Tuesday, April 12, 2011

That's Our Nikki: Lying On Job Applications

Let's be clear: South Carolina Senator Vincent Sheheen--who, for the record, lives in Smallville--lost his bid to become South Carolina's governor. Narrowly.Lost. And that lost must ache a bit, so it's no surprise that he attacks Nikki Haley every chance he gets. What isn't surprising, however, is that every attack, every criticism he has of Transparent Nikki, is spot on.

Speaking to a group of Spartanburg Democrats, he reiterated the story floating around the state that then-state Representative lied on her application for a job at Lexington Medical Center. Sheheen is the first prominent South Carolina elected official to directly accuse Haley of deceit on the controversial application.

Nikki Haley's spokesmoron, Rob Godfrey, responded with a typical non-response to Vincent Sheheen via email: "It's sad to see that Senator Sheheen hasn't gotten over his defeat."

Oh, honey, he's over it. He's just calling out more and more of Nikki Haley's lies and deceits. He isn't over that.

Sheheen's accusations against Haley came during a wider series of remarks casting Nikki Haley as just the latest scandal-plagued Republican involved in a years-long wave of corruption in the state Capitol:

"What's happening in Columbia right now is that we are seeing corruption on a scale that we have not seen in the Legislature since Lost Trust and statewide in the last hundred years...Think about what's going on: House members arrested for criminal domestic violence, House members arrested for not paying their taxes, statewide officials going to jail for drug dealing a few years ago, a governor with over 60 ethics violations and a current governor who didn't pay her taxes either, who's holding secret meetings without letting the press know, lying on employment applications — that is what we've been reduced to in South Carolina."

Yes, we all know Nikki Haley has a problem paying her taxes, unless the state threatens to take her property, but what about that job application?

Vincent Sheheen:

"Either the governor's not telling the truth or somebody filled out her application...[and]...I think that it's hard to believe that she didn't fill out that application. I think any reasonable person wonders why she is making the kind of statements she has."

So, what about the job application? Well, on Nikki Haley's August 2008 application to become a fundraiser for the Lexington Medical Center, she listed her qualifications for the job--she had none--and her previous work experiences and salaries. Columbia newspaper, The State, reported that on Haley's application for the medical center position she stated she'd earned $125,000 a year, far more than the $22,000 she claimed on her Federal income Taxes.

In her efforts to be A Transparent Liar, Nikki Haley, and her Hounds Of Hell, have repeatedly denied that she provided the $125,000 figure on the application. And, to be fair, some pages of the application carry her signature, but the page regarding previous salary does not.

So, does that mean Nikki Haley fills out applications or does she have people do that for her? Or, does she partially fill out applications, and then have people fill out the rest for her so she can say she didn't lie?

Either way, one thing is transparent about Nikki Haley: she lies. Or she has someone lie for her.


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