Friday, April 29, 2011

New Crushes

Well, lately there have been some mens that I just can't get off of my mind, for a variety of reasons, I assure you. So, I thought, being the generous gay that I am, that I would share them with you.
Let's roll:
Blair Underwood. Say.No.More.

Brandon Jay McLaren. He plays Bennett
Ahmed on AMC's The Killing.

Prince Carl Philip of Sweden. It begs the
question: Prince William who?

Chef George Mendes of Top Chef Masters.
Such a sweet face, and he can cook.

Curtis Stone, host of Top Chef Masters. He has
 a bit of a Jay Leno chin, but, oy,that accent.

Francois Arnaud. He is Cesare Borgia on
Showtime's The Borgia's, and he smolders.

Phillip Winchester AKA Leontes on Starz'
Camelot.Many times he is nude.
And it's spectacular.

Scott McGillivray of HGTV's Income
Property. What can I say, I love a
man with a tool belt.


SteveA said...

Ummmm.....all nice but that Brandon Jay is muy caliente! And Blair is classic hot!

twunty mcslore said...

Now, THAT'S a prince. Nice.

I would add Shemar Moore and Mike Holmes to the list, and a half dozen hockey players.

Biki said...

OMG! Francois Arnaud almost burned my computer with his smoldering. Damn do you have good taste, Blair, Brandon, George, Phillip and Scott are all mega hard core hotties!

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