Monday, May 19, 2014

Jessica Urbina Won't Be In The Yearbook This Year Because She Wore A Tuxedo

Last fall, Jessica Urbina, who typically wears what some consider traditionally male clothing, had her picture taken for the high school yearbook wearing a tuxedo and now officials at the school, San Francisco's Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory School say she violated the school's policy, which states that, regarding yearbook photos, girls must wear “drapes,” and boys must wear a shirt, tie and jacket.

I’m assuming by drapes they mean some sort of dress and not those Carlo Burnett Went With The Wind sketch drapes. Cuz that would make a whole different yearbook … but I digress.

Principal Gary Cannon isn’t saying too much about the issue, citing a student's right to privacy, but he did indicate that he had previous talks with Jessica about what was allowed in the photo, and what was not. And he does insist that Jessica Urbina’s picture will appear in the yearbook, and some say the picture will be photoshopped to fit school guidelines, though Cannon hasn’t admitted to that.


Now, however, her classmates are taking a stand against this kind of ridiculous censorship by coming to school wearing bow ties to support Jessica. And Jessica’s older brother, Michael, has begun a social media campaign under the #JessicasTux hashtag in support of his younger sister, and he hopes to meet with school officials over the yearbook issue.
"I've seen all these people with all the ties. Honestly, I've cried multiple times. I'm overwhelmed with all the support."—Jessica Urbina
Let’s make this perfectly queer: what difference does it make how Jessica, or anyone else for that matter, dresses in their yearbook photo? It’s their choice how they wish to present themselves and be remembered long after graduation. And for a girl who has always worn what many see as men’s clothing to school to be forced to wear a dress, or be draped in some outdated attempt at femininity, doesn’t treat Jessica, or allow Jessica to present herself, as she has always done.

Yes, schools have traditions and guidelines, but the world is changing and schools need to change with the times.

It’s a tuxedo for crying out loud. She should have been able to wear it.


the dogs' mother said...

The resident children were allowed to wear whatever they wanted. Most seniors had a professional picture, taken outdoors, in any manner of dress. Easier that way.

anne marie in philly said...

oh cripes it's a catholic school. homophobes.

a "drape" is like a small bedsheet that the photographer arranges over a girl's shoulders (over her blouse/dress). I had one in high school (yes, a catholic high school).

what would this school have done if jessica wanted to flaunt her boobs a la kim kartrashian? probably had a cow! so what's wrong with this modest attire? oh, only BOYS wear tuxes, is that it? how very WRONG and NARROW MINDED of this school!

I agree with TDM; public schools are allowed to wear what they want.