Tuesday, May 27, 2014

WTF Tuesday! Indiana

It seems like just a week ago or so that the 18th and 19th states — Oregon and Pennsylvania, for those of you keeping score — declared they would become fully marriage equality states, and yet up there ‘round Indiana way it seems that time is running backwards.

Next month, Indiana Republicans will vote on a proposed party platform that reasserts GOP support of so-called “traditional” marriage.

Have they checked their watches? Did they stop in 2004?

This is a crazy, asshatted move, since it was just two years ago, in 2012, that GOP delegates eliminated their anti-equality position, but Jim Bopp, an attorney and a state GOP delegate, has introduced an amendment that states: "We believe that strong families, based on marriage between a man and a woman, are the foundation of society."

Seriously? Is Indiana the land that time forgot?

Now, to be fair, and it’s hard for me when the wingnuts get their homophobic knickers in a twist, delegates added language to The Bopp Amendment to recognize "diverse" family structures, you know, like the ones that aren’t Ward and June, but maybe Ward and Ward, June and June, or just June.

Those kinda diverse families.

Luckily, not everyone in the GOP in Indian is marching to this tune, though many would prefer just to take the silent approach, you know, acting like if they say nothing The Gays and their pesky marriage equality fight might just go away. It won’t.

Megan Robertson, a state GOP delegate, and an openly gay woman, who has worked against the proposed amendment:
"This is bad for the Republican Party. We all don't think one way on this, so my stance is we shouldn't put anything in there. [The platform is] not supposed to be on issues that divide people but on those that everyone can agree."

But try and get the GOP to agree on anything is quite a hurdle.


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