Thursday, April 28, 2011

Discount Lesbians

Karen Paperno, the owner of Boing Boing, a maternity shop in Park Slope is offering a 10-percent discount to its customers. Its lesbian customers.

Paperno says the sale is not a social commentary, but just a way to help her two-mommy clientele, who she says is struggling: “Women make 77 cents on the dollar still. When two women are leading a household, they’re not making as much money as a married [straight] couple. They’re not making as much money as other couples do. They don’t have as much discretionary or disposable income.”

Karen Paperno says she also reinstated the discount because gay couples, lesbian couples specifically, made Park Slope the great neighborhood she feels it to be, and now many lesbian couples cannot afford to live there: "I wanted to bring back the discount for lesbian moms because that’s what Park Slope sort of means to me.”

But don't 'play' gay to try and save a few bucks: “No one has tried to lie, and fooling around in college doesn’t count.”

So, lesbians are getting a discount on maternity items? Well, PetsMart, I send this out to you, cut a 'mo a break on some cat food, huh?

Boing Boing Maternity


Michael Rivers said...

Let me know what PetSmart says!

Joy said...

That's neat!!

Online Furniture Stores said...

A valid concept. Kind of discriminating but I understand the heart of it.

rv backup camera said...

I love that they did this! Yea sure I feel bad for all the straight mommies, but lesbian mothers have that extra bit of hardship to go through in my opinion, and any small thing to help them is good in my book. Two of my married lesbian friends are actually having a baby soon, wish they had this deal in CA!