Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Repost Roulette: Blogiversary .... I'm Four!

Who'da thunk it?

Four years ago today I started ISBL.......and I haven't shut up since!

It's been a blast and I want to thank all of you who stop by here every day, to leave a comment. I would also thank you all for your blogs--especially La Grande Duchess of Dust Bunnies, Her Royal Highness, David Dust, who, after visiting his delicious site, inspired me to give this bloggery thing a try--because I find such great stories, pictures, jokes, inspiration, conversations, factoids, and trivia in all your blogiverses.

And so, in honor of this :::cough cough:::: momentous occasion, here is a repeat of that very first thought-provoking, hysterically funny, pensive, erudite, cogent, concise post.....such as it was:
I'm new to this blog thing, but I do love to talk and I do have an opinion--hell I have thousands of opinions--so I guess that's as good a place to start. Let's talk about.........Me!
I am a happily-partnered gay male, and I have been with the love of my life for the last eight [now twelve] years. We met online in an AOL chatroom--no, not THAT kind of chatroom--and became IM friends, and then email friends, and then phone friends and then friends across the country and then I went from California to Miami to meet him, and that was that. A few months later I'd left California and settled in Miami--talk about culture shock!
We stayed in Miami for about six years until Carlos--the aforementioned partner--accepted a job in Smallville, South Carolina, and we loaded up the truck and moved to....well, not Beverly Hills, but Smallville. A small town. A cute town. A town full of nice people who didn't seem at all peeved that the newest arrivals were a couple of mo's from Miami.
That's a start, I think.
More to come.....I hope.


anne marie in philly said...

happy blogiversary; it's always a pleasure to drop by your site to see what's on your mind.

MWAH! :)

designing wally said...


I've been visiting regularly since you only had about three pages & can't imagine not being able to visit...

"To the future!" (which for me includes trowing back a few for you)


designing wally said...
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Ken Riches said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Ron said...

This is the first time I read your very first blog posting. Fabulous! Your talent for writing jumps right out from my iMac computer screen! Happy blog anniversary and a very happy Thanksgiving to you and Carlos and "the kids."