Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tuesday Asshat Trifecta, Part 2: Steve Beshear

Out there to Kentucky, the governor, and Asshat-In-Chief, Steve Beshear says the state’s ban on same-sex marriage should be retained because only "man-woman" couples can naturally procreate and Beshear says the state has an interest in ensuring that they do.

In his lawyer’s appeal of a federal judge's ruling that Kentucky’s ban on recognizing same-sex marriages violates the constitutional guarantee of equal protection under the law, they contend that Kentucky has a legitimate interest in encouraging procreation to support "long-term economic stability through stable birth rates."

Huh? So, since two men cannot make a baby between themselves, or two women for that matter, then they should not be allowed to have their marriage recognized. I wonder if Beshear sees the slippery slope toward banning the marriages of infertile couples, or couples who are well past procreation age.

Oh, probably not, because then that would be discrimination and not just against The Gays but against The Reg’lar Folk, and, well, you can’t have that.

In his 32-page appeal, Beshear’s attorney says Kentucky has an interest in maintaining birth rates, which, if allowed to fall, can induce economic crises because of the reduced demand for goods and services, and the reduction of the work force.

The lawyer does not, and possibly cannot, explain how allowing same-sex couples to marry would reduce the birth rate among heterosexual couples.

It’s just another lame-assed, asshatted attempt by a lame asshat — and I’m talking about you, Beshear — to discriminate against gay couples.

Oh, and for the record, same-sex couples infertile couples, and older couples can actually have children through surrogacy or adoption, so, yeah, your argument is pointless.

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Mitchell is Moving said...

I think it's been scientifically proven (by a right-wing quack somewhere) that casual exposure to same-sex married couples reduces the fertility of the terminally ignorant. But that's a good thing.