Thursday, January 07, 2010

Scott Lively: Hater, Homophobe, Proponent of Kill The Gays

Watch this, if you can, and if it doesn't sicken you how this man can use his hatred against LGBT people so smugly, then you have a stronger stomach than I:

Scott Lively says his brother and sister "went into"homosexuality. Well, Scott, one does not "go into" homosexuality; one is, or one isn't, gay. I "go into" Kroger to do my groceries, I didn't go "go into" homosexuality. In saying that you are promoting the false idea that being gay is a choice when all the evidence clearly states that it is not.

People are born gay. People are born straight. People choose to hate.

Scott Lively believes his "normal" sister "wasn't able" to marry because she was so hurt by her siblings being gay. So, he lays the blame for other people's inability to find love at the feet of the LGBT community.

He says LGBT people do not fall into a pattern of "gender normalcy" and that we don't use our bodies [he is mostly talking about gay men here] in the ways they were intended, and so we reap the punishment: AIDS. He's reiterating the myth that AIDS is punishment for being gay, and yet he has no explanation for anyone who has AIDS who is not gay.

Scott Lively says we use fear to keep those men and women struggling with their sexual orientation in our midst. We tell them that everyone else is a hater so they won't leave homosexuality--once again, one does not enter into, or leave, being gay. Well, people who struggle with being gay, who feel ashamed of being gay, do so because of men like Scott Lively who are constantly calling us pedophiles and rapists. if you are struggling with coming out and you are subjected to the ramblings of people like Lively, that's where the feelings of self-loathing lie, in the narrowminded hate that Scott Lively spreads.

But then he says he doesn't hate because he's a Christian, and Christians love everybody. Yet he goes to Uganda and calls the LGBT community a bunch of rapists and pedophiles and murderers and "jackbooted thugs." Doesn't sound very Christian to me. He says gay men were the "core of the Nazi party." He says gay men are "so far from normalcy" that we become sociopaths and murderers. In fact, he lays the blame for the mass murders in Rwanda at the feet of the LGBT community.

And lastly, Scott Lively, we don't call all people who are not gay, haters and homophobes. I have many friends, and family, who are not gay, and they don't hate; and they aren't homophobes. I call people who stand behind their cross and their Bible and misspeak the word of God to spread the notion that somehow gay men and women are an abomination and need to be "fixed" or "changed' or "killed" haters and homophobes

So, let me ask you, if a man stands up and calls another man a pedophile, a rapist, a murderer, a degenerate, a Nazi, simply because of that man's sexual orientation, is that homophobia? If you travel to a Third World country and tell them that there are men who will rape their sons, murder their sons, give AIDS to their sons, is that hate? If a man stands up and proudly announces that he's dropped a nuclear bomb on the LGBT community, isn't that hate?

Scott lively calls himself an expert on homosexuality.

I say he's an expert on spreading hate and homophobia.

I say he has some explaining to do.


Wonder Man said...

The nerve of this man!

Anonymous said...

A totally vile excuse for a human being

Anonymous said...

I am afraid that we'll find a much higher and powerful hand pulling the strings of this puppet. Yes, Scott Lively knows how to convince an audience but who ever is behid him, were smart enough to choose a country where the poberty level is higher than academic level to spread their evil message. An easy target who will buy their message Unless somebody shows the Uganda's citizens how ignorant they are.
It is a shame that he (Lively) claims to be a Christian and from there he goes on high gear into his hate message.
JC's stigmatas must be bleeding more than we can soak...
The other one

Biki said...

I wish there was a way to gag this man! Not allow him to speak, to hold conferences, to write books, and to never leave the country again!

He needs to be stopped! But how?????

Nick said...

I figure fair is fair. If he's allowed to lie about gays, I can lie about him.