Thursday, May 21, 2015

Minute Rant: Guns In Schools ... It's Not A Good Thing

Guns in schools. Did anyone see anything bad coming from this, or were ya’ll just too busy trying to blame Obama and saying he was coming for your arsenal?

At Varennes Elementary School in Anderson, South Carolina, an armed guard was sitting on a bench, talking to a student, when the fifth-grader on his other side slipped his gun out of guard’s holster without him noticing. The child then held the gun for as long as ten seconds before the guard noticed it was missing and took it back.

Imagine how many times that child, had they wanted to, could have fired that gun into a crowd of students?

The student was disciplined; the guard was replaced. It’s over, right? Not so fast, because now parents are wondering about having guns in schools … finally … and they want to know what's being done to make sure this doesn't happen again. Sadly, the school doesn’t have an answer.

The guard worked for Defender Security, a private company that Anderson schools began using because their guards are mostly ex-military or law enforcement, and because they're much less expensive to employ than the active duty officers used by other schools in the area.

So, the school district chose the cheaper route? And how much cheaper will it be when, or if, Goddess forbid, a child grabs another gun and it goes off accidentally and someone’s child, or a teacher, or  apparent, are killed? Think about that lawsuit.

And think about children in schools, well, maybe prisons, because they’re surrounded by armed guards, becoming desensitized to weapons. Is that how we want these next generations to grow up?

And save the ‘what if an armed intruder entered the school’ argument, because, quite clearly, even a child can take a gun away from a guard.
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anne marie in philly said...

I cannot figure out what the fascination is about a gun...and I never will.

Helen Lashbrook said...

The last time of record that guns were found in a school in the UK it ended up with a major disaster (see Dunblane massacre) and the majority of guns were banned