Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Architecture Wednesday: Budapest Loft

Okay, this isn't so much architecture as it is reinvention, interior architecture, and design, but this is exactly what I would want if I lived in an apartment: modern, Old World, eclectic, utilitarian .... cool. The concrete floors; the timber ceiling; the old brick walls; the great windows .... cool.
It's over 2,000 square feet and on the market for a shade over $900,000....not including airfare. But, if it comes furnished as is, and they leave the wine wall, well, i could be talked into making an offer .... when I hit the Lottery.


robertga99 said...

I'll take this one too...minus the mural of the women's ass

R.J. said...

It looks cool but the open concept bedroom/bathroom could be disturbing. I see where they sleep, take a bath and wash their hands. I hope that bucket in the corner isn't where they poop!

Atif Ahmed said...
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