Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Architecture Wednesday: Seaside Retreat

I'm in the mood for a getaway; something part cabin, part chalet, part castle, part seaside retreat, part modern loft.....
It's a lot to ask, but, ask and ye shall receive.
The gorgeous seaside home in West Vancouver, British Columbia ticks all my boxes and then some. it's large, but not too large; about 3,400 square feet. But there are just three bedrooms, a media room, all kinds of outdoor space, a tub with a view, and seven fireplace by which to warm myself on a chilly night.
Plus, this one is fort sale, for a modest $4.9 million.


the dogs' mother said...

West Van. We lived in North Van. (age 0 to 9).
Very purty.

R.J. said...

West Vancouver is awesome. The moving truck is heading northbound on I-5 already!

Wonder Man said...


mistress maddie said...

Oh Bob, now this one is stunning! And it looks big enough for me and the boys! Now, if you could just get little ole me a ticket to West Vancouver, British Columbia, I 'd be more than happy to write a personal review of the place!