Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gun Appreciation Day

An appreciation day, for guns. Only in America, where Guns, for many, are King.

But, if the gun advocates behind the first ever Gun Appreciation Day, Saturday, January 19, had hoped to use the day’s festivities to build support for their anti-regulation platform, they are going to have to wait another year.

At the Dixie Gun and Knife Show in Raleigh, North Carolina Dixie Gun and Knife Show in Raleigh, North Carolina, emergency personnel had to be called after a gun accidentally discharged and shot three people.

Now, let's remember, it was an accident, this shooting by a responsible gun owner simply taking the gun out of its case.

And then, there were two similar incidents occurred at entirely separate gun shows, one outside Cleveland, Ohio and the other in Indianapolis, Indiana. In the Ohio incident, another, presumably responsible, gun owner was taken to the hospital by EMS, while in Indiana, another, hopefully responsible gun owner, shot himself in the hand while trying to reload his gun in the parking lot. 

Five people shot during the first ever Gun Appreciation Day.

Accidents happen, I know that, but, with the NRA and the more rabid gun owners continually spouting their mantra of more guns being the solution to gun violence, I wonder how many more people might have died when that gun went off while being removed from its case. What if another, so -called, responsible gun owner, standing nearby, heard those shots and began firing? What is another gun owner in that Indianapolis parking lot heard that gunshot and began shooting?

What if ..... fifteen-year-old Nathan Griego, who neighbors said often wore “nothing but camouflage” and wanted to be in the army, didn't have access to military-style assault weapons, in addition to other weapons, on Gun Appreciation Day?

Well, his parents,  Greg and Sarah Griego, and their three other children, Zephania, age 9, Jael, age 5, and Angelina, age 2, would not have been fatally shot in their home.

What if .... ?

Gun Appreciation Day.

At least ten people wounded, and killed, by guns. Only in America. 


anne marie in philly said...

fucking sickos all. and then mitchy-poo mcconnell stokes the fires with the statement: "they are coming for your guns." way to go, asshole!

and we wonder why the world laughs at us.

the dogs' mother said...

Last year WA state had two children, pre-schoolers, shot when they found a handgun that they found stored under the frontseat of the family car.

R.J. said...

The good news is Del Mar, California's city council is moving to get rid of the gun show at the Fairgrounds.

Unfortunately, that means the gun show will be held elsewhere and it'll likely be near my 'hood.

Frank said...

This is what happens when Money controls what people do, think and believe - and how it translates into laws, or in this case preventing reasonable, sensible laws. The NRA, the Gun Lobby, Gun Manufacturers, WalMarts, have the MONEY and therefore the influence. Time to take back the control from the Corporations and PACS and put it back in the hands of the people - like our illustrious President Obama said in his speech yesterday.

Wonder Man said...

I just don't get the love for guns

Helen Lashbrook said...

I have to tell you that the rest of the democratic world is unable to understand the American fascination for guns. Your gun crime outstrips lawless Yemen by a large margin.

Debbie said...

I'm with Wonderman. I don't get gun people at all.