Thursday, November 01, 2012

Why Mittsy? Why Send Your "Hurricane Relief" Event Donations Only To Swing States?

Just as I thought my level of disgust at the pandering capabilities of Mittsy Romney could sink no lower, well, the elevator door opened and I am now in an entire sub-basement of loathing for the man who will do anything, say anything, deny saying anything, to get elected.

I was sickened by his Paul-Ryan-At-The-Soup-Kitchen attempts to turn what, in fact, was a campaign rally into a hurricane relief event, by having his team of Flying Monkeys and miscreants waddle out to Target and spend $5,000 on "donations" to make sure Mittsy looks like he cares when we all know he doesn't give a good goddamn about anyone who isn't Mittsy, or Missus Mittsy, or Little Boy Mittsy’s.

Now we all know that President Obama suspended his campaign as the storm approached because, well, that's what the president, and men like Barack Obama, do; they hunker down and work on keeping people safe, and lending a real hand where needed.

Not so much with Mittsy. He continued to campaign in the swing states, though now he was calling his campaign "hurricane relief" for the appearances of having a heart. But his appearance was just that, a photo op in front of a table of canned good; a picture of him loading a truck. Mittsy in Levis because he's just a good old boy who flew in on his private jet to help.

Photo Op
But was it help? Well, in a sense, I'll say 'yes' because people need food and water, or, in this case, baked beans and water. But, the Red Cross has always, simply, plainly, asked for monetary donations and blood donations, in order to quickly and efficiently disperse them as needed. Canned goods, boxed foods, and bottled water all need to be trucked in, sorted, cleaned and catalogued before they can be sent out, but, well, how good would Mittsy look if he gave a check--even considering the fact he could use it as a tax write-off for the taxes he doesn't pay.

But, and this is where my level of disgust for all things Romney sinks to the lowest of lows, the Mittsy Donated Supplies will be trucked out only to the swing states he hopes to win.

Yes folks, the good people who battled Hurricane Sandy in Virginia, North Carolina, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania will be helped by The Mittsy Squad, while the people of New York and New Jersey are ignored.

Isn't that Mittsy in a nutshell? Isn't that what a Mittsy presidency would look like? Smoke and mirrors, and the idea that he'll help you only if you help him.

That's where I find that loathing roiling in my gut.

Photo Op
Mittsy has proven time and again that he doesn't care about We The People. He only cares about what We The People can do for him.

So, let's do something for him. Let's not vote for a man who has only his best interests at heart. Let's not vote for a man who wants to be president because it looks good on a résumé, or it's something his father never did; I mean, let Mittsy see a shrink about his Daddy issues. Let's not vote for a man who has said, in no uncertain terms, and no matter how hard he tries to take it back, that he doesn't care about 47% of the people in this country.

Let's not vote for a man who will use the suffering of innocent Americans left ravaged by a horrific storm for his own political and egotistical gain.

Once again, I have the back of the man who's got my back.


Frank said...

CNN supposedly updated this story as the campaign says they are sending stuff to a "warehouse in NJ". I guess this is damage control, so to speak.

the dogs' mother said...

Best news all day - WA state and the LAST poll. Wonder when the robo calls will stop?

R.J. said...

What a turd. This is the same stuff "Shrub" pulled when Enron gamed the California energy market, and then two years later when we had the Cedar fire.

This asshat better not win next Tuesday or else California will never get federal help the next time it needs it.

Wonder Man said...


Ron said...

Watching Romney literally make my skin crawl. I never thought I could despise a politician more than George W. Bush. Romney is by far and away the more loathsome. I will be so glad next Wednesday when Barack Obama is reelected and Romney and Ryan will disappear into Loser Land.

Cathy and Steve said...

Ron, my feelings exactly. I've been scratching my skin all day over this. They don't need his crap - Walmart and Sam's Club opened their doors to the Red Cross BEFORE the storm and told them to take what they needed.

The money he spent and the money it's going to cost to truck it to wherever would have been better spent paying for someone to have a place to live while their hoe is being repaired.

I hope and pray that we keep the current administration. That is our best chance for pulling out of this godforsaken financial mess and for rebuilding the country, from the east coast in.

anne marie in philly said...

disgusting pig. his kid tagg (WTF kind of a name is THAT?) was near philly today; I bet my stupidasshat sister was over there to suck his dick.