Thursday, May 08, 2014

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I’ve another Carlos story to share ….

Last weekend, I was a wee bit under the weather, with a nasty head, nose and throat cold, so when it came time to do the grocery shopping Carlos volunteered to go alone.

Uh oh. Now, to be fair, he knows what to buy, but he has a tendency to grab whatever’s on the shelf while I like to do a little price-checking and comparison shopping, but, I thought, for a chance to stay home and rest — we had an event to attend that afternoon — I’d risk Carlos and his impulse purchases.

He was gone just over an hour when he returned home and I helped unload the car, and then unload the bags in the kitchen. It seemed a little light to me, but Carlos said he got everything on the list so …

Where’s the deli stuff for your lunches?
I bought it.
Where is it?
Should be there.
And where are the fruits and veggies? Did you not buy any veggies?
No, I bought all that stuff, maybe a bag is still in the car.

No bag. And back in the kitchen I noticed one of our reusable shopping bags was missing—most of them are Kroger blue bags, but we had one black bag from the Bi-Lo when we shopped there one time.

I was sure there was a black reusable grocery bag filled with fruits, veggies and deli stuff, rotting in the noon-day sun in the Kroger parking lot; Carlos was sure there was not, though a call to the store revealed that the black bag, with fruits and veggies and deli stuff, had been left at the cashier.

Carlos instantly blamed the kid who bagged the groceries, though I was slightly more inclined to tell Carlos that maybe he should have seen to it that all the bags were put in the cart. After another thirty minute drive there, and a thirty minute drive home, we had our fruits and veggies and deli stuff.

You know I’m gonna blog about this.
I know … :::sigh:::
Lotsa talk around the webs and on TV about Chris Meloni's ass, and a lot of it is coming from him.

Yeah, I see why.

It's real, and it's spectacular.
South Carolina’s wingnutted, asshatted, ALLEGEDLY closeted Senator, Lindsey Graham called  the “people in the White house” scumbags over that never-ending Benghazi non-story:

“Our Democratic friends, for the most part, have been in the tank over Benghazi. Some guy said this about me yesterday on the left: The only reason I cared about this was because I have six Tea Party opponents. Well, if that’s true, I’m the biggest scumbag in America. I don’t think that’s true; I know it’s not true It would be almost impossible for Lindsey Graham — given who I am and what I’ve been doing for the last 20 years — not to care about those in harm’s way, who get killed, and not go on to hold the administration accountable that lied about it.  The scumbags are the people in the White House who lied about this.”

Funny, though, Lindsey Graham never once questioned those who died in embassy or consulate attacks under President Bush, and there were thirteen of them, while the Obama Administration has seen just one embassy attack.

Who’s the scumbag, Lindsey? Turn the mirror on yourself.
Last week HGTV announced it would be airing a new show in October called Flip It Forward, featuring brothers David and Jason Benham as house-flippers.

Anti-gay house-flippers, apparently, because a quick Google search by Right Wing Watch revealed that David Benham once led a prayer rally outside of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2012, which he said was needed to stop “homosexuality and its agenda that is attacking the nation” and “demonic ideologies tak[ing] our universities and our public school systems”

David also worked to pass North Carolina’s Amendment One, which enshrined a ban on same-sex marriage and civil unions in the state constitution.

Today HGTV tweeted that it "has decided not to move forward" with the Benham's show.

This week, former Michigan State Representative Lorence Wenke walked away from the GOP over its “out-of-control spending” and “discrimination” against the LGBT community and announced that in November, he will run for state senate as a Libertarian; Wenke was one of just two Republican legislators to vote against the Marriage Protection Amendment to the Michigan Constitution in 2004:

"I support the constitutional right of our gay family members to enjoy the same rights as our heterosexual family members. I was the only legislator to call it what it is — discrimination against our gay brothers and sisters. At that time, three local Republican legislators with gay brothers never said a word in support of gay rights. I challenge them with this question: 'If you will not stand up for your own family members, who will you stand up for?’”

Here’s wishing him luck, and giving him a big Bravo for stepping away from such a negative party.
Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin, well, everything, has joined the boycott against Dorchester Hotels, which are owned by the Sultan of Brunei, over his implementation of an anti-gay law which punishes homosexual acts with death by stoning.

Branson said, via Tweet:

"No @Virgin employee, nor our family, will stay at Dorchester Hotels until the Sultan abides by basic human rights"

Good on him, because, seriously, stoning? In 2014?
Down there in Flori-duh, Chris Sevier, "a former Judge Advocate and combat veteran" has filed a motion to intervene on the Florida gay marriage case on behalf of "other minority sexual orientation groups."

 Sevier says that if gay couples "have the right to marry their object of sexual desire, even if they lack corresponding sexual parts, then I should have the right to marry my preferred sexual object."

Which is?

"My porn filled Apple computer."

This is the same  Chris Sevier who sued Apple because the it sold him a computer without warning him about porn pop-ups and websites This is the same Chris Sevier who sued A&E after they fired Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson for his anti-gay rants and it’s the same Chris Sevier who tried to worm his way into Utah’s same-sex marriage battle.

Fortunately, Judge Robert Hinkle, the federal judge manning Florida’s same-sex marriage case has tossed Sevier for now:

"Chris Sevier has moved to intervene, apparently asserting he wishes to marry his computer. Perhaps the motion is satirical. Or perhaps it is only removed from reality. Either way, the motion has no place in this lawsuit."

Common sense – 1, Crazy Loon – 0.
Now for some Drag Race ...

This week’s main challenge was the annual music video for  RuPaul's "Sissy That Walk." The girls were told to bring some fierce "sissyography", er dance moves, and then do a little improv with Ru.

Let's dish ...

Bianca Del Rio. If this bitch doesn't win, I'm'a burn down Mama Ru's house. Okay, that's a bit harsh, but Bianca has been the strongest, most well-rounded, in a non-padded kind of way, drag queen all season, and for many seasons. She's shone on the catwalk, in the challenges, and in the workroom when she took Baby Bird Adore under her wing. Plus, she gets Sarcasm Points™ from me for responding thusly when Courtney Act asked her to say one thing without making it a joke: Okay, you're an asshole.

Adore Delano. I still don't adore Delano, but she has come on strong these past couple of weeks, but I think she needs more time; perhaps she could have been on the Drag Race in season twenty? I loathe her potty mouth, and this comes from a guy who lurves a good f-bomb, and I hate her tacky, garbage bag drag, but there is something there, though it needs more time to perc-Ru-late.

Courtney Act. I am so tired of her "acting" sincere, and I was sickened when she called herself Australia's Drag Queen. Her performance in the video was manic and crazy, like a low-budget Nomi Malone, though she does drag really well. But, again, it's all one-note pretty girl, and that ain't good enough for me.

Darienne Lake, though, finally went home and I kept wondering, How the hell did she stay around so long? There was no way, no way, she'd best RioDelanoAct, and I don't think she could have bested BenDeLaCreme who would have made a killer part of a Top Four. She did rock the lip-sync, and her runway look this week was her best ever, but it was a little too Lake.

What did YOU think?
Oprah's pet designer, who I think she let's sleep in a crate in her bathroom, Nate Berkus married married his boyfriend Jeremiah Brent at the New York Public Library on Saturday night.

Congrats, I guess, though it seemed more product placement and TV show than wedding.

See, the ceremony was officiated by Sheri Salata, president of Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Productions, who noted that Berkus wore a J.Crew suit while Brent wore Saint Laurent, the rings were black gold from Van Cleef & Arpels black gold bands and the linens were provided by Berkus' own fabric line blended with his Target collection.

All they needed was a hashtag and well, I have one: #TheWeddingIsAllPromotional
Up in North Carolina, the battle between Keith Crisco, a moderate, business-friendly Democrat, and former  American Idol loser Clay Aiken came down to a very slim margin.

As the vote-count neared completion, Aiken led by fewer than 400 votes but it looks like he'll keep that lead, though a recount is expected, and will face off against Representative Renee Ellmers, a two-term Republican who defeated GOP challenger Frank Roche.

In other North Carolina news, former drag queen, closeted, self-loathing gay man, and unrepentant liar Steve Wiles, AKA Miss Mona Sinclair lost his election, coming in a distant third in his race.

Boo-freaking-hoo. PS: the Tweet of the Week is all Mona.

And former North Carolina small town mayor Mark Chilton was elected as Orange County register of deeds yesterday. He had campaigned on a promise to issue same-sex marriage licenses. Since no one ran as a Republican, he will run unopposed in the General election in November.

Go on, now, fulfill that promise!
Those Cheney's never met a conspiracy they didn't want to  spread.

Former Second Lady, and Satan's wife, Lynne Cheney dropped in at The O'Reilly Factor to use a book promotion appearance to bash Hillary Clinton on Benghazi and then suggest that the Clinton's are behind that new Vanity Fair article about Monica Lewinsky in order to get it out of the way before the 2016 elections.

Cheney said: “Would Vanity Fair publish anything about Monica Lewinsky that Hillary Clinton didn’t want in Vanity Fair?”...Seems like a strategy to me, or a tactic perhaps..."

Laura Ingraham, FoxNews' lapdog, said:: "That makes perfect sense! I'm really mad I didn't think of it first!"

Seriously? Now Hillary runs Vanity Fair, too.

Sit down Crazies, the little bus will be along soon to take you "home."
Kentucky Attorney General, and, well, because I'm shallow, hottie, Jack Conway, who has refused to defend his state's ban on same-sex marriage, has announced that he will run for governor since current Kentucky asshat Governor Steve Beshear will be term-limited out of office in 2015.

Congratulations, Hot Governor-elect.


the dogs' mother said...

Crossing fingers for Bianca Del Rio!

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Honey, if Darienne hadn't gone home and Bianca doesn't win, I'll supply the gas and you can bring the matches!!!! Pretty sure she win. Now I never cared for Nate Burkis much, well, never, but I have met Jeremiah several times. We have a mutual friend. Last time we brunched, he said his new boy friend was Nate and I almost choked. I thought Ohhhhhhh why????? Jeremiah is a sweet heart though. He may be getting his own show. And god love Carlos. I see a weekly segment titled This Week with Carlos. And the two brothers? What a pair of pretty assholes!

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LOVE the tweet!

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Get ready for a bunch of morons defending the house flippers' "1st Amendment rights!"

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