Monday, April 04, 2011

Hey Ohio? Do You Know What Your Congressman Is Up To?

Remember when Marriage equality became law in Washington DC and the Conserva-publicans went crazy? You remember they tried everything they could to get the law changed, even going so far as to have The Supremes--no, not Miss Ross and The Girls--hear the case.

Now, however, after the US Supreme Court declined a request to hear that lawsuit to to allow a voter referendum on DC’s same-sex marriage law, Congressman Jim Jordan, of Ohio, not DC, who is chairman of some right-wing nutgroup called the conservative Republican Study Committee [RSC]--has vowed to push for a vote to establish a referendum to overturn the law.

Remember, he is a congressman from Ohio, who is working overtime to overturn a law in Washington DC, while completely and utterly avoiding doing anything for the people of Ohio. The ones who elected him.

How's that for asshattery?

source: ThinkProgress: The Wonk Room


froggy said...

I think it would be really frustrating to live in DC - so many busybodies get to meddle in their affairs being neither fish nor fowl in the governmental system.

twunty mcslore said...

So proud.

This is why I never vote republican in my state. They say one thing to get elected, preaching fairness and fiscal responsibility, and then cater to nutjob special interests. People here are STARVING and we can't keep enough food in our food banks, and he decides this is more important?

Like I said, SO PROUD.

Biki said...

I'm sick to death of all politians lately! They act like GLBT are the new commies, the new threat to our country. When Americans are jobless, hungry and living without safe water (alaskan villages) but those things are so not in their radar!