have announced that aggravated rape charges against Pastor Lemley were dropped, due to the determination that the crime did not meet the standard laid out in the Louisiana criminal statute.

You see, in the bassackwards state of Louisiana, that disabled victim must have a disability that prevented her from being able to resist her Pastor rapist in order for prosecutors to bring charges of sexual assault.

And even though this girl has the mental age of a seven-year-old, state law says that since she did not resist her Pastor rapist — and was not so severely impaired that she could not resist her Pastor rapist — no crime was committed.

A representative of the District Attorney’s office put it like this:
“The provision of Louisiana’s aggravated rape statute under which Lemley was arrested states that the crime occurs when the victim is prevented from resisting the act “because the victim suffers from a physical or mental infirmity preventing such resistance.”
So, all you rapists and pedophiles and perverts in Louisiana, it’s open season on the ‘intellectually disabled’ because it’s legal to use a disabled person with the mental capacity of a small child to get your rocks off, just as long as the victim doesn’t try and resist you.
Sick yet? It gets worse.

Since his arrest, the Good Pastor Lemley has taken to slandering the victim … the victim … in the media, and telling his congregation — and let’s not even go into why anyone still sits in his church — that this mentally challenged girl is a liar who “makes up stories.”

To be clear, the prosecutors say they didn't drop the case because the victim fabrictaed the tale, but because of that ridiculous statute on the books. And since Lemley escaped prosecution due to a loophole in Louisiana law, he is also saying — like Josh Duggar — that God has forgiven him.

Actually, Pastor, She hasn’t; everyone knows you’re a rapist who gets your rocks off by forcing yourself on “intellectually challenged” girls because your wife is not feeling well.

Even that “intellectually challenged” girl knows you’re a rapist.
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Raybeard said...

And this is an individual who'll pontificate about other people's deficient morality? Stone the crows! - or, better still, HIM!

the dogs' mother said...

There are no words....

Mitchell is Moving said...

What "the dogs' mother" said....

Susan said...

This is one of the most difficult posts I have ever read. Sickening.

anne marie in philly said...


Sadie J said...

No words... just no words.

Helen Lashbrook said...

How can these people sleep at night? And I include the Louisiana DA and his staff in this. As for the congregation of the rapist's church.....what can you say for people stupid enough to believe that a child with the mental age of seven, and she is a child whatever her physical age, can stop someone having sex with her? Susan is right; this is sickening

jadedj said...

This sort of crap just goes on, and on, and on. I too have to agree with "the dogs' mother".

Biki Honko said...

So, a "woman" who is mentally 7 is supposed to be able to fight her rapist off for him to be arrested for rape? She's SEVEN! He should be tried for raping a child, not a woman!

Master Markus said...

Just put him in prison, goddammit! Everyone can see he did something wrong!
Not to mention that I'm sure some of the people in prison are interested in showing him just how wrong he is.