Monday, January 04, 2010

Stand your Ground, Mayor Ebrard

What's all the hubbub, bub?

The mayor of Mexico City has refused to veto the bill introducing gay marriage.

The law, which was approved just before Christmas--Feliz Navidad, LGBT community in Mexico City--has been criticized heavily since day one. Opponents have been urging Mayor Marcelo Ebrard, Democratic Revolution Party [PRD], to exercise his mayoral right to veto, and, well, we3 saw this coming, the Roman Catholic archbishop of Mexico, Cardinal Noberto Rivera Carrera, has dubbed the bill “immoral” and “reprehensible.” Members of the conservative National Action Party [PAN] say they will take an appeal to Mexico's Supreme Court.
yet even with opposition on seemingly all fronts, Ebrard, has steadfastly refused to overturn the new rules--that also include specific rights for gay men and women to adopt--which scheduled to take effect in March.
Some of the groups applauding the mayor's stance are those in tourism; Alejandro Rojas, the city's tourism secretary said:
“Mexico City will become a center, where people from all over the world will be able to come and have their wedding, and then spend their honeymoon here".
Earlier this week in South America, Argentina beat Mexico City to the punch when two men, who had received a special support from state officials, were married. Mexico City, however, will be the first capital city on the continent to enact laws allowing marriage equality.
This is happening in Mexico City, and in Argentina, so i have no fear that our day will come.

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