Friday, May 15, 2015

I Didn't Say It ....

Rick Perry, accused criminal and former Texas governor, on why  people should vote conservative in the next presidential election:

"Something I want you all to think about is that the next president of the United States, whoever that individual may be, could choose up to three, maybe even four members of the Supreme Court. Now this isn't about who's going to be the president of the United States for just the next four years. This could be about individuals who have an impact on you, your children, and even our grandchildren. That's the weight of what this election is really about."

Well, let’s see … we know Miss Ricky won’t be president, and we know that more Americans would choose an openly gay president over an openly evangelical one, and we know that there are fewer people of faith in this country now than in previous years so, um, yeah.
Vote, and set up SCOTUS to be fair and open-minded for the coming generations.
Andy Stanley, an Atlanta pastor, and the son of a Baptist preacher who once hired armed guards on horseback to protect his church from Atlanta gay pride, voicing his support for LGBT youth:

“There is not consensus in this room when it comes to same-sex attraction. There is not consensus in this room when it comes to gay marriage. We just can’t continue to look into the filter of our politics at our spirituality. It’s got to be the other way around — and specifically when it comes to this issue. If all the Christians for just one year, would quit looking at porn, would quit smoking weed, would quit having premarital sex, would quit committing adultery, would pay their taxes, and every church just foster one kid — in one year our nation would feel different. There are so many Christians, so basically — if we would just be better Christians, everything we would like to see changed for the most part would change.”

It’s that whole ‘Judge not lest ye be judged,’ thing mixed in  with some ‘Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.’
Ben Carson, future failed presidential candidate, on his opposition to marriage equality:

“Recognize that if you change the definition of marriage for one group, what do you say to the next group? Do you say, ‘Well, we changed it for this group, but that’s it, we’re not changing it for anybody else.’ Does that seem fair?” 

Carson wouldn’t elaborate on those ‘other groups’ but he has in the past said bigamy was a possibility, and has also compared The Gays to pedophiles and people who have sex with animals.
Once a bigot …
Barronelle Stutzman, that Washington florist who refused to sell flowers for a same-sex couple’s wedding because God, in an op-ed published by the Washington Post:

"Our government is supposed to protect our First Amendment rights — freedom of religion and expression. But the government is telling me I can only be a faithful Christian within the four walls of my church. That’s impossible and it’s unjust. What would Rob and Curt say if the government told them they could only be who they are in their own homes? But whatever the state says and however they want to try to punish me, they can’t change my faith. What happens in my business or my life is in God’s hands. Having a clear conscience means much more to me than any amount of money or my business. Rob and Curt have their beliefs about marriage and aren’t being stopped by the state from living them out. I only ask for the same freedom."

Barronelle. Honey., stop trying to squeeze out all Fifteen Minutes. No one was asking you to participate or condone same-sex marriage, they were asking for flowers.
That’s all it was, but you took it as a personal attack because, well, I’m guessing you’re nuts.
And you need to sit down because the more you talk the more you alienate people and then your business goes under and you’ll have no one to blame but yourself, though I imagine you’ll run to Fox News and blame The Gays.
Phyllis Schlafly, anti-gay wingnut and Eagle Forum founder, on how marriage equality advocates are trying “to wipe out” Christianity:

“Have you noticed that only Christian small-businesspeople have been harassed and sued for refusing to participate in same-sex marriages even though our fast-growing immigrant populations, you know of Muslims, Hindus and other faiths are also opposed to that concept? They want to wipe out the Christian religion. And most of these other religions do not recognize same-sex marriage. I assume there are some Muslim bakers and photographers and other people who have been harassed, but they’re not being attacked and they’re not being criticized.”

Hmmm, Phyllis … I haven’t heard about the Muslim baker who refused the cake order, or the Hindu florist who said No, perhaps because most people run their businesses for the public, not just the public with whom they agree.
You and Barronelle should have lunch and then go away.


Susan said...

It's times like this when I tell myself what a perfect name you chose for your blog. I should be laughing at the stupidity that abounds, but there are days it is just so difficult.

Btw, last night on the ABC Nightly News there was a spot on Nancy Gordeuk, the racist mentioned in your post on Tuesday. She got FIRED after making those racist remarks at the school graduation ceremony.
What a shame. :-)

the dogs' mother said...

Sigh.... I really don't think Baronelle's business is suffering too much yet. Just with high schoolers I think and prom flowers. Equality marriage *passed* with 35% of the vote here in red state WA.
The paper should really do a follow-up on how she is doing with the business.

anne marie in philly said...

"why people should vote conservative in the next presidential election" - HELL NO! SCREW YOU, MISS RICKY!

"equality advocates are trying 'to wipe out' Christianity" - I'D LOVE TO!

Mitchell is Moving said...

Ugh, just too much to say! But, Phyllis Shlafly? Is she still among the undead?!?