Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Condragulations Raja!

Though I was definitely Team Manila, Raja worked it, and for her efforts, is now America's Next Drag Superstar!



froggy said...

Watched the retrospective - and really, that show is a hell of a lot of work for the contestants. We liked all three finalists. Raja has a different take (not sure if that is unique in the business) and her personal story made us all weepy.

Mark said...

I've only seen one show but I really did enjoy it. And yes, Raja stood out from what I could see.
I should really go back and watch all the episodes.
Your Friend, m.

Wonder Man said...

I'm still mixed with this

Prince Toddy English said...

None of the Queens this season gave it to me...at all.

seo los angeles said...

Love it! I need to watch this show. I love RuPaul, I used to be friends with his (her?) cousin.