Thursday, November 08, 2012

Random Musings

Okay, so y'all know I'm no fan of Mittsy Romney, right? i mean, his campaign, between the gaffes, the lies and the flip-flops, was a blogger heaven. I relished every single Why Mittsy? post, and every The Height Of GOP Stupidity entry, but now?
I'm moving on.
There are a lot of posts about what he said in his concession speech and what he didn't say and how he said it or didn't say it and what he meant. A lot of nit-picking about the how and why he lost.
But not from me.
I'm'a take a page from our newly elected President, and I'm'a move....
Well, you knew it would happen. You knew Mama Grizzly Bore™ would snow-shoe over to F**ksNews on election night to stir up her own brand of crazy.
But what you may not have known is what she would look like.
Mall hair, frosted lip gloss.
I couldn’t tell if she was auditioning for the touring company of Broadway’s Xanadu, or starring in a new version of that Fox classic: Married With Homophobic and Unwed pregnant Children.
Or maybe she was channeling her inner meth head.
Either way, could you imagine that as Veep?
Is it me, or does anyone else think Michael Feinstein, Liza Minnelli and Carol Channing all have the same voice. Think about it—Google them if you have no idea who I’m talking about, though you should slap yourself first.
I want to throw a dinner party and invite these there just to listen to them speak. And to make sure they aren’t the same person.
I spent a good deal of time yesterday reveling in the election results, especially the LGBT friendly results all across this country. So, today, I’d like to point out the asshat who, well, got their asses handed to them by the voters:
Tea Party freshman Representative Allen West, who has claimed that there are 80 communists posing as Democrats in the US House, won't have to worry about that a minute longer.
He’s out.
Former Hawaii Governor, Linda Lingle, is also out.
Lingle once compared same-sex marriage to incest, and once, while governor, invited a group of LGBT Hawaiians into her office so she could veto a civil union bill right in front of them, lost her bid to the US Senate.
You be the judge:
Carlos and I watched the movie 50/50 the other night, where the absolutely adorkable, Joseph Gordon-Leavitt  plays a young man with cancer. During the film, there was a reference to Terms of Endearment, and later I noticed how much Angelica Huston—who played the mother—looked like MacLaine.
I drove Carlos insane every time Huston appeared onscreen, by pausing the movie and shrieking, “Isn’t that Shirley MacLaine?”
More great news from Election Day:
Alan Grayson, one loudest, smartest, and most progressive members of the US House is back, baby, winning his race in Florida on Tuesday night over his Republican challenger Todd Long.
Grayson was first elected in 2008, but lost in the Tea Party wave of 2010 by 18 points. This time, however, he bested his opponent by 25 points—a 43 point swing—one of the biggest records in history.
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Ron said...

Fabulous post! You hit every nail on the head. I'm also washed out on that used condom, Mitt Romney. Now that Alan West has been REJECTED, he'll have time to turn himself inside out since he's already had his head up his ass the past two years. Same with the rest of the LOSERS. Good riddance!

Anonymous said...

That Victoria Jackson quote is interesting. I think she knows that Evangelical Christians sat this one out because neither candidate was palatable to them.

And Evangelicals really, really, really mistrust Mormons.

Anonymous said...

There's more where Victoria Jackson came from. She cried because America died. She was never this funny when she was SNL.

That Gov Christie twitter account is fake, but yet I can imagine him saying that in real life!

The fake Jill Biden one is hilarious. Look for it during PR tonight.

the dogs' mother said...

okay, that 'smaller house' one is an instant classic :-)

designing wally said...

Oh that Wanda....