Thursday, May 22, 2014

Random Musings

This week, Reince Priebus, the Republican National Committee chairman, had Karl Rove’s back, arguing that it’s "fair game" to discuss Hillary Clinton's health and age, and insinuate, a la Rove, that she suffers from some sort of brain damage. You know, to make her look old and feeble and unable to govern the nation when she wins the White House in 2016.

Funny, though, the GOP thinks she’s suffered some sort of brain trauma and yet managed to be the evil genius behind a Benghazi cover-up at the same time.

Hypocrites all.
Well, whaddya know The Gays can marry in Oregon making it the 18th state to allow equality — after U.S. District Court Judge Michael McShane struck down the state’s ban as “utterly arbitrary and completely irrational” and in violation of the equal protection and due process guarantees of the U.S. Constitution.

Since the governor, John Kitzhaber, and his attorney general have already made clear they intended to abide by any decision striking the ban same-sex couples began marrying in Oregon minutes after the ban died a much-needed death.

Can someone, anyone, get the folks at FoxNews an intern who can actually spell? Or is that asking too much ... since it's FoxNews?
I don’t watch the Duggars on TV, where they seem to revel in the fact that Mama Duggar has pushed nineteen children through her uterus over the last couple of decades or so. I am not big on the multiple breeders, especially the ones who say they have all these children because that’s what God intended for them and they always do what God says. And this, apparently, means they will defy God’s natural order of things by using in vitro fertilization to bring Baby#20 into the world.

Somewhere God is shaking her head.
The Michael Sam reality show docu-series that Oprah was trying to rush into production so that the public forgets about her last reality-show docu-series, Lindsay, has been put on hold at OWN. It seems the St. Louis Rams feel that ‘The Untitled Michael Sam Project’ would turn Sam’s transition to the team into more of a media circus than it already is, and asked Oprah to step back, have a cookie, and rethink.

The project had been labeled a 'distraction' for Sam, and for anyone who wanted to watch it because, you know, it’s OWN and Oprah would have worked her way into the show some way, perhaps playing Sam’s long-lost aunt or something, because whatever she does, it all, and always, about Oprah.
I didn’t watch the Billboard Music Awards last week because, well, I just didn’t care enough to watch them, and when I found out the biggest performer was Dead Michael Jackson Hologram, it made me realize my decision was the right one.

I mean, when Dead Performers are the stars of the show and the living performers are second-tier, we should maybe rethink music.

And when you toss in Robin Thicke using the stage to try and get his wife, Paula Patton, back after she left him because he’s a serial cheater, well, let me just say this to Robin:

You want your wife back? Stop singing to her and tell her you’ll stop f**king around on her because your “career” is just about over and you’ll soon be back to carrying her luggage.

Out there to Idaho, it seems that thousands of couples have tied the knot at the Hitching Post in Coeur d’Alene, but now the popular wedding spot says it will not perform marriages for same-sex couples, even if that means closing its doors after 95 years in business.

“We will not be marrying gay couples here,” said Donald Knapp, an ordained minister. Knapp said he follows biblical teaching on marriage, as do the other Christian ministers who perform weddings there. “I’m not antagonistic to people of that belief. If that’s what they want to do, they can choose to live together to do the things that they’re doing. I cannot in good conscience perform same-sex marriages.”

Christian love at its finest, eh?
On the other hand, down there in Costa Rica, they have no problem at all with The Gays.
In what is being called a first for the country, the Rainbow flag was raised alongside that country's own flag last week, above the Presidential Palace.

Newly-elected President Luis Guillermo Solíssaid he asked that the flag fly over his house so that it would be in time for last week’s International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia:

“This is the house of all Costa Ricans. When we say all Costa Ricans we mean all, without exclusion, without violence, without harassment in absolute respect for the rights of each one...We’re fighting against discrimination in defense of the human rights of all Costa Ricans."

It is allegedly the first time the gay pride flag had been flown from the offices of a head of state in the Americas.

You go, President Solíssaid!
Is it really weird that I thought Jesse Eisenberg looked kinda hot in Now You See Me?
Remember Phil Robertson, the star of the reality show Duck Dynasty who compared The Gays to drunks and terrorists and called The Gays “insolent, arrogant God haters”? ‘Memba him?

Well Republican and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is going to give him an award for Entrepreneurial Excellence, and called the Robertson family “great citizens” of the state.

Way to go, Bobby, give an award to a man who hates The Gays, and thinks Black people were happier before Civil Rights and that it’s just fine for a grown-ass man to marry a fifteen-year-old girl.

Louisiana? You suck for keeping that asshat in office.
So, the day after Oregon became the 18th state to make The Gays legally entitled to be married, Pennsylvania became the 19th state. And I don’t think it was a coincidence that this all happened on Cher’s 68th birthday, or the day after Bianca Del Rio became Drag Royalty, but there was a tinge of irony in the story that also made me giggle like a giddy schoolgirl.

The judge who ruled that The Gays can marry was a judge appointed by former President George W. Bush and wildly supported by Pennsylvania’s own Frothy Mix, Rick Santorum.

Ricky now, of course, is doing the GOP Goosestep about the whole thing but, let’s all realize that in one small way, we have Rick Santorum to thank for marriage equality in Pennsylvania!

Yesterday Carlos had an eye appointment and was to have his eyes dilated. Since he wouldn’t be good to drive after, I took the day off and went with him.

While sitting in the waiting room, I eavesdropped—hey, we all do it!—on two older ladies chatting and reading the paper and one snippet of their conversation went like this:

First Older Lady: Jerry Vale died.

Second older Lady: At the Koger Center.

First Older Lady: No, he … what?

Second Older Lady: Is he having a concert at the Koger Center?

First Older Lady: No. He.Died.

Second Older Lady: Then, no concert?

I tried hard not to laugh out loud.
It looks like those wacky Teabagger candidates are runnin’ outta steam as many of them were trounced in their elections in this week’s GOP primaries. Even that Old Turtle, Mitch McConnell, a GOP loon if there ever was one, decisively beat his tea party challenger by 24 percentage points.

It's the latest big beat-down for the Tea Party and a growing trend that their reign of irrational terror is waning. Of course, to be fair, it seems the ‘Baggers have been successful in pushing some of the more wingnutty GOPers to the right in open seat Republican primaries, but they haven't had any luck kicking out GOP incumbents this year.

Hopefully, even amongst the wingnuttiest of the GOP, this means a slow, painful death to Teabagistan.


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My Pennsylvania church going friends (former) are huddling in their churches now trying to figure out how to stop the sky from falling on their homophobic asses.

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