Thursday, January 31, 2013

Random Musings

In the Color Me Not Surprised News, actor and singer, and Gomer Pyle of The Andy Griffith Show, Jim Nabors has come out as a gay man. Not exactly the biggest secret, you know. But, in the Pleasant Surprise News, is the fact that Nabors came out, to the world, because he married his longtime partner, Stan Cadwallader, in Seattle.
Nabors released a statement to Hawaii News Now:
"I'm 82 and he's in his 60s and so we've been together for 38 years and I'm not ashamed of people knowing, it's just that it was such a personal thing, I didn't tell anybody. I'm very happy that I've had a partner of 38 years and I feel very blessed. And, what can I tell you, I'm just very happy."
Congratulations to the happy couple, and, of course, as both a wedding gift and coming out present, they will be receiving the Homo HQ Coming Out Toaster Oven with our good wishes.
So, Cissy Houston has written a book about her daughter, Whitney, and timed it to come out right before the first anniversary of Whitney’s death.
Lovely parenting, but, hey, she’s got bills.
But one of the most interesting parts of Houston’s new almost-tell-all is that if Whitney had come out to Cissy as a lesbian she would not have liked it, or condoned it.
Lovely parenting.
Also comes word that it wasn’t Bobby Brown who hooked Whitney on The Cocaine; it was Whitney’s own brother, Michael, who says she began using back in the 80s, loooooong before she met Brown. Now, Brown doesn’t get points for that because he’s a drug addict and spousal batterer, but now we know that the whole Houston clan was wrong that he got Whitney into drugs.
Cissy also mentions that, as Whitney got older, she rarely saw her daughter, which got me to wondering….
Whitney is gay. Whitney’s longtime friend, and personal assistant, Robyn Crawford was her lover. Whitney knew Mama Houston would not be having as lesbian daughter so she distanced herself from Mama. Whitney wanted a relationship with Mama, and wanted to be open about Robyn, but couldn’t, so she took to drugs to self-medicate.
Now, this could be totally off-base, or Whitney Houston could have been just another case of a young gay person turning to drugs because their own family refused to accept their sexual orientation.
That’s just my Two Cents.
Out in Wyoming a bill to make same-sex marriage legal failed by a 5-4 vote.
But, and this is a little but, the vote for a domestic partnerships bill was approved by a 7-2 vote.
It’s nice, you know, but it’s ‘less than’.
You can do better Wyoming.
UPDATE: Apparently not. 
The first pro-gay legislation that has reached Wyoming's House floor for debate was defeated Wednesday as the House voted 35-24 to reject a domestic partnership bill that would have given same-sex couples in the state the opportunity to gain most of the legal rights of marriage.
A former Episcopal priest, who is royally pissed off that his church hierarchy has accepted The Gays, has decided to switch teams and play for the Catholics because their Gay Hate runs deep.
So, John Cornelius has become New York state's first married Catholic priest, though he has agreed, as part of the deal to switch sides, to stop screwing his wife and become celibate.
His wife is said to be ecstatic over the arrangement.
So, Immigration Reform, huh?
And bipartisan at that.
Meaning the GOP is onboard. And what a surprise that is, considering one of those GOPers is John McCain who was so virulently anti-immigration that just a couple of years ago, while running for re-election, he proposed stricter immigration laws, higher border fences and guards with guns to shoot the brown folks who might be sneaking in through Arizona.
Why the switch Grampa? Did you suddenly have a change of heart or….what’s that? Yes, the GOP lost the White House this last November in large part because their candidate was a dick and because the Hispanic vote went overwhelmingly Obama.
So, you’re pandering.
Same old GOP.
But, while we’re on the subject of Immigration reform, and that bipartisan effort, which came just minutes before President Obama unveiled his Reform plans, let’s take note that McCain’s plan doesn’t include any mention of same-sex binational couples because he says, and I’ll paraphrase, “The Gays don’t matter.”
Obama’s plan, however, does have inclusions for same-sex binational couples.
So, while McCain and his ilk are trying to pander to the Hispanic vote they’re still unable to handle The Gays.
Again, same old GOP.
MGB™, aka Mama Grizzly Bore™, aka Half-Term-Quitter-Delusional-Fuck-Monkey-Blabberer™, has been quietly ‘let go’ from FauxNews.
Finally they did something right.
But MGB™ says her fight isn’t over and she’ll be Teabaggin’ till the End Times:
"I was raised to never retreat [unlike when she quit being Governor of Alaska because it got too hard] and to pick battles wisely, and all in due season. When it comes to defending our republic, we haven't begun to fight! But we delight in those who underestimate us."
This is nearly everyone in the world with more than two brain cells to rub together.
Face it, MGB™, you’re done. When the most inane, rightwing, conservative, Tea Party loving news channel calls you irrelevant, you’re irrelevant.
Go have someone write a book for your, and I suggest the title, Going Unemployed.
The Westboro Baptist Church has filed a Supreme Court amicus brief against the repeal of Proposition 8 and while they say they support "neither party" in the case, their, um, legal citations are all Bible verses.
So, there was this guy, in Tennessee naturally, who took his dog to be euthanized.
The dog was mean? No.
The dog was rabid? No.
The dog was incurably ill? No.
The man thought the dog was .... wait for it .... gay.
So, of course, like most things that are presumed to be gay it should be put to death,
Luckily there are sane heads, even in Tennessee--sorry to the Sane Headed Tennesseans who read ISBl .... I don't count you among the crazies--have rescued the dog and will neuter him and give him all the appropriate shots and set him up for adoption.
To an owner with a brain, this time.


the dogs' mother said...

The dog story - just when you thought I'd heard everything... omg. I think the former owner might also consider neutering.

Cubby said...

"Teabaggin’ till the End Times." I love it!

Wonder Man said...

Cissy is done

designing wally said...

I guess no alter-boy or pool-boy will be safe around Mister & Misses Cornelius from now on...

anne marie in philly said...

cheese louise, the only good news here is jim nabors getting married. and WHEN will MGB just STFU forever?!?

Princess said...

You mean to say Gomer is still with us! Awww... shucks...

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Gohmah? Well shazam!

Biki said...

You totally nailed Whitney's life, at least in my opinion.

I want to tell you thanks for all your posts about stupid GOP-ers, because finally at long last I now know what is wrong with them, LOB. Yup, lack of brains. Unfortunately, its terminal and without either a cure in sight or a celebrity spokesperson...oh wait they do, Clint Eastwood.