Monday, May 11, 2015

Minute Rant: Ageism

Impulse Group South Florida is a community outreach group dedicated to spreading HIV awareness and education throughout Miami-Dade County and South Florida. And as most groups do, they hold fundraisers throughout the year to raise money to promote their cause.

Sadly, this group’s recent fundraiser  wasn’t so welcoming.

The group hosted a massive pool party in Miami meant to spread word about the recently renovated Vagabond Hotel, a local landmark. The party was free to the public … if you were under forty years of age.

Yes, up to thirty-nine-and-364-days old and you could just saunter right in, but once you cracked the big four-oh-my-god you had to pay a $50 cover fee.

Wrong on so many levels, but when you consider the party was being promoted, and hashtagged, on Instagram and Twitter with #JudgmentIsDirty, many felt as if judgment, and ageism, were in full effect.

Since the pool party, many angry members of Miami’s LGBT community have taken to Impulse’s Facebook page expressing their concerns that the organization is more interested in throwing parties that cater to the young rather than addressing the health needs of the community as a whole.

Impulse responded in a press release:
“The primary strategy is to organically establish a following of socially active, young gay men through engagement at large, organized events, such as Evolution, which occurred in Miami on April 18. The purpose of events like Evolution is to create a lively, fun atmosphere where these men can interact while simultaneously being exposed to information about HIV in a non-judgmental environment.”
Now, Impulse also suggests that tiered pricing for community — free for the youngsters, fifty bucks for the oldsters — is done because the younger, less economically established gays would benefit from discounted tickets.

Oh that all sounds so PC, but I have a suggestion. Rather than charge the Over-Forties fifty bucks to enter, and the Under-Forties nothing, maybe lower the price to twenty bucks for everyone? Then everyone feels equal, less judged — based on age — and more apt to want to attend.

Not the right move, Impulse. Good cause, bad execution.


Susan said...

Yikes! My thought as I read their "explanation" was: guys in their 30's are going to be LESS economically established than guys in their 60's who could be retired? And not only that, getting in free is not a "discounted" ticket!

Jennifer said...

Well, that is just plain awful. I can't think of anything else to add.

the dogs' mother said...

I've never heard of that version of pricing. Weird.

Biki Honko said...

You don't stop being gay at 40. There are quite a few of the younger chaps who feel that once you hit that magic age, you should stay home, out of the bars, out of the dance clubs and off the dating sites. Well, I might be over 40 now, but you too will be on fine day!