Thursday, May 14, 2015

Random Musings

Look, there isn’t a chance in Hell I’d vote Republican — especially not with what we see of the GOP today — but I seriously wish these bunch of morons who wanna be Prez in 2016 would stop telling us how bad Hillary is and start telling us what they would do if elected.
Wow, look what storm chasers in eastern Colorado saw last Saturday afternoon!
In related news, a young girl’s house lifted off the ground in neighboring Kansas and she and her little dog have not been seen since.

If you know of her whereabouts, please contact Aunt Em.
A new study by the Pew Research Center finds that the number of Americans identifying as Christian has fallen by 8% since 2007; a decline of five million. Now, the study doesn't reveal why this is happening but I have an idea:

Religion, at least most organized religions, are not inclusive, but exclusive, and most people are tired to that; they’re tired of being told to hate The Gays, to deny women equality. They’re tired of the hypocrisy and yet, on the other hand, non-Christian faiths like Judaism, Islam and Hinduism remain unchanged, or showing growth.

Something to ponder.
So, American Idol ended this week. That show has been on life support since Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood won, and finally Fox is pulling the plug … at the end of next season.

Oh the suffering … Pull the plug already!
George Zimmerman has once again been involved in violence, this time in a 'Road Rage' shooting incident where he was shot in the face and sustained minor injuries.

And none of this would have happened had that jury found him guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin because he did murder Trayvon.
I cannot help but feel that most of That Woman’s reluctance to talk about her ex-husband Bruce Jenner’s transition to female is because she knows Bruce will make a more attractive woman that she ever has; just saying.
That’s what Donald Rump — not a misspelling — said after that Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia this week.

Yup, he stood on the backs of the injured and the dead to tout himself as the best candidate for president.

F**king go away.
So, I loves me some Law & Order: SVU. And that show has always had a fairly hot detective, like Christopher Meloni and Danny Pino. But they recently added Peter Scanavino as detective Sonny Carisi and when he first appeared I was all ‘Meh.’

But something happened over the course of the season, and now, well, he tickles my, um, Funny Bone, as it were. Just sayin’.
Did Tom Brady know? Was he involved? Should he have been suspended?

I don’t know or care, but I do know his smug response to the report that perhaps, maybe, he might have known something, really showed off his arrogance and so I’m glad he got punished, and I hope it sticks.

Pompous bastard.
You cannot write this stuff …

Chris Christie spent $360,000 from his state allowance during his five years in office and more than 80% of that money — $300,000 — was used to buy food, alcohol and desserts; abd all this was in addition to his $175,000 a year salary.

His most notable spending sprees occurred during the 2010 and 2011 NFL football seasons, at MetLife Stadium, where where Christie likes to ‘entertain’ his friends … Corn Dog and Beer.
Special Request: People, please, for the love of the Baby Jeebus, please stop saying, ‘It is what it is,’ as an excuse.

It’s just about the dumbest response ever and my head is about to explode over it.

Stop it.


Anonymous said...

How do you KNOW that Zimmerman murdered Martin, when a legal grand jury said there was insufficient evidence? We all agree the death was tragic, we all agree that Zimmerman is not the most cuddly person in the world, but time to let go of that whole horrible episode.

mistress maddie said...

Christie, I'll have you know, single handedly, keeps the food industry afloat in Jersey. Its at a all time high. I had no idea American Idol was still on. I'm bad. This up coming political season is scaring the shit out of me with these buffoons, although I can handle Hillary. I agree about Tom Hardy...what an ass. is what it is!!!!! * ducks flying bottle*

anne marie in philly said...


silence = death. and we the people WILL NOT be silent on injustice!

Bob Slatten said...


MY opinion is that Zimmerman murdered Trayvon and got away with it.

You can have YOUR opinion, I'll have mine, and the day we stop talking about it is the day we accept that senseless killings are just fine.
They aren't.

the dogs' mother said...

Butter.... yummmmmm

Biki Honko said...

Zimmerman DID murder that poor young man, no doubt about it in my mind. Brady is a hideous human being, I'll cheer the day he finally quits football. My luck though he'll become a sports announcer....sigh. GOP are morally and ideologically bankrupt.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Funnily enough the One Percenters who won our election failed to tell us how they were going to pay for all their pre-election promises and how they were going to make Britain Great again (impossible).

Helen Lashbrook said...

I am totally with you Bob and AM on Zimmerman; that man has a gun and rage problem as his many run-ins with the police prove