Friday, May 08, 2015

I Didn't Say It ....

Glenn Beck, on same-sex marriage destroying churches:

"Mark my words. If gay marriage goes through the Supreme Court and gay marriage becomes fine and they can put teeth in it so now they can go after churches, like the president's lawyer says, 50 percent of our churches will fall away. Meaning, within five years, 50 percent of the congregants will fall away from their church because they won't be able to take the persecution. Mark my words, within five years, 50 percent of the people that you sit next to in church will not be there."

Cuz you know there ain’t no gay folks in church.
Siddown Glenn.
Jim Jefferies, Australian comedian, summing up why so many foreigners are baffled by America's gun culture:

"In Australia, we had the biggest massacre on earth, and the Australian government went: ‘That's it! NO MORE GUNS.’ And we all went, ‘Yeah, all right then, that seems fair enough, really.’ ... Now in America, you had the Sandy Hook massacre, where little tiny children died. And your government went, ‘Maybe ... we'll get rid of the big guns?’ And 50 percent of you went, ‘FUCK YOU, DON'T TAKE MY GUNS.’"

Can’t argue with simple logic.
Ian Reisner, the gay hotelier who hosted an event for anti-gay Ted Cruz, stepping deeper into it:

“You know, it’s so ironic — I wanted to build kind of a community center in the gateway to Hell’s Kitchen, which in 2008–2009 was already a gay place and now it’s even gayer. Very close to Broadway. We decided there’d be so many different ways to give back to the community. We show gay artists there. For gay performers, we have let this cabaret club go on for three and a half years. And you don’t make money when you let drag queens in on Tuesday night and 30 people drink at $10 a drink and you have to pay five people to watch over the place. You don’t make money ... My only point is, this has not been a profitable venture. Gays are cheap. They’re frugal; gays are frugal. Let me retract that … gays are entitled.”

No, rich white gays who care only about their bank accounts and pander to bigots and homophobes are entitled.
Mike Huckabee, addressing the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference: 

"I respect the courts, but the Supreme Court is only that — the supreme of the courts. It is not the supreme being. It cannot overrule God. When it comes to prayer, when it comes to life, and when it comes to the sanctity of marriage, the court cannot change what God has created. Somebody's got to be willing to take on the institutions that challenge and threaten our ability to believe as we believe, because when religious liberty is lost, all liberty is lost. I do not come to you tonight with the ability to speak Spanish. But I do speak a common language: I speak Jesus." 

Um, Mike? I’m’a need you to step away from the Bible and take a look at a little something I like to call the Constitution.
Then I’m’a ask you to sit down.
Guy Benson, a conservative talk radio host, FoxNews[?] contributor and political editor for, coming out as gay:

"I just want to acknowledge, quickly, that I recognize that I am so fortunate to live in a country and an era where we can be having this exact kind conversation on national television. And I recognize that a lot of that is due to the fact that I'm standing of the shoulders of people who've worked very hard for a very long time, who probably don't share my political persuasion. So I just want to give them some credit in this. But I think when that crosses some threshold into punishing and purging dissenters and trying to exact punishments on people for not agreeing, that is not what we should be about in this country. I think we should be better than that in this country."

Wow, he came out and yet he’s still as self-loathing as he was when he was locked in the closet spanking his tiny monkey to Men’s Health magazines.
I mean, that must be the case, because he has no proof, other than his own anti-gay loathing, to back up his claim that The Gays are out to hurt anyone.
Asking to be treated equally is not a threat to anyone except bigots and gay homophobes.
Morgan Brittany, has-been actress, writing about the Baltimore riots for World Net Daily:

"I don’t think the chaos in Baltimore 'just happened'; I think it was planned and is the next step in the breakdown of our society. From now until the verdict in this trial, the agitators will continue to travel and communicate city to city, town to town, stirring up unrest and hate, keeping people on edge waiting to see the result of this cliff-hanger. If the verdict is not what they want, perhaps Obama will have to institute martial law to preserve order, form a national police force and postpone the 2016 elections. Crazy? Maybe, but we are on the edge in this country. Attacks are coming from all sides, from inside and outside of our borders, and we are becoming overwhelmed. What happens when Baltimore spreads across the country and our television screens show four or five cities burning at once? Who will we turn to at that point? 'One Nation under God' – we need Him now more than ever." 

Oh, someone wants to be seen as relevant again. I mean, the last time Brittany was in the news was when she murdered Bobby Ewing in an episode of Dallas that was later revealed to have been a dream.
And she must still be asleep.


Brewella Deville said...

Do you listen to the Throwing Shade podcast? They had a great segment on the Reisner/Cruz fiasco on their latest episode this week.

Bob Slatten said...


I don't but it appears I'm missing some great stuff, so I'll check it out.

Thanks for commenting!

anne marie in philly said...

buncha asshats here to close out the week, bob. can we just shove all the h8ers into a dark hole in outer space?

the dogs' mother said...

50% of church goers? the mind boggles!

Helen Lashbrook said...

50% of the people in church now will be dead in 5 years time because they are already VERY old